Voice Control: Singing Guide for All Levels

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  • Your First Program

  • Welcome

    Welcome and Introduction4:05
    Vocal Demo6:13
  • Vocal Warm-Up

    Introduction and explanation Vocal Warm-Up0:28
    Vocal Warm-Up19:39
  • Breath Control

    The Diaphragm and how to breathe correctly3:41
    Exercise: Diaphragm Support3:46
    Exercise: Sssss3:23
    Exercise: Ffffff2:40
    Exercise: N N aha2:24
    Pillar of Breath2:52
    Demo: Voiced Wwww2:42
    Exercise: Voiced Wwww1:19
    Exercise: Aspirate Foo2:00
  • Posture

    Explanation: Posture0:50
    Demo: Correct Posture7:38
  • Vocal Chord Closure

    Explanation: Vocal Chord Closure6:30
    Singing with and without breath2:02
    Breath-In while singing (Inhalation)4:18
    Exercise: ee, ay, ah, oh, oooo2:23
  • The Lip-Roll

    The Lip-Roll4:42
    Exercise: Lip-Roll 11:56
    Exercise: Lip-Roll 21:56
  • Vocal Stretch

    Introduction: Vocal Stretch2:55
    Exercise: Sirene on ng4:40
    Exercise: Sirene on si-ng4:23
  • The Singing Vowels

    Introduction: The Singing Vowels2:10
    The ee-Vowel2:09
    Exercise: ee-Vowel4:56
    The ay-Vowel0:56
    Exercise: ay-Vowel1:32
    The ah-Vowel1:24
    Exercise: ah-Vowel1:47
    The oh-Vowel1:16
    Exercise: oh-Vowel1:50
    The oooo-Vowel0:22
    Exercise: oooo-Vowel1:46
    Other Vowels and Sounds3:24
  • Consonants

  • The Volume-Knob

    Explanation: Volume-Knob5:14
  • Open-Throat/Retraction

    Explanation: Open-Throat-Technique4:54
    Demo: Open-Throat2:11
    Exercise: Open-Throat2:03
  • Your Tongue

    Your tongue or: „your tounge is a bitch“3:20
    Apple Bite (Embouchure)2:12
    Exercise: Apple bite on ee1:32
    Exercise: Apple bite on ay1:25
    Exercise: Apple bite on ah1:15
    Exercise: Apple bite on oh1:54
    Exercise: Apple bite on ooo1:40
  • Your Larynx

    Your larynx and its positions2:54
    Demo: larynx positions2:57
    Exercise: High Larynx2:12
  • Vocal Mass

    Vocal Mass3:02
    1. Mode: Thin Vocal Mass0:52
    Exercise: Thin Vocal Mass ee2:48
    Exercise: Thin Vocal Mass ay1:25
    Exercise: Thin Vocal Mass ah1:08
    Exercise: Thin Vocal Mass oh1:35
    Exercise: Thin Vocal Mass ooo1:22
    2. Mode: Full Vocal Mass1:32
    Exercise: Full Vocal Mass ee2:53
    Exercise: Full Vocal Mass ay1:05
    Exercise: Full Vocal Mass ah1:04
    Exercise: Full Vocal Mass oh1:20
    Exercise: Full Vocal Mass ooo1:17
    3. Mode: Fine Vocal Mass4:02
    Exercise: Fine Vocal Mass ee2:04
    Exercise: Fine Vocal Mass ay1:41
    Exercise: Fine Vocal Mass ah2:03
    Exercise: Fine Vocal Mass oh1:54
    Exercise: Fine Vocal Mass ooo1:57
    Exercise: switching modes full-thin-full2:57
    Exercise: switching modes thin-fine-thin3:01
  • Onsets

    Explanation: Onsets1:39
    1. Onset: Vocal Fry2:13
    2. Onset: Aspirate Onset (hee)1:31
    Exercise: Aspirate Onset (hee)1:43
    Exercise: Aspirate Onset (hay)1:33
    Exercise: Aspirate Onset (hah)1:24
    Exercise: Aspirate Onset (hoh)1:28
    Exercise: Aspirate Onset (hooo)1:42
    3. Onset: Glottal Onset (ee)2:19
    Exercise: Glottal Onset (ee)1:37
    Exercise: Glottal Onset (ay)1:32
    Exercise: Glottal Onset (ah)1:18
    Exercise: Glottal Onset (oh)1:22
    Exercise: Glottal Onset (ooo)1:34
    4. Onset: Smooth Onset (yee)2:38
    Exercise: Smooth Onset (yee)1:35
    Exercise: Smooth Onset (yay)1:26
    Exercise: Smooth Onset (yah)1:26
    Exercise: Smooth Onset (yoh)1:22
    Exercise: Smooth Onset (yooo)1:39
  • Vibrato

