Get $1 credit for every $25 spent!
Get $1 credit for every $25 spent!
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If you're a creative looking to upgrade your ammo, we've found just the designer toolkit for you. For just a moment, try to imagine the capabilities you as a designer will have with OVER 60,000 *premium* design resources! Yeah, it gives us the butterflies too. Adding something like this to your designer quiver will just make you that much more dangerous out there in the designer world. Think about the capabilities…we're talking *27,000* Photoshop Gradients, *18,000* Photoshop Layer Styles, *2,986* Photoshop Brushes, *1,290* High Resolution Textures, *1,129* Vector Elements, *1,454* Vector Illustrations, *1,105* Adobe Add-ons, *815* Photoshop patterns, *340* Seamless Vectors, and thousands of other cool designer toys. Whewwwwww…to think there is even more should get any designers heart racing! Put it this way, it's like an ULTIMATE fantasy jungle-gym that will give you an *endless supply* of tools that should give that imagination of yours the goosebumps. And you know what more tools means, right? More playtime, and we all know more playtime is never a bad thing. Now to get to the hammer of this *master craft* toolkit… Dun dun dahhhhhhhhhh. Are you ready for this? Well, I hope you are because this designer fantasy kit is only going to cost you *$49*!! Normally, this would cost you over $1,000 to get all these designer resources. Sayyy what?!?!? Yeah, for *only $49* you can snag this INCREDIBLE toolkit that will give your *imagination* more than enough arrows to take out your next project. Lastly, if that imagination of yours doesn't get excited about the *possibilities* that come with this package, then simply, don't add it to your repertoire; but if it does, be careful with it because this toolkit will give any designer an ULTIMATE edge. A smart guy over at said it best: "Smile, you're designed to." :) *What magic lies within this toolkit?* *340 Seamless Vectors* - SEAMLESS vector patterns are great for adding textures to your design work. That makes them ideal for high impact web designs, website backgrounds, high resolution print work and large backgrounds. *27,000 Photoshop Gradients* - Adding a touch of color gradients to your backgrounds, prints, banners, websites, buttons, and artwork is both simple and effective. *18,000 PS Layer Styles* - Layer styles are special effects that can be applied to an entire layer to create amazing designs. Create buttons, navigation bars in seconds with this huge pack with Premium Photoshop Layer Styles. *1,545 Vector Illustrations* - Download a nice set with over 1500+ vector illustrations ready for use in your design process. Make sure you download the sample catalog to see all our vector illustration before you purchase. *815 Photoshop Patterns* - This set is very *powerful* if you want to create web design related backgrounds with ease. All patterns are seamless and can be used to produce attractive website backgrounds with very little effort. *Ultimate CSS Framework* - Use our CSS Framework to convert your PSD Layouts into live Websites in minutes. You don't need special knowledge about HTML or special skills in coding, basics are completely enough to convert PSD to HTML. *2,986 Photoshop Brushes* - Download this set with almost 3000 *high resolution* brushes and start your creative process. Become an artist from zero to HERO in seconds using our large collection with Photoshop brushes. *1,105 Adobe Add-Ons* - Do you want to change colors in Adobe illustrator or in Adobe Photoshop with just a few clicks? We have two sets with Swatches and Color tables. Please read more over the jump to see these small add-ons in action. *1,129 Vector Elements* - Download a *useful* set with vector elements to make the design process much easier. Included in this set are: Floral Vectors, Vector Swirls, Ornate Vectors, Vector Web Design Elements. *1,290 High Resolution Textures* - Why do you pay for a single Texture, when you can have thousands? All textures are 4288×2848 pixels and cover a lot of categories: Cement, Wood, Wall, Rust, Bricks etc… *512 Vector Icons* - Our collection of icons can help you to create websites, applications, and iphone/ipad aps FASTER. Please note that we have only vector icons in this category. *527 Stock Photos* - We do not have millions of stock images yet but we plan to add as much as we can. Our stock images can help you to *quickly* create mock-ups or large printings. *PSD to HTML Tutorial* - This is another PSD to HTML tutorial showing you how to create a website using the 960 grid system. Tutorial available in PDF format. Turn your layouts into websites NOW! *902 Pixel Icons* - Pixel icons are *hand crafted* pieces of work which can be used in your project or your web-site. *82 Photoshop Actions* - Turn your images into *masterpieces* in seconds, over and over again. If you are a wedding photographer without too much spare time you will love our set of Photoshop Actions. *Web Graphics* - Download Buttons, PSD Navigation menus, Banners, Web shadows, Website backgrounds, Web boxes for your web related projects. Create websites faster with this useful set of goodies. *3D Creator* - CREATE 3D Logos, 3D Text or change any shape you want with this set of Action for Photoshop. Different perspectives and possibilities can be achieved with this useful product. *3D Software Box Creator* - Do you have a product and you want a way to create a 3D software box? We have a UNIQUE way to create 3D software boxes in Photoshop without knowing 3D at all. *What you need:* Any other designer programs you probably already have (Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Etc.) and your imagination :). *What You Get* * 1 year subscription to Ultimate Designer Toolkit * Unlimited access to all resources from the Ultimate Designer Pack * Over 60,000 Designer vectors, brushes, gradients and more * Download assistance at


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