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Get $1 credit for every $25 spent!
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Winter's coming, which means colder weather - and we all know how *annoying* it is to use our smartphones with gloves on, constantly taking them on and off to make calls and send texts. Well no more, *the touch-screen compatible gloves*: these bad boys use sensor technology to conduct your skin through the material, and enable you to *use any touch screen as if you had no gloves on at all*. Grab a pair (or 5) of *the perfect stocking-stuffer for all the tech-lovers in your life*.


We don't get much snow in California, but we still think 50 degrees is cold, so we're stoked to have these on hand (literally!) for those brisk winter days when we want to use our phones but don't want our fingers getting all cold and stiff... gross. Plus, unlike regular gloves that make holding on to your aluminum or plastic phone a legitimate challenge, these ones have polyurethane bumps on the palm to give you a no-slip grip - *and* they're actually thick enough to keep your hands warm, unlike others touch screen gloves we've seen.


  • One size fits all
  • Sensor conducting material on thumb, middle, and index finger
  • Thick, high-quality material to keep your hands toasty
  • Polyurethane-bump covered palms for a solid grip


  • One (1) pair of gloves
  • Material: Acrylic Acid (95%) + elastic fiber (5%)
  • Glove Size: 8.35in x 4.72in (21.2 x 12.0cm)
  • Cuff Size: 3in elastic (7.7cm)
  • Forefinger Length: 3.15in (8.0cm)


  • Sizing: Special type of fiber that shrinks in a high-temperature dryer, shrink to fit.
  • If you like the starting size please wash in cold water and let air dry.



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  • Promotion is for BLACK gloves only.
  • 90-Day Manufacturer Warranty: If your product becomes defective anytime within 90 days of your purchase, the manufacturer will provide a full replacement at no additional cost.
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