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Cisco CCNA 200-301 Bootcamp
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Course Curriculum

305 Lessons (37h)

  • 01. Welcome
    How to Make the Most of This Course5:53
    The Study Plan4:32
    Recommended Practice Exams6:50
    Why Passing the Cisco CCNA is Going to Turbo Charge Your Career3:46
  • 02. How to Set Up the Lab
    How to Set Up the Lab Introduction0:41
    Cisco Packet Tracer Installation6:39
    Packet Tracer Installation Notes and FAQ
  • 03. Host to Host Communications
    Host to Host Communications Intro0:57
    A (Very) Basic Introduction to Networking5:44
    Open Systems Interconnection OSI Model Overview9:25
    The TCPIP Stack (Transmission Control Protocol Internet Protocol)5:11
    The Upper OSI Layers3:23
    The Lower OSI Layers5:06
  • 04. The Cisco IOS Operating System
    The IOS Operating System Intro1:17
    Cisco Operating Systems5:08
    Initial Connection to a Cisco Device10:35
    Navigating the Cisco IOS Operating System Part 110:17
    Navigating the Cisco IOS Operating System Part 210:31
    IOS Configuration Management9:05
    The IOS Operating System - Lab Exercises
  • 05. OSI Layer 4 - The Transport Layer
    OSI Layer 4 - The Transport Layer Intro0:41
    The Transport Layer Header, TCP and UDP12:30
  • 06. OSI Layer 3 - The Network Layer
    OSI Layer 3 - The Network Layer Intro0:48
    The IP Header8:48
    Unicast, Broadcast and Multicast Traffic4:17
    Converting from Decimal to Binary9:04
    IPv4 Addresses8:03
    Calculating an IPv4 Address in Binary8:22
    The Subnet Mask10:38
    Slash Notation4:01
  • 07. IP Address Classes
    IP Address Classes Intro0:33
    Class A IP Addresses11:31
    IP Address Classes B and C4:29
    IP Address Classes D and E8:25
  • 08. Subnetting
    Subnetting Intro0:53
    CIDR Classless Inter-Domain Routing5:46
    Subnetting Overview9:52
    Subnetting Class C Networks and VLSM11:25
    Subnetting Practice Question7:56
    VLSM Example Part 110:01
    VLSM Example Part 27:48
    Subnetting Large Networks Part 111:30
    Subnetting Large Networks Part 27:58
    Subnetting on the 4th Octet - Written Example
    Subnetting on the 3rd Octet - Written Example
    Private IP Addresses Part 110:47
    Private IP Addresses Part 29:07
    Where to Get More Subnetting Practice3:05
    Additional Subnetting Practice Sites
  • 09. OSI Layer 2 - The Data-Link Layer
    OSI Layer 2 - The Data-Link Layer Intro0:47
    Local Area Network Layer 2 - Ethernet10:19
  • 10. OSI Layer 1 - The Physical Layer
    OSI Layer 1 - The Physical Layer Intro0:36
    Ethernet Connection Media12:56
  • 11. Cisco Device Functions
    Cisco Device Functions Intro1:01
    Switches vs Hubs4:57
    Switch Operation7:52
    Other Cisco Devices3:48
    Cisco Device Functions - Lab Exercises
  • 12. The Life of a Packet
    The Life of a Packet Intro1:22
    DNS The Domain Name System5:47
    DNS on Cisco Routers7:01
    ARP Address Resolution Protocol7:42
    ARP for Routed Traffic8:57
    The Life of a Packet Example Part 1 - DNS16:29
    The Life of a Packet Example Part 2 - HTTP9:44
    The Life of a Packet - Lab Exercises
  • 13. The Cisco Troubleshooting Methodology
    The Cisco Troubleshooting Methodology Intro0:44
    The Cisco Troubleshooting Methodology10:17
    The Cisco Troubleshooting Methodology Lab Example7:21
    The Cisco Troubleshooting Methodology - Lab Exercises
