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Capo 3 For Mac

The Future Of Learning To Play Like A Pro

By SuperMegaUltraGroovy | in Apps + Software


Capo is an innovative and easy to use application that allows you to break down your favorite song files into a visual teaching tool. Now you can learn classics like Stairway To Heaven or new tracks released just days ago. Through its award-winning interface and sophisticated technology musicians of all levels can learn to play music by ear and create new riffs and songs that will have the crowd on feet!
  • Automatic Chord Detection using Chord Intelligence
  • Slow music without affecting pitch, while retaining great sound quality
  • Draw notes on the spectrogram results in automatic tablature when transcribing solos
  • Spectrogram display allows for a deep look inside your music
  • Chord boxes show you the chords in a song but also how to play them


Compatible with OS X 10.8 and above


  • How many computers can you activate software with? - Any computer owned by the user.
  • When does license need to be redeemed by? - There is no expiration for the license serial.
  • Does it include updates? - All minor and maintenance updates for v.3

AfterShot Pro 2

Edit, Optimize & Manage Your Photos Like a Pro

By Corel | in Apps + Software


With unparalleled speed and power, AfterShot Pro 2 is an all-in-one RAW converter, photo editor, and high-speed photo manager.
  • Color corrections, lens corrections, and more
  • Non-destructive editing
  • Tools like cropping, straightening, and noise removal
  • Powerful photo asset management
  • Output to web galleries, contact sheets, and more
For more details on AfterShot Pro 2, click here.


  • OS X 10.7.3 and up


Dream It & Build It With This Imaginative Software

By The Escapers | in Apps + Software


Lucid is a powerful new way to add animations and other capabilities to your web pages. You can add simple menu transitions, Google Maps, JSON requests and so much more that'll help you make your pages more memorable. Imagine it like JavaScript Lego® for your webpages.
  • Easily add animations and other capabilities to your webpages
  • Process data from forms, create maps, JSON driven line charts, and almost anything else you can think of
  • Use actions and connections to create Workflows that can control elements on any standard webpage
  • No knowledge of JavaScript required
  • Process data from forms, create maps, and almost anything else you can think of


  • At least 1GB of Ram
  • Mac OS X Lion or Mountain Lion
  • An intel Mac
  • English only


The Mac Calendar You'll Actually Enjoy Using

By Flexibits | in Apps + Software


Sleek, beautiful, and seamless, what else could you ask for in a personal organization tool? Fantastical fits the bill perfectly, and allows for fast, easy event creation. Simply open the app, type in your event notes, hit return and you're good to go. With an expressive and intelligent natural language engine you can write in your own style, it even automatically recognizes event locations. Plus it's fully integrated with OS X 10.6 and above, so you can invite people from Contacts or Address Book and even integrate with Reminders to create to-do lists on the fly.
  • Calendar App Compatible - Calendar (Mountain Lion and Mavericks), iCal (Lion and Snow Leopard), BusyCal (cloud calendars only), Entourage, Outlook, and automatic updates to iCloud, Google Calendar, or Yahoo! Calendar
  • Fully Localized Languages - English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Start typing your event in any of those languages and Fantastical will automatically understand
  • CalDAV Sync - Add your calendars to Calendar or iCal and it automatically syncs your events, keeping them up-to-date
  • Automatic Alarms - Can automatically add alarms to all of your new events. Customize alarm settings based on all-day events or timed events
  • Search - Search specific calendars to instantly locate any event


  • Mac OS X 10.6 and higher
  • English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish


Easily Capture, Organize & Sync Images Like Never Before

By Realmac Software | in Apps + Software



Ember makes it incredibly easy to capture and organize screenshots, entire webpages and other images that inspire you; and automatically syncs them between all your Apple devices. No matter whether you’re working on a new website, planning the dream kitchen, or simply collecting things you love, Ember is designed to be your visual memory.


Ember is amazingly versatile - it’s the visual scrapbook for your mind. Once you start storing things in Ember, they’re fully searchable by name, tags and even color; and available on all your favorite Apple devices.


