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F0ee2bf91859c3e8dd511a32feb124f6a8db8f83 icon Get Expert Startup Advice With Clarity

Get a $20 Credit to Connect With Top VCs & Entrepreneurs Over The Phone For Helpful Business Advice

By Clarity | in eLearning

Have you ever wanted to get advice from the world’s best entrepreneurs?

Don't you wish you could schedule calls with entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban for invaluable advice? Now you can thanks to Clarity. Starting a company is hard and getting good advice is crucial. That is where Clarity comes in. Clarity's mission is simple: connect business owners with each other to give and get great advice. They've already signed up thousands of great entrepreneurs, connected over 10,000+ calls from across 42 countries, and they're only getting started. They believe that, collectively, we can have a huge impact all over the world. And with Clarity, we want to help you be a part of that. 5 minutes of advice from these killer mentors is super impactful and now you can get $20 worth of credit to find that helpful business advice you've been looking for.

The Clarity Story

Clarity's Mission

Clarity's mission is simple: to connect business owners with each other to give and get great advice. They've already signed up thousands of great entrepreneurs, connected over 10,000+ calls from across 42 countries, and they're only getting started. They believe that, collectively, we can have a huge impact all over the world. And with Clarity, we want to help you be a part of that.

B898a3dc630c2c8df73474a6825dbc6567e78f08 icon 6 Month Pro Plan With Apptentive

Receive Invaluable Customer Information Straight From Your Mobile App

By Apptentive | in eLearning

In-app Feedback For Anyone Who Has an iPhone App

Want to get invaluable feedback from the people that are using your iOS app? How sweet would it be to be able to ask pop-up questions on your app so you could start to learn who your audience really is? It's simple. Using Apptentive makes it easy for you to converse directly with your customers through your mobile and/or iPad app. Now you can have 6 months of the pro plan to help you improve your business, retain more customers, and improve your iOS apps!

Credibility Stamps

"Better ratings and direct customer feedback at scale? For us, being Apptentive is a no-brainer. If you're making an app, not using Apptentive means you're wasting your team's money. " - Doug Chavez "Our customers are our lifeblood. Apptentive gets us connected to them like nothing we've ever done before. The Apptentive team lives and breathes their mission and they've been incredibly responsive and helpful." - Trevin - CTO of Chewsy

The 6 Month Pro Plan

  • Unlimited customer feedback
  • Rating done right
  • Ratings insights

B056767800cfee9b9666945d17641c30504b4281 icon 6 Month Premium Plan From Contactually

Find Peace of Mind by Having Full Visibility & Control Over your Address Book

By Contactually | in eLearning

Better Relationship Management in Your Emails

Track, manage, and improve your professional relationships and turn your email conversations into actionable next steps. See who you keep in touch with each week. Track your overall follow-up progress, reconnect with your most important contacts, manage your action items, and view your team’s productivity all from your Contactually dashboard. Kicking butt and closing deals has never been easier now that Contractually gives you the insights and data you need.

The Benefits

  • Create more business through automatic follow up reminders. Catch the opportunity before it slips through the cracks.
  • Effortlessly generate your actual address book from email, Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter and keep it automatically up to date.
  • Seamlessly sync all of your contacts with Salesforce, MailChimp, Highrise, and others.
  • Instantly get access to your full interaction history, for yourself or your team.

Credibility Stamp

“I realized that Contactually was going to be a big part of my sales practice when I found myself thinking, ‘I should get back in touch with them...I’m sure Contactually will remind me of it soon enough...’ and without fail, Contactually does!” ~ Ben Rubin, Entrepreneur

5ea64aa2292c830b8c4a2414038963a28f924592 icon 6 Month Pro Plan With AwayFind

Let Urgent Emails Cut Through the Clutter & Find You Instantly

By AwayFind | in eLearning

Checking email every 5 minutes? Not anymore!

Get AWAY from your inbox and let urgent emails cut through the clutter and FIND you...instantly. How nice would it be to only be alerted when important emails came in? Now you can experience 6 months of email sanity with this amazing plugin.

How AwayFind Works?

When you receive a timely message, AwayFind will notify you on your mobile device with an SMS, Voice call or even our iPhone & Android apps. Too much email? AwayFind will notify you of messages that matter NOW -- via mobile, SMS, or voice, and will hide those unimportant emails so you don't end up wasting your time. AwayFind will help you make sure you never miss an important message again.

