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The Novashine’s much-buzzed-about LED Teeth Whitening Kit comes with all the products you need to achieve a brighter and whiter smile right from the comfort of your home. The dentist-grade, peroxide-based teeth whitening gel and the LED light mouthpiece, together with other essential accessories and detailed instructions come in a sleek package. The teeth whitening gel is formulated to whiten teeth and reduce tooth sensitivity. The LED light, meanwhile, can be easily powered up by your phone and help make your teeth whiter.

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  • Dental-Grade Teeth Whitening Gel. Contains 6% hydrogen peroxide that is effective in whitening teeth; safe for the enamel
  • LED Mouthpiece. Has 16 LED bulbs with blue light that enhance the teeth whitening experience by 5 times the normal standard
  • Teeth Shade Guide. Helps you track your progress when whitening your teeth
  • Micro-USB Adapter. Plug it to your mobile device to power up
  • Travel Bag. Holds all parts of your whitening routine

How to Use Novashine:

  1. Before whitening, rinse your mouth or gently brush your teeth
  2. Apply the teeth whitening gel to the upper and lower walls of the LED teeth whitening mouthpiece (do not place gel on the part you bite down on), making sure to coat it with the gel that’s about 1mm thick
  3. Place the LED mouthpiece in your mouth and bite down lightly. The whitening gel should make contact with your teeth evenly. You can also directly apply the whitening gel to your teeth using a swab
  4. Connect the LED mouthpiece to the USB attachment. Choose the correct USB and connect it to your device. You should see the mouthpiece light up Relax for 10 minutes. For maximum results, use light for up to 30 minutes
  5. After these steps, remove the mouthpiece and rinse your mouth and the LED whitening mouthpiece
  6. For even faster results, whiten multiple times a day as long as no sensitivity occurs


  • Color: black
  • Materials: ABS, plastic
  • Dimensions: 1.8"H x 7.7"L x 6.6"W
  • Usage time: 15 minutes per day
  • Light source: LED
  • Whitening Gel
    • Ingredients: 6% hydrogen peroxide
    • Size: 5ml
    • Flavor: mint
    • Good for: 20 treatments
  • Teeth whitening technology
  • Dentist-grade
  • FDA-registered
  • Cruelty-free
  • 95% food-grade ingredients
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting results
  • Manufacturer's 2-year warranty


  • Novashine Teeth Whitening Gel (Black)
  • Smart Teeth Whitening LED Mouthpiece (Black)
  • Micro-USB Adapter (USB, iPhone, Android)
  • Teeth Shade Guide


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  • Expected Delivery: Jan 29 - Feb 4


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