Amazon FBA: From No-Experience to Launching Your First Product on Amazon

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110 Lessons (7h)

  • Part 1 Introduction
    Overview of This Course: The Perfect Product System5:57
    Part 1 Structure And Class Materials3:45
    Amazon FBA Monthly Earnings - Erik Rogne2:54
    Meet Your Instructors3:54
    Setting Expectations4:12
    Key Concepts (Learn What Private Labeling Is And More)8:11
    Steps To Complete Before We Start4:10
  • Part 1 - Mini-Goal 1 | Understand What To Look For In A Product
    Everything You Need To Know About China9:34
    The Worst Categories (And Why Must Avoid Them!)8:53
    The Best Categories To Focus Your Product Search On2:16
    Basic Product Criteria (20 Different Things To Look For In A Product)8:31
    Advanced Product Criteria (9 Different Things To Look For)5:35
  • Part 1 - Mini-Goal 2 | Use Our Basic Product Criteria To Find 3 Products
    Action: Choose A Product Category To Start With2:48
    Action: Install Unicorn Smasher Chrome Extension2:54
    Action: Find A Product To Run Through Our Choosing A Product Cheat Sheet16:24
    Action: Find 3 Products That Pass Our Choosing A Product Cheat Sheet11:06
    Action: Add Chosen Products To Our Product Comparison Sheet2:22
    Action: Calculate The Basic Criteria Score For Each Product10:40
  • Part 1 - Mini-Goal 3 | Decide on 1 product to import
    Action: Find Out If Our Products Pass The 5X Rule8:28
    Action: Find Out If Our Products Have A Low MOQ3:04
    Action: Find Out If Our Products Are Not Patented4:37
    Action: Find Out If Our Products Have A High RPR7:28
    Action: Find Out If Our Products Pass The Keyword Test3:29
    Action: Find Out If We Can Create A Listing That Would Beat Our Competitors11:49
    Action: Find Out If Our Products Are Trending2:48
    Action: Determine If We Can Brand And Add Bonuses To Our Products2:52
    Action: Calculate The Advanced Criteria Score For Each Product2:27
    Action: Use Our Product Comparison Sheet To Make Our Final Product Decision3:43
  • Part 1 - Mini-Goal 4 | Find 2-3 Suppliers To Import A Sample From
    Action: Find 5 Potential Suppliers On Alibaba6:32
    Action: Send A Message To 5 Suppliers15:52
    Action: Evaluate Supplier Offers6:16
    Action: Create Counter Offers5:56
    Action: Run Suppliers Through The Supplier Scoring Rubric12:22
    Action: Decide On 2-3 Suppliers To Import A Sample From4:40
  • Part 1 - Mini-Goal 5 | Complete Final Research For Your Product
    Action: Calculate Profit Margin Estimate11:30
    Action: Research Competition For Our Product5:26
    Action: Find Possible Product Improvements2:48
  • Part 1 Conclusion
    Review Of What You Did In This Course1:51
    Where You Can Get Help And Support1:04
    Your Next Steps0:26
  • Part 2 Introduction
    Welcome to Part 2!1:28
    Part 2 Structure And Class Materials7:00
    Why Speed Is Critical to Your Success On Amazon1:53
    How to Communicate & Build a Relationship With Your Supplier1:55
    Module Review0:53
  • Part 2 - Mini-Goal 1 | Order 2-3 Product Samples
    Module Introduction1:07
    Why You Must Get Product Samples3:06
    Why You Need to Establish a Relationship With Your Supplier1:39
    The Importance of Product Quality & Negotiating1:24
    Action: Place an Order for 2-3 Product Samples7:17
    Module Review0:35
  • Part 2 - Mini-Goal 2 | Evaluate Your Product Samples
    Module Introduction0:58
    Action: Evaluate Your Samples Using Our General Criteria6:37
    Action: Create Your Own Sample Evaluation Criteria6:28
    Action: Take Product Pictures7:05
    Action: Use the Quality of Your Product Sample to Negotiate2:20
  • Part 2 - Mini-Goal 3 | Create Your Barebones Listing On Amazon
    Module Introduction0:50
    Action: Create an Amazon Seller Account1:55
    Action: Choose Your Product Category to List In1:38
    Action: Buy a UPC Code (Barcode)3:36
    Action: Create Your Barebones Product Listing3:53
    Module Review0:50