Credibility Stamps

"It gives me confidence to do what I need without hovering over my inbox 24/7 — I highly recommend." - Merlin Mann "It enabled me to clear my mind from what's happening in my inbox." - Susan Murphy

Bbb69ee83c3784aa98c2f72373205cb68f50e06d icon Super Charge Your Profits With Mojo Video

Get a Video Webinar & an Informative Ebook That Will Show You How to Implement a Virtual Sales Team

By Mojo Video | in eLearning

Learn How to Super Charge Your Profits With a Virtual Sales Team of Video, Webinars, & Automation

Do you want to learn how to get a 97% open rate on your emails? We hope so. Do you want to learn how to close 80% of your clients on the first call? You've come to the right place. With this mojo marketing package you'll receive an informative video tutorial and a video marketing Ebook that will show you how to improve your marketing and your message so you can close your clients faster and make more money. Just imagine how far ahead of your competition you’ll be if you follow-up with your clients, leads, or potential partners, within minutes right to their mobile phone and all you did was push a button? The secret mix of ingredients, cooked up by Mojo Video Marketing, has a power that is unmatched in today’s exploding online marketing world and now you can find out all of their secrets for pennies on the dollar.

Mojo Marketing's Mission

At Mojo Video Marketing, it is their mission to empower entrepreneurs all over the world to go from being STUCK to UNSTOPPABLE. They want to help you succeed with easy-to-use video marketing products and E-learning courses that teach you about the video marketing.

28fea7b6d39ff46fe1c8a143fcf4feaedb009f9e icon Learn Video Marketing With Wistia

Learn How to Create, Market, & Improve Your Video Marketing Strategy w/this Video Tutorial

By Wistia | in eLearning

Learn Video Marketing Secrets From the Best Hosting Company in the World!

Do you want to learn how to engage your visitors with a very compelling video? How about turning them into loyal customers? Glad we're on the same page. Videos are becoming so important when it comes to communicating your dream to the WWW and now you have the opportunity to learn how to create and market your videos to get customers coming back. Today, web cruisers aren't looking to read a boat load of content anymore. Simply, they'd rather watch your really sweet video. Now they can.

You'll Learn

  • How to create a video
  • When to use Youtube
  • How to hone your message with analytics
  • How to promote your video with email
  • How to drive video traffic with SEO

2c87e7d40be32e782c150df3080e94b4691b9efa icon Two iOS Website Templates With Icconnice

Develop Websites For Your iOS Apps With These Two Beautiful Templates

By Icconnice | in eLearning

Style Up Your iPhone & iPad Apps with Iconnice!

Need to get your App noticed on the web? We knew it and is why we're pumped to have these two rocking themes in this bundle. As apps continue to dominate the world it's tough for ONE to get noticed unless you stack the deck in your odds. One way to do so is by having a clean and professional website to backup your app so you're not just relying on the App store.

The Templates

The Apps

Photoseal iPad app

94be1d500e9177deff65a8ef7f26a3bbe74e64a8 icon Increase Your Sales With Stride App

Efficiently Track, Manage, & Collaborate on New Business With Your Team to Increase Your Profit

By Stride App | in eLearning

Sales Hustlers Unite!

Finally, a simple CRM that will have your sales team jumping for joy! Seriously, CRMs can suck but thankfully Stride was created to change that! It's simple, intuitive, and it will have your sales team moving faster than ever before. Now with this exclusive bundle you'll be able to get a One Year plan of your choice!

The Benefits

Simple & Lighting-fast Stop wasting time adding contacts, managing cases, and allocating tasks. Stride eliminates all of the unneeded steps commonly found in CRMs. Efficiency for the win. Metrics That Matter Track the pulse of your pipeline with total deal value, deal history, and much more. Stride is packed with metrics that are actually useful. Real Time Collaboration Work together on deals, assign tasks, and comment on activitiy — all in real-time. Add as many team members as you want at no additional cost. Seamless sales collaboration is finally here. Know Where You Stand Wake up to a weekly summary email that tells you everything you need to know. Log in to dig a bit deeper, set follow-up tasks, and view your entire pipeline in a glance. No fussy reports.