  • Capture - Capture entire webpages from Safari and Chrome
  • Screenshots - Take pixel-perfect screenshots of your desktop, or even individual app windows
  • Detailed Tagging - Organize your images with powerfully tagging, sorting and even color analysis. Just type in “Red” and Ember will look for red images in your library
  • Subscriptions - View images from your favorite blogs with “Subscriptions” - Ember’s reimagined way to read blogs and RSS feeds
  • Sync - Sync via Dropbox to Ember on other Macs, or Ember for iOS (available separately on the App Store) - this version does not support iCloud syncing


"[Ember] has the look and feel of an app Apple might make. Surely there’s no higher accolade." - MacFormat "Ember is an extremely slick app whose developers have paid fanatical attention to every detail of the user experience." - Macworld


  • OS X Mavericks
  • Localised in French, German, Italian, Japanese and Simplified Chinese


  • How many computers can you activate software with? - Valid for use on any Mac you own
  • When does license need to be redeemed by? - Anytime

Anonymizer Universal (1yr)

Powerful Privacy & Security Protection

By Anonymizer | in Apps + Software



Anonymizer is the oldest personal VPN service provider in the industry. This protective software/service routes all of your Internet traffic through an highly secure encrypted tunnel whose IP address changes every day to our secure and hardened servers. Anonymizer easily and securely masks your real IP address to ensure complete and continuous anonymity online so you can connect with unlimited bandwidth and speed while staying protected against any identity theft threats. With a friendly user-interface, Anonymizer runs seamlessly in the background and requires absolutely no technical knowledge to install and use. With one click you're safely browsing online, its that easy to stay safe while surfing the net.


Anonymizer is a must have tool for keeping your information the way it should be: private. It is the oldest and most reliable VPN provider available which also works on almost all of your internet connected devices. With a perfect track record of protecting their customers anonymity, you can trust that your information is staying secure and private. If that isn't enough, Anonymizer owns all their own hardware, and they never rely on VPS/Cloud exit points. Doubling down on the security of your information for ultimate privacy protection.


  • Connect with unlimited bandwidth & speed
  • Access Wi-Fi hotspots securely
  • Surf sites discretely and anonymously
  • Protect against identity theft
  • View online content without censorship
  • Mask your real IP address & location
  • Compatible with OSX, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, IOS and Android


This service/software is compatible on Mac, iOS, Android, Windows & Linux


  • OS X 10.9.3
  • Windows 8.1 (KB2938527). Compatible with Windows XP or newer
  • Android 4.0 or above
  • iOS 5.0 or above
  • Linux: Ubuntu 13.04, Debian 7.1, and Fedora 18


  • How many computers can you activate software with? - You can protect up to 5 different devices with for ONE FULL YEAR.
  • When does license need to be redeemed by? - The service will expire one year after the end of this sale (11/2/15).
  • Does it include updates? - Yes

Disk Drill Pro 2.3

Protect and Recover Data Like a Pro

By Cleverfiles | in Apps + Software



Do you need to recover deleted files, like important work documents, photos, videos or music? Have files or whole partitions disappeared from your Mac? Having trouble accessing an external USB drive or camera card? Disk Drill Pro will help. With patented technology that deep scans virtually any storage device – including hard drives, flash drives, cameras, iPods, Kindles, and memory cards – Disk Drill Pro recovers files you thought were gone forever. This software is the data protection and recovery app you need to protect all your files. It offers Quick Scan & Recovery of HFS/HFS+, FAT and NTFS and Deep Scan & Recovery for any or no file systems. Disk Drill PRO 2.3 is the perfect investment for your data’s safe and secure future.


No matter how computer-savvy you are, sometimes you just can't avoid issues like a failing hard drive. For those emergency situations, we've found Disk Drill Pro to be our savior. If you lose any data, you just have to click a button, and it displays a list of files that can potentially be recovered. Save yourself time and get peace of mind with this app.
  • Recovery Vault - Tracks every file removed from the computer and remembers its filename and location
  • Guaranteed Recovery - Allows you to undelete any file, even after the trash has been emptied
  • One-Click Search For Recoverable Files - Totally streamlined with one universal “Recover” button for one-click recovery
  • S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring for External Disks - Monitors the disk health of external drives and lets you know when one might fail
  • Free Space Displayed - Quickly see exactly how much free space you have on each disk and partition
  • Version 2.3 Improvements - Better File Dating, Better Deep Scan File Naming, Better Filtering, Optimized Scanning Results, Faster Previews, and more


"What sets Disk Drill apart is its slimmed-down interface and its painless and user-friendly documentation. If you're looking for a data recovery app with a good feature set and some reassuring hand-holding, Disk Drill is a solid choice." - CNET "With more functionality than its recovery-only competitors, Disk Drill Pro is ideal for recovering lost data and keeping your Mac protected in the meantime." (8.25/10) - TopTenReviews


  • OS: Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
  • Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and Brazilian Portguguese.