    Explanation: Vibrato3:01
    Demo: Vibrato via Pitch Bend1:34
    Exercise: Pitch Bend Vibrato2:35
    Demo: Vibrato via Vocal Stretch4:13
    Exercise: activating Vibrato Stretch1:11
    Exercise: Sirene with Vibrato Stretch2:01
  • Nasal Resonance

    Demo and explanation: Nasal Resonance6:16
    Exercise: Nasal Resonance with si-ng1:41
    Exercise: Ning-ee-ng2:43
    Use our Handout!!!1:11
    1. Vocal Mode: Speech Level
    What is Speech Level?3:16
    Demo: Speech Level1:25
    Exercise: Speech Level (yee)1:32
    Exercise: Speech Level (yay)1:24
    Exercise: Speech Level (yah)1:25
    Exercise: Speech Level (yoh)1:23
    Exercise: Speech Level (yooo)1:52
    Song Example: Speech Level5:17
  • Register Break (Passagio)

    Demo and explanation: Register Break5:26
    Exercise: Sirene on Mmmmm low-high-low4:00
    Exercise: sighing high to low2:31
    Exercise: Vocal Fall on Hmmm high to low2:30
    Exercise: Ma-on-on-on3:29
    Exercise: Gig Gig Gig Gig5:49
    Exercise: Sirene on jee2:57
    1. Vocal Mode: Falsetto
    Explanation: Falsetto2:07
    Demo: Falsetto3:27
    Exercise: hee in Falsetto (hee)3:12
    Exercise: hee in Falsetto (hay)2:08
    Exercise: hee in Falsetto (hah)2:21
    Exercise: hee in Falsetto (hoh)2:26
    Exercise: hee in Falsetto (hooo)2:41
    Song Example: Falsetto5:20
    1. Vocal Mode: Vocal Twang
    Explanation: Vocal Twang2:39
    Demo: Vocal Twang2:49
    Exercise: how to find Vocal Twang2:53
    Exercise: Vocal Twang on (ee)2:15
    Exercise: Vocal Twang on (ay)1:18
    Exercise: Vocal Twang on (ah)1:09
    Exercise: Vocal Twang on (oh)1:45
    Exercise: Vocal Twang on (ooo)1:26
    Exercise: Vocal Twang Kick-In3:23
    Exercise: Nae Nae Nae naenaenae Nae Nae Nae Nae3:01
    Song Example 1 in Twang3:50
    Song Example 2 in Twang4:02
  • Anchoring

    Head & Neck Anchoring3:31
    Torso Anchoring2:26
    Exercise: Head & Neck Anchoring Sirene1:40
    Exercise: Torso Anchoring Sirene1:19
    Exercise: Head and Neck + Torso Anchoring2:49
    1. Vocal Mode: Belting
    Explanation: Belting2:51
    Demo: how to find Belting2:02
    Exercise: hey3:12
    Exercise: yay (high)4:39
    Exercise: Yay-Yay3:35
    Song Example: Belting8:34
    1. Vocal Mode: Sob
    Explanation: Sob2:24
    Demo: how to find Sob3:40
    Exercise: Sob on (yee)3:11
    Exercise: Sob on (yay)2:26
    Exercise: Sob on (yah)2:28
    Exercise: Sob on (yoh)3:07
    Exercise: Sob on (yooo)2:36
    Exercise: decrescendo with Sob on (yee)3:14
    Song Example: Sob4:20
    1. Vocal Mode: Opera
    Explanation: Opera2:02
    Demo: how to find Opera3:20
    Exercise: Opera on yee downwards5:06
    Exercise: Opera on yay downwards1:50
    Exercise: Opera on yah downwards1:49
    Exercise: Opera on yoh downwards1:33
    Exercise: Opera on yooo downwards1:41
    Exercise: Opera on yee octaves4:03
    Exercise: Opera on yay octaves1:54
    Exercise: Opera on yah octaves2:50
    Exercise: Opera on yoh octaves1:51
    Exercise: Opera on yooo octaves2:01
    Song Example: Opera3:37
    1. Vocal Mode: Mix(ed)
    Explanation: Mix Voice8:02
    Mix Voice Technique8:20
    Exercise: Lip-Roll2:52
    Exercise: Gi Gi Gi2:17
    Exercise: Nay Nay Nay2:32
    Exercise: Mum-Mum-Mum2:11
    Exercise: Miau-Miau-Miau-Miau2:13
    Exercise: Bub-Bub-Bub-Bub2:33
    Song Example 1 in Mix6:17
    Song Example 2 in Mix3:02
  • Vocal Effects

