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Mac Clarity - Master Your Mac

Learn How To Use Your Mac & Change Your Life

By Udemy | in Online Courses


For users that are new to the Mac world or just need some help increasing their technical skills, this tutorial goes above and beyond to get you mastering your Mac. Stop wasting time, feeling stressed and asking everyone else for help with the most basic of Mac tasks. This course makes learning how to use your Mac easy and fun. You will be guided through 9 levels of learning, starting at the very basics so you will never feel left behind and by the end, you will have the knowledge to utilize all of your Mac. Even as a more confident user, this course will help you unlock the other unknown mysteries and tricks that comes with your Mac. You will become a more productive user in no time by unlocking your computers full potential.


Most users out there don't take the time to master the full potential of their Mac. This leaves you behind the game to slowly learn by yourself but your saving grace is here. This Mac Mastery tutorial will get you back up to date in no time. Take the amazing tips and tricks taught here and use them to increase your productivity to levels you never thought were possible. Now go from zero to Mac hero and unlock every bit of your computer.


  • Over 123 lectures and 8 hours of content
  • Feel empowered and calm as you learn how to command your computer
  • Set up a Mac the way that makes most sense for the way that you think and interact with technology
  • Get seriously productive and creative with devices synchronized and distractions reduced in innovative ways
  • To Learn about your emotional baggage with computers and re-train your habits to let this go
  • Receive A Certificate of Completion


For Mac Users with OSX Snow Leopard 10.6 or above.


"I recently switched to a Mac after 20+ years using PCs / Windows and found myself looking for a good video tutorial to help me be more productive. Exactly what I needed. Thank you!" - Alex Minkov "This course is excellent to teach MAC clearly as the title says. There are things confusing for many MAC users, well with this course now that is demystified." - M Chowdhury "This is a very useful course designed for Mac users. This course provides me with tips and tricks to handle my mac and making sure my mac is optimally helping me with my job, personal tasks and my writing passion. Would recommend this for anyone seeking more from their macs to help increase productivity." - Listy Cahydandari

THE EXPERT - Arron Artikai

Arron Artikai is a Mac expert, an experienced teacher and life coach, and the creator of Technology Shaman. Arron’s passion is to teach clients how to use technology with more efficiency and creativity.

Productivity For Mac Users

Shortcuts & Tools To Increase Your Mac Productivity By 10x

By Udemy | in Online Courses


Sometimes you just feel like you're spending to much time doing the simple things. That is exactly what this course will change. Now you can learn the tools and shortcuts to 10x your Mac productivity. These productivity hacks will allow you to write faster, blaze through email, use Microsoft Office at 5x the speed and get more of the normal things done in a much faster timeframe. This course will help you reclaim your valuable time and be more productive for the rest of your computing life. Even if you have grown up with computers, this course will teach you to use your Mac like a PRO.


Any course that makes you better is something to keep an eye on. As a computer user, you spend hours on hours of time doing the same keystrokes and tasks. Why not let your Mac work for you and make your life easier. Now turn hours into minutes and have more time to do the other things you love. This course will give you the tools and tricks to manipulate several different programs so you can save time and be more productive then ever.


  • Over 18 lectures and 1.5 hours of content
  • In this course you will learn how to use a computer more efficiently to increase your productivity and output
  • Shortcuts and tools to cut the time you spend in Microsoft Office by 60%
  • A simple hack to reclaim minutes wasted navigating between programs each day
  • How to manipulate text like a BOSS and never use your mouse again
  • 7 strategies to master Gmail and process your email in seconds, not minutes
  • Advanced strategies and shortcuts with Finder, Quicksilver and Google Chrome
  • Introduction to 5 free tools that will save you hours over the course of your workday
  • Receive A Certificate of Completion


For Mac Users with an internet browser to watch and learn.


"Lots of great info. There are so many tips in here, even with the resource pages I know it will serve me well to review this course from time to time. I am not tech savvy and this definitely helped me cut out a lot of my inefficient habits." - Danielle Rosa "Thank you Justin for your instruction. I've been using a Mac for about 2 years after 20 years on Windows. Even though there were some shortcuts I knew, there were many more I didn't know." - Francois Bonaparte "Great course! Plenty of high end short cuts and tips that will save me many hours! Highly recommended!!" - Eddie Jasso

THE EXPERT - Justin Mares

Justin formerly ran growth at developer tools company Exceptional. At Exceptional, he was responsible for our growth and revenue across three separate developers tools products - Exceptional, Airbrake and RedisToGo.

One On One Apple Personal Training

Get On The Fast Track To Learning How To Use Your Mac

By Udemy | in Online Courses


This course is for people who are new to Mac. The main focus is to show you common functions that you can and will relate to on a daily basis. Throughout this course you will learn simple functions that will advance you to a level that will accelerate your usage on your Mac. The structure of this course is a step by step process on how to use mac, however once you complete the course you will always have a quick reference guide of straight to the point tutorials for your specific needs.