  • How many computers can you activate software with? - Up to 3 computers owned by the purchasing user.
  • Does it include updates? - Yes, all minor updates


Design Your Own Websites Quickly & Easily

By Before Dawn Solutions, Inc. | in Apps + Software



Streamline the website creation and maintenance process with this Web HTML Editor. Whether you need to edit Ruby, SQL, Cold Fusion, PHP, HTML, Javascript or CSS, you’re covered. The software is completely scriptable using your favorite scripting language and the integrated User Script Manager. Use the same code snippet over and over again, we have you covered, use the Code Snippet Library and discover new snippets on


With all of the features you would expect in a Text/HTML editor, but without the complicated UX, this simply is a product that makes your editing needs quicker and easier to complete. If you're looking to dig deeper and customize, you can. Whether it's adding scripts to do specific tasks or create your own color scheme, it's all at your disposal. TOP FEATURES
  • Subversion Integration - Support for Subversion source control management is built in. Edit, diff, commit, and more without leaving skEdit.
  • HTML Tidy - Clean up your markup with the integrated HTML Tidy support, or create your own Tidy operations.
  • Code Completion - Code completion for built-in functions, classes, etc. skEdit will even index your own files, so custom functions, classes, etc. will show up too.
  • Extensible Editing - Easily add support for new languages or tweak existing languages. For each language, you can customize the syntax highlighting, code folding, code completion, code navigator, and code indexing.
  • Live preview in browser - Preview as plain HTML or run the file through your webserver first. Preview live within skEdit for rapid development.
  • Snippets - Package frequently used pieces of text into snippets, accessible via key-command or keyword completion. Include variables for selected text and cursor placeholders.
  • Projects - Create projects from local, remote, or mixed files. Easily access and edit projects from the Project Manage.
  • User Scripts - Write scripts in the language of your choice to automate common tasks.
  • Search - Search one or many files quickly using regular expressions. Easily perform project-wide search-and-replace.
  • Remote Files - Edit files over FTP, SFTP, or WebDAV using the same interface used for any files. Your changes can be applied to the server immediately or at a time of your choosing.


“Been using skEdit now for over 5 yrs. Hands down the best web coding app I have ever touched. The hinting, snippets, corrections and very lean app make this the best bang for my $ I have found.” - reTech


  • OS: OS X 10.6 or later, 64-bit processor
  • Languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish

The OS X & Web Dev Course Bundle

25 Coures To Teach You The Secrets To Designing & Developing Apps For OS X

By Mammoth Interactive | in Apps + Software



This in-depth bundle of high quality courses will show you how to develop everything you need for OS X. Learn the fundamentals of 15 different coding environments to begin creating and building your very own mac and web apps. Take the next step in your career and get up to date on all the intricacies of OS X. through these 25 elite courses, you will be taught to build 10 different OS X apps in XCode 6 while also learning the keys to many different languages such as Unity3D, HTML, JavaScript, Game Salad and more.


Gain a real working knowledge of key web development skills while building 10 apps designed for OS X. Go step-by-step with the instructor, using his vast knowledge and expertise to make you a skilled developer in many different coding environments. This course is 100% practical and is taught so you can follow along perfectly, allowing you to see the apps built right before your eyes!


  • Build 10 OS X apps in Xcode 6
  • Go step by step with these 25 in-depth courses
  • Learn 15 different coding environments
  • How to make iOS games in Game Salad an Stencyl
  • How to code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more


You will need Xcode, Game Salad and Stencyl

THE EXPERT - John Bura

John has been programming games since 1997 and teaching since 2002. John is the owner of the game development studio Mammoth Interactive, which recently sold a game to Nickelodeon. John has contributed to 40 commercial games, several of which have risen to the top 10 in the Apple's app store.