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  • Become a Professional Graphic Designer
    Introduction to Graphic Design
    Hello And Welcome
    What Is Graphic Design?
    Can Only Skilled Artists Be Good Graphic Designers?
    Areas Of Graphic Design To Explore
    Visual Communication Fundamentals
    What Makes A Design Visually Pleasing
    Organizing Information In Your Layouts
    Using Alignment To Your Advantage
    Setting The Design's Rhythm
    Letting A Design Breathe With Whitespace
    Creating Visual Interest With Contrast
    Designs That Work And Don't Work
    Building Successful Layouts
    Determining The Design's Message
    The Terminology Of Type
    Typeface Styles & Resources
    Choosing A Typeface Hierarchy
    Understanding Colour's Psychological Impact
    Building Your Design's Colour Palette
    Understanding Colour Spaces
    Sourcing Imagery For Your Layouts
    Raster vs Vector Graphics
    The Tools To Put It All Together
    An Overview Of The Tools Of The Trade
    Alternatives To Standard Industry Tools
    Web Design Tools & Software
    HTML & CSS: Is It Really Rocket Science?
    Starting A Career As a Graphic Designer
    Getting A Job As A Graphic Designer vs Going Freelance
    Getting Started And How To Land Work
    Joining The Design Community
    Finding Continued Inspiration
    Becoming a Graphic Designer | Conclusion
    Wrapping Up
  • Introduction to Web Design
    Module 1 - Introduction to the Course
    Introduction to the Course2:33
    Module 2 - Basics of Web Design
    What is CSS and HTML?8:12
    Your First HTML File7:03
    Introduction to Document Layout6:52
    Linking In A Stylesheet7:39
    Styling Your First Element16:15
    Module 3 - Web Design Fundamentals
    The Box Model14:20
    Introduction to Developer Tools14:22
    Understanding Display Types9:58
    Project: Create a CSS Button21:15
    Using CSS Selectors23:09
    Using Floats15:20
    Styling Links4:49
    Using Clearfix5:40
    Working With Images14:50
    Validating HTML and CSS8:55
    Module 4 - Webfonts
    Understanding Webfonts16:42
    Webfonts, Google Fonts and API7:49
    Cascading Style Sheets
    Understanding Cascading Style Sheets7:46
    Vendor Prefixes9:56
    Project: Create a Color Changing Profile Image13:00
    Module 5 - Introduction to Grid Structures
    Basic Website Layout12:58
    Choosing a Grid Framework9:10
    Grids and Responsive Design23:16
    Module 6 - Forms and Icons
    Working with Forms27:59
    Using Font Icons13:56
    Understanding Sprite Sheets19:11
    Module 7 - Project: Create a Comment List
    Project: Create a Comment List15:00
    Module 8 - Positioning and Resources
    CSS Resources5:36
    Module 9 - Final Project: Design a Real Website
    Project Introduction4:58
    Adding Our Graphics8:32
    Building Our Site43:27
    Validating Our Site3:55
  • Develop Responsive Websites with Bootstrap 3
    Module 1 - Introduction to the Course
    Introduction to Bootstrap 37:09
    Getting Started with Bootstrap 36:39
    The Big Picture14:51
    Module 2 - Create a Marketing Website with Bootstrap 3
    Overview of the Website6:25
    The Home Page9:25
    The Home Page Part 212:03
    The Products Page19:00
    The Details Page12:38
    Responsive Design12:35
    Production Notes4:29
    Module 3 - Developing Web Apps with Bootstrap 3
    Web App UI Overview2:51
    Web App Navs9:04
    Web App Details11:43
    Module 4 - Theme Customization
    Customization and Advanced Topics2:45
    Creating a Custom Theme19:57
    Dynamic Bootstrap Part 119:26
    Dynamic Bootstrap Part 212:49
    Module 5 - Conclusion
    Review and Closing4:34
  • Website Wireframing with HTML5 & CSS3
    Module 1 - Introduction
    Welcome! Understanding Layout Wireframing4:02
    Why Using Photoshop May Not Be The Best Choice3:07
    Using HTML & CSS For Fast Wireframe Compositing2:53
    A Look At What We'll Build In This Course1:23
    Bonus Lesson_How To Turn Any Web Page Into A Wireframe1:24