It can be very frustrating always having to stop what you're doing to ask questions or read up on how to properly use the basic functions and programs your Mac uses on a daily basis. This e-learning tutorial will give you all the tips, tricks and secrets to be as effective as possible while operating your Mac computer.


  • Over 91 lectures and 9.5 hours of content
  • Teaching others how to use the power of a Mac Computer
  • Building core actions the will stay with you
  • Help you understand your Mac
  • Receive A Certificate of Completion


For Mac Users with a browser so you can watch and learn!


"This course teaches you how to set up your Mac and get started on your Mac with specific focus around Mountain Lion initial configuration, Mail, iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes, Calendar and Garageband. I like that the instructor takes you beyond what you should already know and focuses around tips and tricks that may not be obvious" - Adarsh Menon "Really useful if you are just getting started on Mac." - Eugen Oprea "This is an excellent series of lectures that will help anyone new to the Mac OS. This should help you get up and running with your new Mac computer in no time." - Andy Holt

THE EXPERT - Freedom Portis

Freedom Portis knows a lot about how to use a computer from web development to all adobe programs to how to use an apple computer. He looks forward to working with you and showing you the ropes.

Mastering Keynote Presentations

A Complete Guide To Help You Create Beautiful & Effective Presentations Using Apple's Keynote Software

By Chet David | in Online Courses


This course will take you through Keynote and show you how to create compelling, creative, visually rich presentations. Keynote is versatile enough to enrich and enhance your speeches or lectures – but it's also powerful enough to stand on its own as self-contained presentation, complete with narration, music, and video. Learn to master this software and give yourself the tools to captivate your audience, no matter what the situation calls for.


It's designed to be learned step by step as you navigate through the menus towards a completed presentation. If you're trying to meet a deadline, jump right into the Keynote Quick Guides and learn key functions in less than 3-minutes. Included are several PDF documents you can download and print out for reference as you construct your own awesome Keynotes. WHAT YOU'LL LEARN
  • Over 56 lectures and 6 hours of content
  • Suggestions and ideas to successfully plan your Keynote presentations
  • The fundamental functions in Chet's Keynote Quick Guide lessons
  • Follow along and learn as Chet creates several small Keynote presentations from scratch - applying the knowledge to your own designs
  • How to import and add photos, images, and graphics to your Keynote slides... and how to embellish them with frames, shadows, etc
  • How to add and use tables to share data
  • Create rich 2D and 3D charts to help your audience make sense of financials, studies and more
  • Easily add audio files and videos
  • Master the amazingly creative Action Builds and the Apple Magic Move functions to wow your audience
  • Understand what's required to display your completed Keynote on external monitors and projectors, as well as iPads
  • Create a self-contained Keynote presentation, complete with voice-over narration and music
  • Share a finished Keynote presentation... from a Windows compatible PowerPoint file, to a PDF document, even a self-contained webpage
  • Receive A Certificate Of Completion


"I love everything about this course. It's structured very logically and thoroughly. Chet's teaching style and voice make it easy to stay interested. He doesn't take any knowledge for granted BUT at the same time you never feel patronized. Very highly recommended. Thank you Chet." - Piccia N. "This course was all I could ask for and more! I now feel proficient with Keynote and I often refer back to this course when I meet a Keynote feature I forgot how to use. Thank you for saving me hours of time and major frustrations!" - Lynn D. "Chet's teaching is focused, clear, straightforward, and concise with the visual and audio accompaniment. He is an excellent teacher who also is a computer expert." – Pat K.


  • An Apple desktop or laptop computer with Keynote software installed
  • NOTE: While you can display or share your completed Keynote presentations on Windows computers, you can only create Keynote using an Apple computer. This course requires an installed copy of Apple Keynote software (part of iLife 09 or available by itself in the App store)
  • NOTE: Chet demonstrates Keynote 09 in these lessons

THE EXPERT - Chet Davis

Chet loves to teach and help others learn, whether it's an artistic technique in video or photography, or a software application or technology tool. Chet taught Video Technology for 17 years in California. He's presented at National and Regional Conferences and led hands-on workshops in 41 US States, 3 Canadian provinces and in the European Schools Program.

Become a Rocker With GarageBand

Learn How to Make a Song in 1 Hour For Free

By Udemy | in Online Courses


Have you ever wanted to learn how to make music? Technology today has given the everyday computer user the ability to mix and create your own music. That is where GarageBand comes in! This e-learning tutorial will show you all the fundamentals to create the awesome beats that you've dreamed up. Now you can learn the secrets behind baselines, drum beats and melodies, giving you the skills to mix up and show off your new musical talent.


Some people may not have the skills to rip a guitar solo like Jimi Hendrix or the network to put an entire band together. That is the beauty of GarageBand, it lets you take the music in your head and brings that to life. Whether you want to produce your own beats or compose a classical masterpiece, this tutorial will give you the skills to the mix and make the music you want.


