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Herblicious Chef
Herblicious Chef
Herblicious Chef
Herblicious Chef
Herblicious Chef

Herblicious Chef

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Comes with Cilantro & Parsley Seed Pods, This Package Spices Up Any of Your Food & is the Perfect Companion for All Aspiring Chefs


If you are an aspiring chef and you want to spice up any food that you make, having this Herblicious Chef package will make things easier for you. Packed with cilantro and parsley, these herbs can be used in a whole range of different dishes. These herbs' first germination is 10-14 days, while the first harvest is 6 weeks after. Subsequent harvests every week for cilantro, dill, and parsley. All varieties are also great growers in small spaces - perfect for your AEVA or EVE.

  • Package comes with: cilantros & parsley, as well as nutrients for growth
  • First germination is 10-14 days
  • First germination is 6 weeks
  • Subsequent harvests every week for cilantro & parsley
  • All varieties are also great growers in small spaces
  • Perfect for your AEVA or EVE

Seed Pod Installation Process

  1. Begin by inserting the seeds into the plug. Aim for at least 2 seeds per plug
  2. Put the seeded plug into the grow grid in the black plastic tray. Fill the bottom black plastic tray halfway with cold water
  3. Spray the inside of the lid with warm water and make sure the vent is aligned at the top so the holes are 'open'
  4. Place the whole kit somewhere with light and warmth. Right beside the lights of your unit or a window works well too. Wait for your seeds to germinate
  5. Use a slender object like a pen or paintbrush to gently poke your seedlings out from the bottom
  6. Transplant into your AEVA or EVE directly with the plant matter facing the lights

Plant Care Requirements:

  • Aqua Vega nutrients
  • 18 hours of light per day

Nutrients: When transplanting your seedlings into your AEVA or EVE, you will use Aqua Vega nutrients. Add 20ml of A and 20ml of B to the 12L reservoir to start and then after that add 10ml of A and 10ml of B every two weeks.

Harvesting (up to 5 total harvest per plant):

  1. Taking more than 1/3 of the plant at once can shock and kill it so be careful
  2. If the main stem is going 'woody' then the plant is bolting and it is time for a new one
  3. If your plant is growing flowers and the stem is becoming solid wood it is time to replace it
  4. Store seeds in a cool, dark and low-humidity environment



  • Color: green
  • Materials: peat moss, seeds, liquid nutrients
  • Dimensions: 8"H x 3"L x 4.5"W
  • The package comes with:
    • 8x Cilantros
    • 8x Parsleys
    • Nutrients for growth
  • Home-grown herbs
  • Great growers
  • Perfect for aspiring chefs


  • 8x Cilantro Seed Pods
  • 8x Parsley Seed Pods
  • Nutrients for growth


  • Ships to Contiguous US
  • Expected Delivery: Sep 28 - Oct 13


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