The Complete iOS SDK Development Course

6 Hours
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94 Lessons (6h)

  • One Signal
    1. Create push notification app xcode project 12:58
    2. Register account and create a new app 12:03
    3.Create a p12 certificate and upload 18:10
    4. Install the SDK and set up the code 15:57
    5.initialise one signal with app id and run on device 13:25
    6. send push from one signal dashboard 12:32
    7. send push notification from the app 14:18
    8. Get user player id by code 11:48
  • LinkedIn
    1. Create Xcode project3:49
    2. Create new app on linkedin website3:35
    3. Install SDK and add info plist information6:11
    4 Present the login screen and get access token5:24
    5. Get user profile information5:03
    6. Display user_s information and photo on the app once logged in7:14
    7. Add a function to redirect user if linkedin app is used for authentication2:42
  • Google Signin
    1. Create xcode project for google login app-EDITED 12:16
    2. Install google sign in sdk and create an oauth client id-EDITED 14:49
    3. Implement the app sign in delegate functions-EDITED 16:19
    4.Present the login user interface and log in the user-EDITED 13:58
  • Foursquare API
    1. create xcode project3:16
    2. Create a new app to get app id and secret1:58
    3. Install foursquare api client library using cocoapods2:16
    4. Make client api request5:48
    5. Display data as json object2:32
    6. get access to the name key and venue id4:08
    7. Make a photo api request with venue ID4:49
    8. Display the photo using the prefix and suffix keys6:29
  • Firebase Storage
    1. Create xcode project4:22
    2. Create new project on console, Install Firebase Storage SDK and complete all set up6:29
    3.Firebase file upload implementation7:44
    4. Firebase storage security rules4:49
    5. Firebase data download implementation5:29
    6. Download file using the URL3:33
    7. Navigating folders and subfolders in your storage bucket4:29
  • Firebase Authentication
    1. Create xcode project for the app8:37
    2. Create new app, install sdk, add plist and complete set up6:09
    3 register a user in the app7:34
    4. Check to see if a user is logged out or logged in3:33
    5. Logout the user2:20
    6. Login a new user3:59
  • Facebook Login
    1. Set up the app xcode project4:31
    2.Initialise project with cocoapods2:28
    3.Create app on facebook developer website7:06
    4.present the login window and attempt login6:20
    5 Make Graph API request to get profile information6:41
    6. Display users name and profile picture7:15
    7.Request higher quality photo and make the app public2:09
  • Dropbox SDK
    1. Create xcode project4:01
    2. Create new app id and install sdk3:20
    3. Initialise the project and set up plist2:58
    4. Present dropbox login and check authentication result5:40
    5. Upload photo to dropbox folder6:35
    6. Download a file from dropbox folder5:44
    7. Create new folder and create right paths for downloads4:25
  • Crashlytics SDK
    1. Create crashable app xcode project-EDITED 13:40
    2. Set up crashlytics sdk anc configuration-EDITED 16:46
    3.Register a crash on the dashboard-EDITED 14:56
    4.Create 4 crashes from the app-EDITED 16:16
  • Cocoapods Installation
    1.What is cocoapods2:29
    2.Install cocoapods on the mac2:35
    3.Initialise xcode project with cocoapods3:04
    4. install 3 pod projects7:10
    5.Useful cocoapods commands2:45
  • Braintree SDK
    1. Create xcode project and install the sdk 13:48
    2.Present the drop in UI and register sandbox account 15:18
    3. Set up simple PHP server on lightsail 19:15
    4. Process payment on the client 17:57
    5.Accepting paypal payment 16:16
  • Amazon S3 SDK
    1. Create amazon s3 xcode project-EDITED 17:01
    2. Install AWS SDK and add the ATS settings-EDITED 13:44
    3. Cognito, S3 and IAM set up-EDITED 17:31
    4. Upload photo to S3-EDITED 17:55
    5. Download date from S3 bucket-EDITED 15:02
  • AdMob SDK
    1.Create xcode project for the admob app-EDITED 12:52
    2. Install the SDK with cocoapods and initialise the project-EDITED 13:10
    3.Create a new app to get an ADMOB app Id-EDITED 11:54
    4. show banner ads-EDITED 18:11
    5. Show interstitial ad-EDITED 16:22
    6. Interstitial ad delegate functions-EDITED 13:19
  • Intro Videos
    admob-intro 11:14
    facebook intro 11:25
    parse-intro 11:30
    firebase-storage-intro 11:24
    google-signin-intro 11:06
    dropbox-intro 11:28
    onesignal-intro 11:26
    twitter-intro 11:09
    firebase-login-intro 11:17
    amazon-intro 11:17
    crashlytics-intro 11:17
    braintree-intro 11:27
    linkedin-intro 11:24
    foursuare-intro 11:21

Integrate Facebook, AdMob, Amazon, & Other 3rd Party iOS SDKs into Your Xcode 10, iOS 12, & Swift 4

CodeStars & Rob Percival


Rob Percival has a degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University. A coding geek, he runs the Code School in the beautiful city of Cambridge. He also runs the popular web hosting & design service, Eco Web Hosting which leaves him free to share his secrets with interested new and professional web developers.


This Complete iOS SDK Development course includes all the most popular 3rd party iOS SDKs that you will need to learn to be job-ready including Facebook, OneSignal, Amazon AWS S3, Twitter, Braintree, AdMob, Google Sign-In, Crashlytics, Foursquare, Parse, and more. With 94 video lectures, you'll learn to complete most SDK implementations in less than 30 minutes, have better iOS development skills, know how to replace some native iOS APIs, and be more productive by using almost 90% less code.

  • Be more productive when coding & able to develop better products
  • Go beyond basic Apple API & know how to use other popular APIs
  • Learn how to track crashes even for live apps
  • Integrate Google banner & full screen ads in apps


Important Details

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web & mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: beginner


  • Mac computer
  • Basic working knowledge of Swift programming language
  • Basic iOS development skills


  • Unredeemed licenses can be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase. Once your license is redeemed, all sales are final.
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