The Ultimate Microsoft Excel 2013 Training

19 Hours
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100 Lessons (19h)

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    Introduction to Excel 20139:12
    What's New7:31
    Excel 2013 Beginner-Intermediate Course Exercise Files
  • Chapter 2: Using Touch
    Overview of Principles3:39
  • Chapter 3: Getting Started
    Starting and Closing Excel; Workbook, Sheets, Cells, Rows, & Columns11:20
    Templates; Creating, Opening, and Saving a Workbook10:54
  • Chapter 4: Help
    Online, Offline, and Contextual Help8:00
  • Chapter 5: Settings and Preferences
    Excel Options11:22
  • Chapter 6: The Ribbon and Toolbars
    Ribbon Interface15:00
    Quick Access Toolbar8:03
    Mini Toolbar2:58
  • Chapter 7: Backup and Recovery
    Create Backup Option; Auto-Recover and Autosave6:54
  • Chapter 8: Entering and Deleting Data
    Entering Text and Numbers15:15
    Date Formats15:57
    Formatting Cells; Editing and Deleting Data15:15
    Flash Fill5:08
  • Chapter 9: Formatting a Worksheet
    Themes and Cell Styles14:01
    Inserting, Deleting, Hiding and Adjusting Rows and Columns13:28
    Wrap Text and Alignment15:02
    Merging Cells; Applying Themes and Styles11:36
  • Chapter 10: Copy, Paste and Paste Special
    Copy, Cut and Paste17:06
  • Chapter 11: Proofing
    Spell checking11:57
  • Chapter 12: Managing Worksheets
    Moving, Copying, Inserting, Deleting and Locking Sheets; Multiple Worksheets14:51
  • Chapter 13: Comments
    Inserting Comments6:54
  • Chapter 14: Viewing and Printing
    Workbook Views, Zoom and Freeze11:17
    Printing; Headers, Footers and Margins12:57
  • Chapter 15: Formulas and Functions
    Overview of Formulas and Functions14:08
    Cell References14:50
    Finding Errors; New Excel Functions14:13
  • Chapter 16: Working with Workbooks
    Multiple Workbooks and Windows; Comparing Workbooks10:39
  • Chapter 17: Find and Replace
    Go to; Find and Replace Options11:14
  • Chapter 18: Conditional Formatting
    Applying, Clearing and Managing Rules15:35
  • Chapter 19: Graphing and Charting
    Chart Types; Chart Recommendation13:35
    Basic Formatting14:41
    Selecting Data, Positioning and Printing Charts15:47
  • Chapter 20: File Types
    Saving Workbooks; PDF and CSV Formats11:21
  • Chapter 21: Managing Data
  • Chapter 22: Functions Case Study
    Text Function5:17
    Date and Time Functions5:32
    Logical Functions18:31
  • Chapter 23: Analyzing Data
    Financial Analysis Case Study - Part 116:03
    Financial Analysis Case Study - Part 29:23
    Quick Analysis Tool7:57
  • Chapter 24: Shapes and Pictures
    Adding and Formatting Shapes, Picture, Clip Art, WordArt and SmartArt14:26
  • Chapter 25: Sharing and Protecting
    Protecting Worksheets7:42
    Protecting Workbooks10:02
    Sharing and SkyDrive14:24
  • Chapter 26: More Backstage View Options
    Trust Center; Export; Inspect Workbook5:33
  • Chapter 27: Closing
    Summary; More Help1:49
  • Chapter 28: Course Quiz
    Quiz - Learn Microsoft Excel 2013 Beginners Course
  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    Pre-requisites of Excel 2013 Advanced Course9:55
    Excel 2013 Advanced Course Exercise
  • Chapter 2: Functions
    List of Functions; Common Types of Arguments; Basic Use of Functions13:38
    Advanced Aspects of Functions; Searching for a Function11:00
  • Chapter 3: Personal and Professional Financial Functions
    Future Value11:17
    Principle Payment12:01
  • Chapter 4: Date and Time Functions
    How Dates and Times are Stored11:57
    Dates and Times Calculation12:45
    Exercise on Date and Time Functions; Date and Time Settings7:25
  • Chapter 5: Statistical Functions for Description, Prediction and Interference
    LINEST Function9:49
    Example of Functions for Inferential Statistics12:39
  • Chapter 6: Text Functions
    Text Function Case Study - 114:26
    Text Function Case Study - 210:35
  • Chapter 7: Lookup Functions
    Lookup and Reference Functions15:43
  • Chapter 8: Logical Functions
    Logical Functions15:59
  • Chapter 9: Connecting to External Data
    Connecting to Other Workbooks16:04
    Connecting to Access Data14:11
    Connecting to Web Data10:18
  • Chapter 10: Tables
    Creating a Table and Changing Table Name; Filter; Removing Duplicates; Total Row13:48
    Inserting Columns and Rows; Resizing Tables15:02
    Table Reference9:18
    Table Styles7:07
    Table Selection4:08
  • Chapter 11: Pivot Tables
    Basic Principles of Pivot Tables14:58
    Presentational Side of Pivot Tables15:40
    Filtering in Pivot Tables; Slices14:06
  • Chapter 12: Data Analysis
    What if15:32
    Scenario Manager14:06
    Goal Seek7:51
  • Chapter 13: Charts
    Area Charts10:39
    Surface Charts7:40
    Stock Charts - Part 112:27
    Stock Charts - Part 212:47
    Radar Charts5:08
    Bubble Charts10:20
  • Chapter 14: Graphs
    Regression and Scatter Chart7:00
  • Chapter 15: Pivot Charts
    Creating Pivot Charts12:32
  • Chapter 16: Sparklines
    Using Sparklines15:30
  • Chapter 17: Web App
    Creating Workbooks using a Web App15:15
    Sharing your Workbook10:00
  • Chapter 18: Conclusion
  • Chapter 19: Course Quiz
    Quiz - Microsoft Excel 2013 Advanced
  • Bonus Materials
    Excel 2013 Keyboard Shortcuts
    Course Transcript for Excel 2013 Beginners Course
    Course Transcripts for Excel 2013 Advanced Course
    MP3 Excel 2013 Audio Files
    MP3 Excel 2013 Advanced Audio Files

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Microsoft Excel is the far and away leader in spreadsheet software and is used by all types of businesses throughout the world. Knowing Excel basics is perhaps one of the most essential modern computing skills, while become a real master of this software will allow you to solve complex number problems and manage data with ease.

  • Access over 100 lectures & 19 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand data entry, cell formatting, working w/ multiple worksheets & the "Ribbon" interface
  • Gain tips for mouse & touch screen use
  • Implement graphs & charts using templates or custom designs
  • Use SkyDrive & other tools for sharing work
  • Work w/ flash fill, dates & times
  • Learn how to calculate averages, percentiles, depreciation & LINEST functions
  • Practice your Excel expertise w/ included exercise files


Details & Requirements

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion not included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: all levels


  • Internet required
  • Microsoft Excel 2013 required


  • Unredeemed licenses can be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase. Once your license is redeemed, all sales are final.