  • Over 13 lectures and 1 hour of content
  • By the end of the course you will be able to make songs in GarageBand and impress all of your friends
  • Receive A Certificate of Completion


A Mac Computer with GarageBand


"I really enjoyed this lecture it got me started on Garageband and now I can't stop making music." - Joe Espinoza "Well laid out and easy to follow course. Instruction followed each other clearly. " - Hazen Hoffpauir "Lots of triks and tools that will take much more time to learn from the manual." - Hans-Petter Christoffersen

THE EXPERT - John Bura

John Bura - John Bura has been programming games since 1997 and teaching since 2002. John is the owner of the game development studio Mammoth Interactive.

Clean & Organize Your Mac In Under 2 Hours

An In-Depth Tutorial To Organizing Your Docs, Music & Apps Faster

By Udemy | in Online Courses


Everyone says they will keep their brand new computer clean and organized from the start. Unfortunately this isn't always the case. Now your files are scattered all over and your computer is unbelievably slow. This course will teach you how to easily clean the clutter and organize your Mac. Most of us use our computers on a daily basis and for some pretty important tasks. Keeping it organized and fast is key to keeping you sane. This in-depth course will get your Mac clean in no time so you can get back to whats really important.


Nobody enjoys taking twice or even three times the time to find a simple file. That is a lot of headache you don't have time for. Now ease the pain and organize your computer the right way so you find everything you need faster then ever before.


  • Over 32 lectures and 1.5 hours of content
  • Learn to organize your documents, music, photos and applications and never lose another file again
  • You will learn how to organize your documents using tags, spotlight comments and smart folders
  • You will learn how to edit music information to create the best file structure
  • You will learn how to split Events and properly organize them with the aid of Smart Albums and Keywords
  • You will learn how to safely erase additional Application files left behind, creating more space on your hard drive
  • You will learn how to diagnose your computer using the Activity Monitor
  • Receive A Certificate of Completion


Just a Mac computer and browser to follow along and learn.


"This is easily the best and most simple to understand course I've taken on mac cleaning. I was a bit skeptical at first but my macbook air is noticeably faster than when I first got it. You'll learn a lot you might not know!" - Lior Ohayon "My Mac was full of junk, and completely disorganized. This reviewer made it unbelievably simple to follow his guide, simple steps, on screen, at a decent pace, and now my Mac is as clean as my baby's bottom!" - Uri Weinberger "Amazing lectures Luis. My macbook pro is extremely faster now thanks to what I learned throughout this course. Thanks a lot" - Yehuda Benchertrit

THE EXPERT - Luis Morales

Luis is an Apple Genius, eBook publisher, blogger & entrepreneur. In the past year he has started a few companies, including a successful eBook company and a few startups.

iPhoto For Beginners

A Beginners Guide To Learning Apples Photo Editing/Organizing Software

By Udemy | in Online Courses


iPhoto is a wonderful tool provided by Apple for free with every Mac computer. Learning and masterting this program will help give your adventures life while also keeping them organized. This course will provide you with the knowledge you need to start organizing, editing, and sharing your photos, often in way you did not expect. Get started now and start managing your photos the right way so you can show off all your amazing life experiences.


There is nothing worse then losing the photos of your favorite vacation. iPhoto lets you organize and store all these memories easily, while also giving you the power to share and edit them at will. iPhoto is a great tool to master and this course will have you up to speed in no time!


  • Over 25 lectures and 1 hour of content
  • Understand the iPhoto File System
  • Import photos from camera/phone/internet
  • Organize photos by events/faces/places
  • Create high quality photo books, cards, calendars, and slideshows
  • Receive A Certificate of Completion


Just a Mac computer with iPhoto

THE EXPERT - Kyle Begeman

At a young age Kyle decided he wanted to be a programmer. He set out on a journey to learn as much as he could. Over the past 8 years, he has built up a large skill set in programming theorem, C++, Objective C - iOS App Development, LUA, iPhone game development, and much more.

Basics Of Using A Mac

Learn The Basics Of Operating A Mac

By Udemy | in Online Courses


This course will be filled with simple and practical lessons that will have you understanding and working quickly and efficiently on your Mac. This course is perfect for new adopters of an Apple computer or for the non-technical user with a limited knowledge. Get the tips and tricks to get you working productively. Now you don't have to ask questions and struggle through normal, everyday functions.


It is never to late to learn something no matter how "easy" it seems. With this great tutorial, you will go through the fundamentals of Mac operations so you can get up to speed in no time. Turn a weakness into a strength and start computing like a pro.


  • Over 34 lectures and 3 hours of content
  • Learn the basics of using a Mac
  • Aid you in switching from a PC to a Mac
  • Receive A Certificate of Completion


For Mac Users (Mountain Lion or higher) with an internet browser to watch and learn.

THE EXPERT - Arlen Nagata

Arlen is a regular Computer Workshop Instructor at the Kroc Center in Kapolei Hawaii. He also presents at the Hawaii Mac & Apple Users Society (HMAUS).


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  • Unlimited access to this course FOREVER
  • Watch anytime on computers, iPads, & iPhones
  • The listed deal price is in US Dollars (USD)
  • This course is licensed on a per user basis. It may not be sold, redistributed, or given away in any shape or form