  • Part 2 - Mini-Goal 4 | Place Your Order & Ship It to Amazon
    Module Introduction1:34
    Erik's Experience With U.S. Customs1:56
    Action: Complete Supplier Checklist6:39
    Action: Pay Your Supplier1:12
    Action: Select a Single FBA Warehouse2:21
    Action: Prepare to Send Your Amazon FBA Inventory4:47
    Action: Send Your Supplier Amazon Shipping Labels & FNSKU Barcodes0:58
    Module Review0:43
  • Part 2 - Mini-Goal 5 | Complete Your Product Listing
    Module Introduction0:36
    Action: Add Vital Product Information3:09
    Action: Add Product Variations (Optional)0:55
    Action: Update Product Offer1:10
    Action: Add In Compliance Information (Optional)0:53
    Action: Upload Product Images0:58
    Action: Update Product Description3:29
    Action: Add In Product Keywords2:51
    Action: Fill Out 'More Details' For Your Product2:35
    Module Conclusion1:09
  • Part 2 Conclusion
    Module Introduction0:38
    How to Contact Amazon Seller Support1:25
    Action: Upgrade Your Amazon Seller Account1:44
    Review Of What You Did In This Course1:50
    Module Review0:34
  • Part 3 - Mini-Goal 1 | Find Product Keywords For Optimization
    Quick Overview of Part 3 Structure2:40
    Viral Launch Fundamentals3:49
    Understand Amazon Seller Central4:58
    Search For Product Keywords For Future Optimization7:06
  • Part 3 - Mini-Goal 2 | Share Your Product On Facebook Groups
    Action: Create a Coupon For Your Product6:49
    Action: Share Product On 3+ FB Groups3:31
    Action: Use JumpSend to Get Product Reviews7:06
    Action: Use JumpSend to Setup an Email Campaign3:34
  • Part 3 - Mini-Goal 3 | Setup An Amazon PPC Campaign
    Introduction to Amazon PPC2:43
    Campaigns, Adgroups, & Keywords Overview4:16
    Amazon PPC Key Metrics & Terminology5:53
    What the Bid Price Does2:54
    Ideal ACoS Calculator4:01
    Action: Export Keyword Report & Put in Google Sheets3:20
    Action: Add in Negative Keywords1:40
    Action: Use FeedbackFive to Create an Email Campaign2:30
    Next Steps On Where to Go From Here1:41
  • Reference Material
    Jungle Scout vs. Unicorn Smasher7:06
    How To Find A Product In Minutes.. Not Hours9:13
  • Alibaba Training
    Introduction To Alibaba.com2:42
    Using Trade Assurance to Order your Product4:18
    Using the Mobile App7:17 Global Buy, Global Sell1:11
    Create a RFQ on to have Suppliers Contact You!8:35
    Using SourceNow to Find Products with Images6:26

The Complete Amazon Selling Blueprint For Beginners on a Tight Budget

Eric Campbell


Erik is an entrepreneur with years of experience creating physical products and brands. Erik decided to jump into the Amazon FBA world in the early years when it was just getting started. After months of trial-and-error and overcoming periods of personal doubt, it paid off. Big time.

He has sourced hundreds of products from all over the world, and created brands that turned into thousands of dollars. Today, his Amazon FBA business generates $100,000+ in revenue each year and takes him less than 2 hours-per-week to maintain.


This is your step-by-step guide to creating a successful Amazon product from scratch. Erik Rogne and Eric Campbell teach you the quickest and easiest way to start your own Amazon business by actually doing it with them! The course includes detailed instructions and cheat sheets to easily follow along. Skip the mistakes that most beginners make, and shortcut straight to a perfect product.

  • Access 110 lectures & 7 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand what to look for in a product
  • Use basic product criteria to find 3 products
  • Find a supplier
  • Order & evaluate samples
  • Complete your product listing
  • Start promoting your product


Important Details

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: all levels


  • Unredeemed licenses can be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase. Once your license is redeemed, all sales are final.
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