Credibility Stamps

"Attractive, Simple, and Accessible" - TechCrunch "Sexy and dead simple" - Geek Wire

Get The Best Annual Plan

  • Unlimited active deals
  • Unlimited users

353760a08cdd2debab45ac0f1570d4d8bde2b2b5 icon Increase Your Conversion On The Web With Spinnakr

Automatically Displaying the Right Messages to the Right Visitors To Increase Your Conversions

By Spinnakr | in eLearning

Increase Click-Throughs & Conversions by Automatically Displaying the Right Message to the Right Visitor.

Data is hard to interpret and it can be even harder to know what to do with it once you have it. Spinnakr automatically analyzes incoming visitor data and reacts to greatly improve their experience on your website. Your website looks the same to everyone, but different people are looking for different things and this service helps them find what they are looking for. The reality is that you need have better tools to understand your customers and now you can with Spinnakr!

How Spinnakr Works

Step 1: You Do Nothing Attach their code snippet to your website, and then forget about it. Step 2: They Target Your Visitors They analyze your traffic and recommend targeted messaging. Step 3: Deploy in 1 Click Watch your conversions skyrocket.

The Magic Behind The Curtains

Spinnakr helps website owners target visitors to their homepage with different calls-to-action that makes it MUCH more likely they'll buy, signup or spread the word about the company.

What you'll get:

You'll get the startup founder plan which is pre-loaded with several use-cases that will help you implement and improve your customer retainment. Some of the use-cases include: - Hacker News / Quora visitors are encouraged to up-vote the answer they just came from. - Facebook / Twitter / etc. see targeted calls-to-action to continue to share the content that brought them to the page. - Investors see the AngelList profile of the company where they can request an intro or follow the startup.

02333db3150859e268a68a9a149e9a855796aa32 icon Simplify Customer Support With Help Scout

Keep Your Customers Happy With a 6 Month Basic Plan

By Help Scout | in eLearning

Relieve Customer Support Headaches and Keep Your Customers Happy At The Same Time!

Seem like a catch-22? You're not dreaming. The days of trying to use an "all-in-one" inbox to take care of all your customers is unrealistic...if you're trying to keep 99% of your customers happy. Finally, a support platform has been built that will save you TIME, MONEY, & CUSTOMERS, and now you can get a 6 month basic plan (good for 3 users) with this stellar bundle.

The Benefits

Top Features

1. Add Private Notes Add internal notes to each e-mail that only you and your team can see. 2. Keep Track of Who’s Who View a customer’s complete history, all their necessary information, as well as whom they’ve talked to previously and about what. 3. Beautiful Reports & Visualizations Track progress on both internal & client facing issue as they arise, updated in real time so you can make adjustments to your product as you go. Get Help Scout behind your support staff and nothing can get in the way of keeping your customers happy.

5b058dcf617b560fff87cfc1d84b0f29cb4662c9 icon Save Time & Sell More With Lettuce Apps

Simple Order & Inventory Management Software For Your Small Business

By Lettuce Apps | in eLearning

The Ultimate Order Processing & Tracking Tool to Dominate your Physical Inventory.

Do you have a butt load of inventory? Is is darn hard to track all that noise? If so, Lettuce is the tool for you! It will allow you to capture all of your orders into one central system making it easy for your track, pay, and manage all of your inventory. Now you can make more money and control your inventory costs with 6 months of Lettuce App's Tier 2 plan. The complex world of inventory management demands better tools to help you sell and track your goods...and now you can with Lettuce.

The Benefits of Lettuce

With Lettuce you can connect your inventory with your sales team so BOOM you have deep insight into how your business is actually running. No more blind guessing games about what sales are coming in from where and how much inventory is on hand. If you find inventory management troublesome then Lettuce may just be your new best friend :)!

What's Included in This 6 Month Plan?

  • +1 free month for each company you refer to Lettuce
  • Unlimited SKUs and customers
  • Web based order management
  • Mobile point of sale app
  • Inventory feature
  • Accounting integration
  • Shipping integration
  • Credit card processing integration

64d0f96e7ff19fc97ce7a3ea8b7af96d1265d988 icon $50 Off Any Design Contest With 99designs

Get Professionally Designed Graphics Made For Less

By 99designs | in eLearning

Get New Logos, Website Redesigns & More!

