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178 Royalty Free Music Tracks for Your YouTube, Podcast, TikTok, Facebook
  • Experience level required: All levels
  • Access 179 lectures & 1 hour of content 24/7
  • Length of time users can access this course: Lifetime

Course Curriculum

179 Lessons (1h)

  • Your First Program
  • Comedy
    Alternative Clock Dimension
    Silly Boy
    Sad Drunken Party
    A Surprising Encounter
    Organ Filler
    Joey's Song
    Baltic Levity
    Ghost Town
    Comic Game Loop - Mischief
    And Here We Go
    Jungle Mission
    Vintage Party
    Night in the Castle
    Silly Intro
    Llama in Pajama
    Cha-Cha Ender
    Hello! Ma Baby
    Foam Rubber
    Barroom Ballet
    Monsters in Hotel
    Madness of Linda
    Fenster's Explanation
    Drunken Party
    BeBop for Joey
  • Electronic
    Meditating Beat
    Beat One
    3 am West End
    Hear What They Say
    Hippety Hop
    Bit Bit Loop
  • Epic Dramatic
    Overture - 320bit
    Kings Trailer
    Video Game Blockbuster
    Cornfield Chase
    Hit n Smash
    Night Attack
    Epic Boss Battle
    Behind Enemy Lines
    Lonely Mountain
    Putin's Lullaby
    Evil Incoming
    Big Eyes
    The Range
    Heroic Adventure
  • Fantasy
    Magical Transition
    Witch Waltz
    One Step Closer
    Brewing Potions
    The Britons
    Forest Night
    Painting Room
    Magic in the Garden
    The Crown
    Dancing at the Inn
  • Horror
    Footsteps in the Attic
    Horror Mytery
    Hor Hor
    Alien Spaceship Atmosphere
    The Land of the Dead
    Satin Danger
    Creepy Hallow
    Consecrated Ground
    Asking Questions
    Horror Suspense
    Alien Invasion
  • Miscellaneous
    Improv for Evil
    Ambush in Rattlesnake Gulch
    Improved Ice Cream Truck
    Sunday Dub
    Burning Trapezoid of Fire
    River Meditation
    Spec Ops
    A Waltz For Naseem
    Bass Meant Jazz
    Awkward Apocalyptic Pickup
    A Good Bass for Gambling
    Abstract Anxiety
  • Miscellaneous Chill
    Wisdom in the Sun
    Infinite Wonder
    Infinite Peace
  • Miscellaneous Classical
    Brandenburg Concerto III, Allegro II
    Icicles Melting
    The Celebrated Minuet
    Painful Disorientation
    Dark Hallway
    The Celebrated Minuet for Piano
  • Miscellaneous Country
    Lukewarm Banjo
    Jethro on the Run
    Journey of Hope
  • Miscellaneous Jazz
    Compy Jazz
    Flutey Jazz
    Martini Sunset
    Fake It Til You Fake It
  • Miscellaneous Rock
    Quick Metal Riff 1
    Jîkull (Metal Version)
    Silent Night (Unholy Night)
  • Romantic Sentimental
    Lovely Piano Song
    Landra's Dream
    Amazing Grace
    Champ de tournesol
    Burt's Requiem
    Patience Party
    Romantic Inspiration
    Nostalgic Piano
    Horizon Flare
    La Citadelle
    Shining Stars
    Brothers Unite
  • Underscoring
    Travelers Notebook
    Beginning of Conflict
    Action Strike
    Dreams of Vain
    Desert Fox Underscore
    Guerilla Tactics
    Hidden Truth
    Novus Initium
    After the End
    Desert Fox
    Driving Concern
    Funky Energy Loop
    The Lagoon
    The Drama
    Ice and Snow
    City Run
    Final Step
  • Uplifting
    Pickled Pink
    Be Chillin
    Happy Whistling Ukulele
    Stereotype News
    Ukulele Song
    City Sunshine
  • World
    Coy Koi
    Le Baguette
    Forest Frolic Loop
    Breaking Bollywood
    Bollywood Groove
    Eye of Forgiveness
    Connecting Rainbows
    Nomadic Sunset
    Village Tarantella
    Desert Conflict
    Midnight in the Green House
    Windy Old Weather
    Experimental Test Subject
    Ambient Bongos
    Be Jammin
    Bavarian Seascape
    The Story
  • License

178 Royalty Free Music Tracks for Your YouTube, Podcast, TikTok, Facebook

The International Co-Operative of Musicians

The International Co-Operative of Musicians

The International Co-Operative of Musicians (ICOM) came about due to the pitifully small fees that musicians, lyricists, and composers make for their hard work.

Yes, music should be for everyone to enjoy.
Yes, distribution companies need to make a profit.
Yes, all businesses need “middle-men and women”.

But, in the case of music, all of these add expense. Yet they never add any value. With the growth of streaming, podcasts, of ever more radio and broadcast companies, demand for music has never been higher. And no one ever became involved in music to get rich. Indeed, those who “make it” often sell out … in both senses of the term …

We're different.
We love creating music.
We want you to enjoy it.
To use it.

We create everything from short stings, effects, and beds for radio, podcasts, and TV commercials - right through to 11-minute full orchestrations. And we allow those who buy our music to use it as they wish.

No restrictions.
No limits.
No copyright fees.
No usage fees.
No small print.
Nothing, nada, zilch.
Just an unlimited license.


We get it - been there, done that. You either “risk” using some music you “found” and you receive a copyright “strike”… or you pay (frankly, exorbitant) royalty fees to wealthy media companies. But here's the real harsh truth - almost none of these royalties reach the composers and artists - they’re kept by the middlemen.

The International Co-Operative of Musicians think that's unfair - and they've done something about it. They've paid the composer and musicians all ready for you - and you are licensed to use all of this music, with zero restrictions! You just do what you do best - create amazing podcasts and videos!

  • Get 178 royalty-free music tracks
  • No royalty fees, no copyright claims, no worries...ever
  • Use the music on YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, & Facebook
  • Use it in a theater production, advertisement, or film
  • Play the music in a restaurant
  • Note that most are real full tracks - and that there are NO loops!


Important Details

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: desktop & mobile
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: all levels
  • Have questions on how digital purchases work? Learn more here


  • Any device with basic specifications


  • Unredeemed licenses can be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase. Once your license is redeemed, all sales are final.
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