The Complete HTML & CSS Course: From Novice To Professional

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84 Lessons (7.5h)

  • Welcome! Discover How This Course Will Help You Build A Website From Scratch!
    Welcome To Our Course!2:22
    How To Use This Course3:17
    Course Essentials - Before Moving Any Further Please Read and Use This Document
  • Introduction and basics
    What is HTML4:25
    Download and Install notepad++ a better solution to play with codes5:21
    What is HTML Follow Along Guide
    HTML vs Programming languages7:36
    HTML vs Programming languages (written)
    Creating the very first HTML file using notepad with very simple technique4:15
    Creating an HTML file using notepad ++5:07
    How to use tag9:08
    What are the attributes3:52
  • Literally working on HTML document
    HTML document hierarchy rules4:20
    Making the HTML document readable3:58
    White spaces and preformatted text3:37
    Styling and formatting text using some HTML tags8:01
    Abbr tag and Title attribute3:58
    HTML Entities4:56
  • HTML Lists
    Unordered lists3:43
    Ordered Lists2:38
    Type and value attribute for formatting HTML Lists5:33
    Nesting multiple lists8:05
    Making description3:59
  • HTML Tables
    Building tables5:33
    Table heading2:37
    Managing table height and width3:25
    Using colspan attribute4:45
    Using rowspan attribute3:41
    Nested Tables5:17
    Cell spacing and Cell padding3:01
    Creating a complete website layout using tables5:48
  • URLs, Links and iframing
    Understanding URL and its parts4:52
    Linking a webpage to another webpage6:20
    Linking to an HTML file which is on a sub directory7:29
    Linking a webpage to a back directory's HTML file6:37
    Target Attribute3:11
    Linking all the pages and making a linked and navigated website10:29
    Creating navigation page and adding it on all pages using iframe tag7:33
  • HTML and Images
    Adding Images5:35
    Adding Inline Images3:54
    Linking up images with webpages and other images3:43
    Title and Alt attribute3:40
    Course Feedback Checkpoint - How Are You Enjoying Our Course So Far?1:17
  • Intro to CSS and some basics
    What is CSS2:02
    Inline CSS4:02
    Internal CSS5:10
    External CSS6:05
    The Div Tag3:19
  • CSS Selectors
    CSS Selectors4:58
    Different states of anchor tag6:32
    Sibling and Child selector of CSS7:13
  • CSS Dimensions
    Height and width properties1:44
    Pixels and Percents2:13
    Important rules of dimension3:24
  • CSS Box model
    CSS borders4:12
    Expanded way of CSS borders9:05
    CSS backgrounds7:55
    Floating and clearing5:44
  • CSS Lists, Text & Fonts and Tables
    CSS Lists5:30
    Adding Images to CSS lists1:39
    Creating a simple navigation bar using CSS lists4:55
    CSS text9:30
    CSS fonts7:45
    CSS tables8:04
  • The HTML Forms
    HTML Forms11:34
    More on HTML Forms7:55
    How the Form works8:52
    Adding styles in the Form using some CSS techniques9:38
  • Creating a complete website project
    Creating the coding layout of webpage5:12
    Creating a basic designing layout for webpage6:09
    The header and the navigation area7:09
    The right side area10:09
    Making the main post12:52
    Making the sub post12:25
    Applying Iframes10:23
    Fixing some bugs2:46
    Creating footer3:14
    Creating contact us page10:51
  • Course Conclusion and Final Exam
    Course Final Exam - You Have Now Built Your Very Own Website!3:31

Explore Two of the Web's Most Important & Most Used Programming Languages

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HTML and CSS are the two programming languages most fundamental to web development and design, and the two most important for a new web developer to learn. If you're new to coding, this course is perfect. You'll learn HTML and CSS quickly and easily, taking your programming skills from novice to professional in no time.

  • Access 84 lectures & 7.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Cover all HTML & CSS basics
  • Work w/ HTML lists, tables, links, iframing, images, & more
  • Explore CSS selectors, dimensions, lists, tables, the Box Model, & more
  • Complete a full website project


Details & Requirements

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming, download for offline access
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  • Experience level required: all levels


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