Need a new logo for that new business idea of yours? How about getting that web design flushed out so you can launch your first website? Or maybe it's time to finally consider styling up your business cards. Whatever your design needs may be, why limit yourself to one designer when you can tap into the talent of HUNDREDS of talented artists? Now you can get $50 off your next design contest!

Use The Credit Towards Any of Your Design Needs

  • Logo design
  • Business card design
  • T-shirt design
  • Brochure design
  • Web page design
  • Mobile app design
  • And more

Watch This!

Credibility Stamps

"A new generation of online service marketplaces is giving small companies more opportunities than ever to find specialized expertise and affordable labor." - The New York Times "More than 90% of 99designs’ customers come through word of mouth. Imagine if the company actually invested in sales and marketing." - TechCrunch "This huge market makes it simple and cheap for business owners and individuals to get custom sites and logos quickly and on the cheap." - Forbes

How Does the Process Work?

1. Post Your Design Project Create your detailed project brief and kick-off your own design contest. You set the guidelines...scope, price, timing and all other aspects of the design project. Once completed, designers browsing for projects will find your brief and if they decided to submit an entry, it will be presented to you as they are completed. Depending on the scope of the project, you may receive several, or even dozens, of entries. 2. Give Feedback & Collaborate As the designs come in, you can provide continual feedback on the submissions. On the right track but not exactly the right color? Shift the logo to the left? No problem, you can provide as much feedback as you wish in order to help the designers deliver exactly what you had in mind. 3. Choose Your Favorite & Reward Your Designer Feedback may be submitted to the designers up until you find a satisfactory design. Once selected, you will pay the designer the predetermined amount and receive the copyright to the original design. Congrats! You crowdsourced your first design job.

What if You Can't Decide on Just One Design?

No worries, you can declare multiple winners, and pay them each the pre-determined price accordingly.

3f214d6bb3c41f8fd514599c5c6eb521c634ddba icon Elevate Your Inner Entrepreneur With 2 Amazing Books

Priceless Information and Strategy from Established Professionals

By CustDev | in eLearning

Learn To Do Customer Development The Right Way With This Free Ebook

Thousands of startup founders, product managers, marketers, angel investors and venture capitalists have read the CustDev Book. Have you?

Iterate your way to Product-Market Fit with Customer Development

Learn how to:
  • Develop and iterate your “Minimal Viable Products” (MVPs)
  • Segment markets, position products and when to pivot
  • Validate before scaling
  • Find prospects and how to approach them

Credibility Stamps

“This is a must read for all startups and their stakeholders.” — Steve Blank, creator of Customer Development, author of The 4 Steps to the Epiphany “I always recommend The Entrepreneur's Guide to Customer Development. ” — Patrick Foley, ISV Architect Evangelist for Microsoft “Any and every startup founder needs to do Customer Development. No startup founder should be without this book.” — Hiten Shah, Founder of KISSmetrics “The Entepreneur's Guide to Customer Development is required text for our MBA students at the University of Chicago Booth School. ” — Waverly Deutsch, Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship, University of Chicago Booth School of Business “This book is filled with great, practical advice in a simple-to-comprehend format. It will take you from zero to Customer Development in under an hour.” — Brett Durrett, VP Eng & Ops at IMVU With this comprehensive “cheat sheet” you will learn all of the steps necessary to pivot to startup success!

This Informative Ebook Includes:

  • Interviews and case studies with entrepreneurs/founders (MVPs)
  • Practical strategies and tactics
  • Known pitfalls to avoid
  • All original content

Plus These Special Extras!!!

  • Receive a paperback book of "The Lean Entrepreneur" in February 2013
  • Get 5 extended MP3 audio interviews, totaling 2.5 hours, with Brian Clark, CEO of Copyblogger, Mike Volpe, CMO of HubSpot, Chris Lindland, CEO of BetaBrand, Lucas Carlson, CEO of AppFog, and Tom Fishburne of Method & Marketoonist
  • Gain membership to private Lean Entrepreneur community. Free updates on all content and invitations to upcoming webinars with Lean Startup luminaries


  • No refunds
  • The bundle is sold as-is
  • Each product will come with its own set of redemption instructions
  • Must redeem each product individually upon purchase
  • Bundle product may not be redistributed or sold