    Module 2 - Getting Started
    Setting Up The Rough Page Structure4:45
    Building The Structural CSS Rules, Part 17:43
    Building The Structural CSS Rules, Part 22:52
    Connecting Up The HTML To The CSS5:20
    Centering Layout Elements5:36
    Setting Up Inner Layout Containers7:19
    Inserting Additional Inner Containers3:35
    Spacing Apart The Layout9:15
    Module 3 - Wireframing The Header in Greater Detail
    First Thing's First_Getting Organized4:37
    Building The Logo Container3:55
    Setting Up The Main Navigation Menu5:53
    Creating A Call-To-Action Button5:59
    Module 4 - Building the Rest of the Layout
    Inserting The Hero Image4:41
    Getting Started With The Hero Content4:02
    Finishing Up The Hero Section5:36
    Inserting The Feature Headers3:34
    Building The Feature Boxes5:58
    Wireframing The Organize Section5:41
    Speeding Things Up For The Share Section4:26
    Finishing Up The Wireframing6:23
    Module 5 - Finishing Touches
    Inserting A Placeholder Image3:48
    Adding A Logo Placeholder With Text3:50
    Inserting The Remaining Image Placeholders3:23
    Inserting A Background Placeholder5:09
    Adding Subtle Interactivity6:01
    Adding Button Interactivity11:42
    Finishing Touches4:57
    Sharing The Wireframe For Review6:04
    Module 6 - Wrapping Up
    Where To Go From Here0:20
  • Build a Responsive Website with a Modern Flat Design
    Introduction and What You Will Learn
    Introduction and What You Will Learn6:48
    Working with the Design Elements
    Looking at the Design10:20
    Foundation Front-End Framework13:55
    Custom Stylsheets4:00
    Logo and Navigation15:41
    Completing Our Website
    Top Feature Section12:21
    Features Section13:23
    Recent Works Section19:52
    Fancy Lists10:06
    Secondary Buttons and Finishing Up4:12
  • Building Responsive Websites with HTML 5 & CSS3
    A Look At What We'll Build1:35
    Responsive Design Fundamentals
    Key Aspects Of Responsive Design2:43
    Determining Device Resolutions To Target4:20
    Wireframing Responsive Layouts4:58
    The Basics: Multiple Style Sheets & Media Queries
    The Concept Of Using Multiple CSS Files10:49
    Media Queries & Multiple Style Sheets8:57
    Building Media Queries Into A Single CSS File7:38
    Using Media Query Expressions5:04
  • CSS Flexbox : Build Modern Web Layouts With Flexbox
    Introduction to the course
    Course Introduction2:24
    Introduction To CSS Flexbox
    Section Introduction0:27
    Understanding Flexbox Improved Web Layouts7:37
    Flexbox Terminology5:02
    Current Browser Support For Flexbox9:20
    Tools We'll Need2:18
    Section Summary0:32
    Quiz 1
    Getting Started With Flexbox
    Section Introduction0:29
    Creating Our First Flex Container10:21
    Understanding Flexbox Flow Axis Directions3:41
    Setting Flow Directions5:28
    Understanding Flex Widths11:37
    Controlling How Child Flex Items Wrap7:16
    Shorthand For Faster Coding4:13
    Section Summary0:31
    Quiz 2
  • Mobile UI and UX Design
    What is UX Design?
    Introduction to the Course
    What Is UI UX Design
    The User-Centered Design Philosophy
    Example of Strong UX UI Design
    Exercise - Testing an App for UI UX Quality
    Working with New Experiences for Users
    Practice Exercise
    Mobile UX Design Trends
    Mobile UX Design Trends
    Performance-Centric Design
    Live Updating and Cloud Collaboration
    Leveraged Services and API Employment
    Approaches to Interactions and Content
    Utilizing Recent Trends
    Practice Exercise0:11
    UX Discovery, Assessment & Planning
    Establishing Customer Requirements
    Identifying the Technical Requirements
    The User Research Process
    Introduction to Creating a Requirements Documents
    The Requirements Document In-Depth
    Competitor Research and Differentiators
    Usability Testing Methods3:11

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