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Python Programming, CS, Algorithms & Data Structures
  • Certification included
  • Experience level required: All levels
  • Access 96 lectures & 13 hours of content 24/7
  • Length of time users can access this course: Lifetime

Course Curriculum

96 Lessons (13h)

  • Introduction
    (Bonus) Python e-book
    Course structure and content overview5:42
  • Development environment setup
    Section intro and overview5:55
    Command line basics cheat sheet
    Download and install Python5:59
    Setup Atom as text editor (setup used in this course)13:38
    Exploring Jupyter Notebooks interface (optional)16:58
  • Python in-depth
    Section intro and overview7:51
    Command line/Terminal basics6:27
    Strings, variables, top down execution flow10:31
    (IMPORTANT) A note on quizzes and assessment tests
    Strings: concatenation, indexing, slicing, python console14:13
    String methods, functions and import statements17:20
    Print formatting and special characters13:28
    Numbers, math, type casting and input16:47
    Assessment test - Python basics: Text, numbers and print formatting
    Introduction to branching (if, elif, else) and conditionals12:16
    Building if, elif, else blocks incrementally12:54
    Lists, dicts, sets and tuples - Intro to compound data types in Python11:02
    Lists - an in-depth look 112:06
    Lists - an in-depth look 211:18
    Dictionaries, sets and tuples18:23
    Iterators, for loops, generators, list comprehension18:07
    Assessment test - Lists, dicts, tuples, sets and iteration
    While loops, enumerate, zip12:43
    Functions - an introductory look13:01
    Functions - implementation step by step14:51
    Functions - execution context, frames, mutable vs. immutable arguments in-depth14:19
    Assessment test - Functions, data types, iterators
    Classes and objects - an introductory look9:29
    Building a custom Student class and intro to special methods11:58
    Add some methods to the class6:48
    Special methods and what they are12:33
    Reading from and writing to files12:22
    Add read functionality and utilize special and static methods19:46
    Inheritance, subclasses and complete example class14:46
  • Algorithms - Sort, performance, complexity and big O notation
    Introduction to section 4 and overview of the material covered in it1:17
    Bubble sort demonstration and complexity analysis5:39
    Bubble sort implementation16:39
    Selection sort demonstration and complexity analysis9:10
    Selection sort implementation13:01
    Insertion sort demonstration and assignment handoff5:22
    Insertion sort programmatic execution step by step2:20
    Performance measures - deep dive with a programmatic view10:10
    O(nlog(n)) performance and algorithm prerequisites2:07
    Analyze log(n), visualize the math behind it and how it relates to algorithms11:53
    Merge sort visualization and complexity analysis13:35
    Implement merge function - part 16:31
    Implement merge function - part 26:50
    Implement merge function - part 34:59
    A look at the recursive divide function5:49
    In-depth look at execution context of recursive divide function11:47
    Recursion mini-project 1 - Countdown timer5:47
    Recursion mini-project 2 - Factorial6:45
    Recursion mini-project 3 - Fibonacci series7:20
    Complete merge sort algorithm and analyze updated execution context7:26
    Quicksort demo5:08
    Quicksort implementation7:28
    Section final project objective and motivation1:07
    Project specs and runtime execution intro4:15
    Project phase 1: Build random int list generator6:42
    Project phase 2: Get input from user for size and range2:49
    Project phase 3: Add functions, calculate and analyze runtime7:35
    Project phase 4: Extract redundancies, create function and cleanup code9:48
    Project phase 5: Add multiple run functionality and perform additional testing5:37
  • Algorithms - Search and abstract data structures
    Introduction to section 51:10
    Intro to search - Linear, Bisection/Binary search5:56
    Bisection/Binary search - Iterative implementation14:27
    Bisection search - recursive implementation9:19
    Project handoff: Bringing it together5:20
    Project conclusion walkthrough6:41
    Hashmaps and O(1) search complexity7:58
    Hash project 1: Define and set up class blueprint with init and str 6:47
    Hash project 2: Set up insert and hashing functionality for data structure7:56
    Hash project 3: Add update functionality9:17
    Hash project 4: Build search method5:50
    Project: Use hash structure in a practical exercise - Quote finder6:07
    Project: Complete quote finder using hash table8:49
    Intro to linear data structures - Linked Lists10:39
    Build a custom linked list15:50
    Recursively reverse a linked list8:37
    Visualize Stacks and Queues, and their operations11:56
    Introduction to Trees and Binary Search Trees14:06
    In-order traversal of a Binary Search Tree6:46
    Build a Binary Search Tree from scratch - Insert13:07
    BST from scratch - In-order traversal5:02
    BST from scratch - Search5:16
    BST from scratch - Delete demo6:58
    BST - Deleting leaf nodes13:10
    BST - Deleting nodes with 1 child node8:44
    BST - Deleting nodes with 2 children12:27
    Project: Job Scheduler using Binary Search Trees - Introduction7:08
    Project: Job Scheduler execution flow8:57
    Project: Job Scheduler implementation tips and notes10:44
    Thank you for taking the course and next steps3:03

Python Programming, CS, Algorithms & Data Structures

Mashrur Hossain

Mashrur Hossain | Technology Professional & Entrepreneur

4.6/5 Instructor Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

Mashrur Hossain has been a technology professional for over a decade and holds degrees in both Computer Science and Economics. He has worked with Enterprise Software Systems throughout his career with roles in analysis, development, and management. He is very passionate about web application development and believes Ruby on Rails has proven to be a very strong force in this field.


Are you interested in getting in-depth training on one of the top programming languages in the world? Then this course is for you! You'll walk step-by-step through the fascinating world of programming fundamentals using visualizations of programs as they execute, algorithms as they run, and data structures as they are constructed. Since it caters to a broad spectrum of students, the course is split into two parts, part one focusing on the Python programming language and part two focusing on algorithms, data structures, performance analysis, and larger-scale projects.

4.6/5 average rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Access 96 lectures & 13 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand the fundamentals of programming languages
  • Learn to visualize algorithms, data structures, program execution & information flow
  • Become proficient in technical interview topics
  • Learn to use Python to build projects


Important Details

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web & mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: all levels


  • PC or Mac
  • Internet access required


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