  • 14. Cisco Router and Switch Basics
    Cisco Router and Switch Basics Intro0:46
    Basic Router and Switch Configuration12:41
    The Setup Wizard8:00
    Speed and Duplex Settings7:48
    CDP and LLDP9:11
    Basic Layer 1 and 2 Troubleshooting7:52
    Basic Layer 1 and 2 Troubleshooting Lab Demo9:02
    Cisco Router and Switch Basics - Lab Exercises
  • 15. Cisco Device Management
    Cisco Device Management Intro1:05
    The Boot Up Process6:57
    The Boot Up Process Lab Demo7:57
    Factory Reset and Password Recovery9:17
    Password Recovery Lab Demo8:32
    Backing up the System Image and Configuration8:23
    Upgrading IOS5:06
    Cisco Device Management - Lab Exercises
  • 16. Routing Fundamentals
    Routing Fundamentals Intro0:58
    Connected and Local Routes6:29
    Connected and Local Routes Lab Demo6:24
    Static Routes6:12
    Static Routes Lab Demo10:04
    Summarisation and Default Routes9:50
    Summary Routes and Longest Prefix Match Lab Demo12:19
    Default Routes and Load Balancing Lab Demo11:39
    Routing Fundamentals - Lab Exercises
  • 17. Dynamic Routing Protocols
    Dynamic Routing Protocols Introduction1:38
    Dynamic Routing Protocols vs Static Routes10:06
    Dynamic Routing Protocols Lab Demo7:18
    Routing Protocol Types7:04
    Routing Protocol Types Lab Demo6:52
    Routing Protocol Metrics14:58
    Routing Protocol Metrics Lab Demo15:01
    Equal Cost Multi Path4:23
    Equal Cost Multi Path Lab Demo10:58
    Administrative Distance10:07
    Administrative Distance Lab Demo8:25
    Loopback Interfaces8:53
    Adjacencies and Passive Interfaces7:12
    Adjacencies and Passive Interfaces Lab Demo6:37
    Dynamic Routing Protocols - Lab Exercises
  • 18. Connectivity Troubleshooting
    Connectivity Troubleshooting Introduction0:38
    Basic Connectivity Troubleshooting13:17
    Connectivity Troubleshooting - Lab Exercises
  • 19. IGP Interior Gateway Protocol Fundamentals
    IGP Introduction1:04
    RIP Routing Information Protocol13:08
    RIP Lab Demo14:04
    EIGRP - Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol14:43
    EIGRP Lab Demo6:20
    IGP Fundamentals Configuration - Lab Exercises
  • 20. OSPF - Open Shortest Path First
    OSPF Introduction1:09
    OSPF Characteristics6:09
    OSPF Basic Configuration11:10
    OSPF Basic Configuration Lab Demo4:39
    OSPF Advanced Topics7:15
    OSPF Advanced Topics Lab Demo7:18
    Bandwidth vs Clock Rate and Speed5:11
    OSPF Cost Metric9:29
    OSPF Cost Metric Lab Demo7:59
    OSPF Adjacencies17:16
    OSPF DR and BDR Designated Routers10:36
    OSPF DR and BDR Lab Demo13:12
    OSPF Areas14:18
    OSPF Areas Lab Demo11:10
    OSPF Configuration - Lab Exercises
  • 21. VLANs Virtual Local Area Networks
    VLANs Introduction1:01
    Campus LAN Design - Core, Distribution and Access Layers8:08
    Spine-Leaf Network Design5:24
    Why we have VLANs9:51
    VLAN Access Ports6:56
    VLAN Access Ports Lab Demo8:21
    VLAN Trunk Ports15:46
    VLAN Trunk Ports Lab Demo13:28
    DTP Dynamic Trunking Protocol5:36
    VTP VLAN Trunking Protocol7:45
    VTP Lab Demo10:21
    VLAN Lab Exercises
  • 22. Inter-VLAN Routing
    Inter-VLAN Routing Introduction1:11
    Router with Separate Interfaces11:40
    Router on a Stick11:33
    Layer 3 Switch8:10
    Layer 3 Switch Lab Demo9:23
    VLAN and Inter-VLAN Routing Configuration - Lab Exercises
  • 23. DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