    What are Vocal effects?3:23
    Vocal Distortion3:16
    Vocal Distortion Demo4:12
    Exercise: Vocal Distortion on hey1:59
    Compression Demo1:30
    Exercise: Compression in yee2:00
    Rattle/Fry Demo1:19
    Exercise Rattle/Fry on yee2:50
    How to use vocal effects5:52
  • Vocal Tricks

    Introduction: What are Vocal tricks?1:39
    Nasal Resonance as Vocal Trick3:25
    Twang as Vocal Trick3:45
    Humming/Nasal Resonance for Fade-Outs/Thin-Outs3:27
    Falsetto for Thin-Out2:21
    Aspirate Onset/Singing with air as Vocal Trick6:48
  • Tips and tricks on how to use Voice Control 1

    How to use the vocal modes and the different building blocks?5:25
  • Songwork

    Example 1: Molly Malone31:10
    Instrumental: Molly Malone2:07
    Example 2: Auld lang syne29:32
    Instrumental 2: Auld lang syne2:35
    Example 3: Amazing Grace32:38
    Instrumental 3: Amazing Grace3:00
    One-on-One Coaching with Josh46:11
    One-on-One Coaching with Vroni54:38
    One-on-One Coaching with Joel51:15
  • Final tips and tricks for future singers

    Introduction Q&A1:14
    How to get more repertoire and what songs should I learn?2:28
    How do I practice properly?3:05
    I’m singing in a band. Any advice?3:06
    Best advices for singers on stage5:09
    Should I learn/play an instrument?2:16
    Is coffee/alcohol bad for my voice?3:46
    Vocalcoaching for kids?2:02
    Is sports important for singing?3:06
    The best vowel for vocal distortion1:33
    Should I practice on a daily basis?1:38
    How can I control my progress?1:22
    Hoarseness after singing. What can I do?2:11
    Private school or university?1:40
    Ambition vs. talent?2:35
    How to sell my music?2:25
    How to write a great song?0:52
    What to do against a writer’s block?2:18
    Highlights as a singer0:59
    Who was your teacher? Do you have a mentor?1:32
    What I wish I had known as a beginner?1:32
    Best advice I got in the beginning2:19
    Did your practice routine change through the years?1:57
    How is your job as a singer affected through the pandemic/covid 19?5:52
  • Vocal-Workout

    Vocal Warm Up10:48
    Vocal Workout49:36
    Vocal Cool Down6:28

Discover How to Become a Great Singer with 15+ Hours of Content on Singing Lessons, Vocal Training, & Much More!


Philipp Godart | Vocal Coach | Guitar Coach

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Philipp Godart is a singer and entertainer since 2006. With appearances all over Europe, numerous festivals, studio jobs for bands and advertising jingles, and working on his own songs, Philipp is one of the top professionals in the scene. But not only his experience as a singer, musician, and producer but also his many years of work as a vocal coach play into Philipp's hands.

After many different coaching sessions with some international teachers, his training finally culminated in "Estill Voice Training" in 2015. Philipp has been working as a music teacher and vocal coach since 2006, successfully running two music schools and his own company for the implementation of music education concepts at secondary schools.


Do you want to take your singing to the next level? Then you are exactly at the right place! The Voice Control Course will show you how to mesmerize yourself and others with your singing voice, regardless of whether you are just starting out or already have experience. YOU are the instrument. You will learn about diaphragm support, breath support, posture, vocal chord closure, vocal stretch, vibrato, and more. This course is built like a toolbox. So you can either work through everything chronologically from A to Z or you can choose exactly the topics that are interesting to you.

4.6/5 average rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Access 236 lectures & 15 hours of content 24/7
  • Discover your own voice control
  • Sing with full self-confidence & versatile emotions
  • Learn all the basics to build a foundation for your voice
  • Master anchoring, register break, nasal resonance, vibrato, onsets, vocal mass, posture, & much more
  • Master every quality like speech level, falsetto, vocal twang, belting, sob, opera, mix voice, etc.
  • Give your singing a unique touch by using distortion, compression, & rattle/fry
  • Hit every note within your range with significantly less effort
  • Learn every singing technique to mesmerize you and your fellow human beings
  • Learn everything in this course in order to be able to continue working on your voice afterwards


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