Get $1 credit for every $25 spent!
Get $1 credit for every $25 spent!
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Please note: Only available to customers in the United States (excludes Alaska). The sale price includes shipping and all sales are final.


Do you know what's waiting beyond that buy button? 100% Free high-speed 4G wireless internet! Take it! With FreedomPop, it's yours! The Freedom Spot Bolt. Connect all your USB devices to this genius little device and get instant high-speed wireless internet on the go. Even at half the price of a hotspot, the Bolt delivers a fast and secure broadband connection so you can connect without fear of someone else getting on your wifi network. Surf, stream, and game with download speeds up to 12Mbps – no cables or chargers required. With no contracts or cancellation fees, you’ll be able to pay for only what you need even if it changes from month to month.



Coming from a company that believes that *"internet is a right, not a privilege"*, how can we *not* endorse this product? It's not even a question anymore - *we need to stay connected everywhere, at all times* and this little device is the one to help us do it. TOP FEATURES
  • Easy To Use - Plug, play and get online fast
  • Super Compact - Fits in your pocket so you can take it anywhere you go
  • Stay Safe + Secure - Your own private internet access point
  • Supports Most Computers - And devices with a standard USB port, no installation required
  • No cables - No charging required
  • LEDs - Display signal strength and connection status
Service Features
  • *Free Data* - Get 500MB 100% FREE every month for a year, no questions asked
  • *Social Broadband* – Get 500MB of additional 100% FREE monthly data when you refer your friends. That's 1GB total 100% FREE each month.
  • *Earn Unlimited Free Data* – Get unlimited additional 100% FREE data by completing offers
  • *Fast Speeds* – Enjoy 4G wireless internet (10x faster than 3G)
  • *No Gimmicks* – Take advantage of no data caps or speed-throttling
  • *No Contracts* – Cancel any time without fees or commitments


  • PC OS: Windows XP (SP3), Vista 32/64, or Windows 7
  • Mac OS: OS X 10.5 and higher
  • Other OS: Linux, Android, and Chrome versions that support Remote Network Driver Interface Service Specification (RNDIS) or Communication Device Class (CDC) devices


  • Weight: 1.1 ounces
  • Dimensions: 1.2 x 3.25 x 0.65 inches


  • One (1) Freedom Stick Bolt
  • Quick-Start Guide


For the quickest and best answers to your questions regarding this promotion, please contact FreedomPop directly by CLICKING HERE.
  • Is this 4G LTE? Is this 3G? - The Freedom Stick is 4G WiMAX capable only. It is not compatible with LTE or 3G. To check on coverage, click HERE.
  • What is FreedomPop Premier? - Premier is a bundle of all of FreedomPop's most popular services like Data rollover, speed boost, secure internet, enhanced support and more!
  • Are there any additional charges? - There are no additional costs. If you need more, additional data above 500MB can be purchased for $0.01/MB. That's half the price compared to their website!
  • How do I downgrade/upgrade my data plan? - Unfortunately, since this is a prepaid 500MB plan for one year, you won’t be able to upgrade or downgrade your plan.
  • Is there an activation cost? - Nope. When your voucher is redeemed, FreedomPop authorizes and immediately cancels the charge in order to ensure that the card is valid. As this temporary authorization was immediately removed, you should have access to these funds shortly.
  • Will this work outside the US? - Sorry. Only works in the US.
  • When does the plan start? - The plan starts when your device is shipped so it’s ready to go right out of the box.
  • Where can i get more info? - You can visit give FreedomPop a call at 888-743-8107 M-F 9am-5pm PDT or check out their FAQ page HERE.
  • Is there a non usage, or inactivity fee of $0.99? - A thing of the past. FreedomPop previously passed along the cost on to the customer, but have begun to implement a way to waive this fee altogether.
  • How do I add another device to my existing account? - Unfortunately, at this time, FreedomPop is not able to have multiple devices under one account for data tracking purposes. Each device must be activated under a unique account, but this works out really well because you can connect the accounts through Freedom Friends to receive even more free data each month.
  • What happens after my first year? – You can continue on their 500MB plan and Premier Bundle for $119.88/year.
  • Can’t I just get this deal directly from FreedomPop at a better price? - No, the Freedom Stick alone from FreedomPop retails at $49. They are not offering a year of 500MB of data each month anywhere else for only $59. In fact, 500MB of 4G Data costs $9.99/mo.


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  • All sales are final.
  • 90-day warranty by FreedomPop which includes exchanges for defective devices.
  • Promotion includes one (1) Freedom Stick Bolt 4G and one (1) year of 500MB data per month.
  • Only available to customers in the United States (excluding Alaska) and sale price includes shipping.
  • Please allow up to three (3) weeks for shipping.
  • When your voucher is redeemed, FreedomPop authorizes and immediately cancels the charge in order to ensure that the card is valid. As this temporary authorization is immediately removed, you should have access to these funds shortly.
  • Users must follow voucher instructions on checkout page to complete order on Freedompop’s website.