    DHCP Introduction0:59
    DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol6:31
    Cisco DHCP Server6:49
    External DHCP Server5:16
    Cisco DHCP Client5:02
    Windows, Mac and Linux client IP settings7:24
    DHCP Configuration - Lab Exercises
  • 24. HSRP - Hot Standby Router Protocol
    HSRP Introduction2:00
    Network Redundancy8:50
    FHRP First Hop Redundancy Protocols7:09
    HSRP Hot Standby Router Protocol9:12
    HSRP Advanced Topics7:37
    HSRP Configuration - Lab Exercises
  • 25. STP - Spanning Tree Protocol
    Spanning Tree Protocol Introduction1:38
    Layer 3 Path Selection and Loop Prevention Review11:30
    Why we have the Spanning Tree Protocol12:42
    Spanning Tree Terminology - The Bridge3:20
    How Spanning Tree Works20:23
    Spanning Tree Versions7:53
    Verification - show spanning-tree11:11
    Verification - show mac address-table5:23
    Manipulating the Root Bridge Election7:02
    Spanning Tree and HSRP Alignment6:56
    Portfast, BPDU Guard and Root Guard6:47
    STP Troubleshooting - Lab Exercises
    STP Configuration - Lab Exercises
  • 26. EtherChannel
    EtherChannel Introduction1:21
    Why we have EtherChannel8:38
    EtherChannel Load Balancing4:39
    EtherChannel Protocols and Configuration10:21
    EtherChannel Lab Demo12:59
    StackWise, VSS and vPC8:17
    Layer 3 EtherChannel6:29
    EtherChannel Configuration - Lab Exercises
  • 27. Switch Security
    Switch Security Introduction1:07
    DHCP Snooping5:35
    DAI Dynamic ARP Inspection8:01
    802.1X Identity Based Networking3:13
    Preventing Unauthorised Devices with Port Security11:00
    Preventing Unauthorised Devices with Port Security Lab Demo8:09
    Locking Ports to Hosts with Port Security6:08
    Locking Ports to Hosts with Port Security Lab Demo10:40
    Switch Security Configuration - Lab Exercises
  • 28. ACLs - Access Control Lists
    Access Control Lists Introduction4:11
    Access Control Lists Overview4:29
    Standard, Extended and Named ACLs10:42
    ACL Syntax10:11
    ACL Operations15:20
    Numbered ACLs Lab Demo14:03
    Named ACLs Lab Demo10:23
    ACL Configuration - Lab Exercises
  • 29. NAT - Network Address Translation
    Network Address Translation Introduction2:14
    IPv4 Address Exhaustion and NAT8:04
    Static NAT6:48
    NAT Translations - Inside Local, Inside Global, Outside Local, Outside Global9:37
    Static NAT Lab Demo8:21
    Dynamic NAT9:18
    Dynamic NAT Lab Demo7:49
    PAT Port Address Translation14:21
    PAT Port Address Translation Lab Demo6:57
    NAT Configuration - Lab Exercises
  • 30. IPv6 Addressing and Routing
    IPv6 Addressing and Routing Introduction1:29
    Why We Need IPv610:28
    The IPv6 Address Format7:56
    IPv6 Global Unicast Addresses9:49
    IPv6 Global Unicast Addresses Lab Demo7:35
    EUI-64 Addresses8:49
    Unique Local and Link Local Addresses10:57
    Link Local Addresses Lab Demo6:46
    SLAAC Stateless Address AutoConfiguration10:02
    IPv6 Static Routes13:36
    IPv6 Static Routes Lab Demo17:44
    IPv6 Addressing and Routing Configuration - Lab Exercises
  • 31. WAN - Wide Area Networks
    WAN Introduction1:08
    WAN Overview4:51
    VPN Virtual Private Networks9:36
    WAN Connectivity Options11:37
    Leased Lines10:17
    MPLS Multi Protocol Label Switching12:05
    PPPoE Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet3:47
    WAN Topology Options6:21
  • 32. The Security Threat Landscape
    The Security Threat Landscape Introduction0:52
    The Security Threat Landscape13:42
    Common Attacks18:16
    Firewalls and IDS/IPs9:53
    Firewalls vs Packet Filters13:53
    TLS Transport Layer Security13:35
    Site-to-Site VPN Virtual Private Networks15:31
    Remote Access VPN Virtual Private Networks5:16
    Threat Defense Solutions17:10
  • 33. Cisco Device Security
    Cisco Device Security Introduction1:25
    Line Level Security13:53
    Privileged Exec and Password Encryption4:32
    Line Level Security Lab Demo9:34
    Usernames and Privilege Levels11:20
    SSH Secure Shell4:47
    SSH Secure Shell Lab Demo5:32
    AAA Authentication, Authorization and Accounting12:10
    AAA Configuration8:38
    Global Security Best Practices9:48
    Global Security Best Practices Lab Demo5:01
    Cisco Device Security Configuration - Lab Exercises
  • 34. Network Device Management
    Network Device Management Introduction0:25
    Terminal Monitor and Logging Synchronous6:10
    Syslog Lab Demo6:10
    SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol9:19
    SNMP Lab Demo3:57
    SNMPv3 Configuration10:06
    SNMPv3 Lab Demo7:05
    Syslog vs SNMP5:39
    Network Device Management - Lab Exercises
  • 35. QoS Quality of Service
    QoS Introduction1:24
    QoS Overview19:08
    Classification and Marking14:22
    Congestion Management10:51
    Policing and Shaping12:45
  • 36. Cloud Computing
    Cloud Computing Introduction1:28
    Traditional IT Deployment Models6:10
    Defining Cloud Computing6:55
    Cloud Computing Case Study13:38
    Server Virtualization13:08
    Virtualizing Network Devices14:09
    Cloud Service Models10:32
    Cloud Deployment Models10:57
    Cloud Computing Advantages8:31
  • 37. Wireless Networking Fundamentals
    Wireless Fundamentals Introduction1:08
    Wireless Network Types7:03
    Infrastructure Mode and Wireless Access Points6:18
    Wireless LAN Controllers and CAPWAP14:05
    Switch Configuration for Wireless Networks9:58
    Wireless Channels and Radio Frequencies12:44
    Wireless Security6:21
    Switch Configuration for Wireless - Lab Demo15:20
    Wireless Network Configuration - Lab Demo20:07
    Wireless Networking Fundamentals - Lab Exercises
  • 38. Network Automation and Programmability
    Network Automation and Programmability Introduction2:50
    The Benefits of Network Automation and Programmability11:34
    Python, Git, GitHub and CI-CD6:04
    Data Serialization Formats - XML, JSON and YAML13:57
    APIs - CRUD, REST and SOAP12:42
    Model Driven Programmability - YANG, NETCONF, RESTCONF and gRPC11:05
    Lab Demo - Testing APIs with Postman12:16
    Configuration Management Tools - Ansible, Puppet and Chef7:48
    Lab Demo - Ansible Network Automation17:03
    SDN Software Defined Networking9:33
    Software Defined Architecture - Cisco DNA Center19:50
    Software Defined Architecture - Cisco SD-Access10:23
    Software Defined Architecture - Cisco SD-WAN12:27
    Further Automation Learning Resources3:18

Cisco CCNA 200-301 Bootcamp

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Neil also provides consultancy to clients and mentoring for the systems engineers in the company he works for. Prior to focusing on training, he worked in the field for over 10 years in a variety of systems and network engineering and IT management roles.

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