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Premium Photography Memberships

6 Essential 1-Yr Subscriptions for the Photo Enthusiast!

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Fuel your photo addiction for the next year with everything from photo management assistance to online tutorials!
  • Mylio 1-Yr Standard Subscription: gain access to this next generation photo management system to streamline your photo organization on all your computers & devices, with or without the cloud
  • ViewBug 1-Yr Premium Membership: join this elite creative community & enter the world's top photo contests sponsored by top brands
  • Lindsey Adler 1-Yr Website Subscription: receive one full year of access to this top-notch photography website's offerings
  • EyeFi 1-Yr Cloud Subscription: automatically sync an unlimited number of your photos to the cloud & your alternate devices to make your entire collection always available, even while offline. Create events & albums of your favorite shots, and utilize easy-to-use editing tools to create perfect pictures.
  • Dave Cross 1-Yr Subscription: learn from over 40 hours of training from this Photoshop hall of fame educator
  • Better Photography Magazine 1-Yr Subscription: explore a wide-variety of articles & blog entries from photography experts

Digital Photography Software E-Learning

Master Must-Know Programs with Courses, E-Books & Webinars

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There is always more to learn in the wonderful world of digital photography, and now you can grow your knowledge without leaving the comfort of your home. Dive into hours of top-notch learning on everything from Photoshop tips to Lightroom training.
  • Lesa Snider: 5 e-books for photographers by best-selling author Lesa Snyder--The Skinny on Shooting for Royalty-Free Stock, The Skinny on Photoshop Lightroom 5, The Skinny on Photoshop Tips & more
  • Photofocus: develop great images in Lightroom w/ 72 essays on photography
  • Photoshop Cafe: join Colin Smith on this live recording of the Adobe-sponsored event to explore new features & hidden tips
  • Peter Eastway: develop an expertise on layers w/ these expert-taught instructional videos
  • Lee Varis: master image creation & photo illustration in Photoshop w/ this online course
  • Sean Duggan: explore Photoshop CC essentials like selections, masking & compositing w/ this video training course
  • Phlearn: take this complete Pro Photoshop Tutorial Bundle to go from beginner to expert
  • Gavin Gough: supercharge your photography workflow w/ The Photographer’s Workflow & The Photographer's Post Production courses
  • Richard Sturdevant: expand your photography software knowledge w/ the SturDaVinci Art Tools Photoshop & Corel Painting Bundle
  • Jared Platt: join a 2-hour office hours webinar w/ Jared Platt of Lightroom
  • KelbyOne: take 4 classes containing hours of Photoshop & Lightroom training from Scott Kelby

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Presets & Actions Toolkit

Perfect Your Photos with Premium Assets & Online Tutorials

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Presets can make or break a photograph, and now you can be sure to put your best foot forward with this package of quality assets. See below for this lengthy list of game-changing Lightroom presets.
  • Tyler Meade: utilize 73 Lightroom presets for sports & commercial photography
  • Shark Pixel: receive their new preset pack, specifically designed for those spectacular images you capture on camera that just don't quite do the actual scene justice
  • Lance Sullivan: dive into this architecture power pack of Lightroom presets
  • Jared Platt: receive a comprehensive collection of 400+ Lightroom presets, including all of the following smaller preset collections--The Essential Preset Collection, The Top Secret Collection, The Film Pack Preset Collection, The Lightroom Tools Preset Collection, The Lightroom Template Collection, The Photoshop Workflow Actions Collection & The Shuttle Pro 2 Settings
  • Craig Minielly: enhance your photos w/ this Retouch Toolkit & BeautyBar Pro
  • Cris Duncan: get the "Art & Science of Lighting Video", 12 Lightroom presets & 3 image enhancement tutorials
  • Scott Wyden: enjoy the Time Is On Your Side: Exploring Long Exposure Photography + Preset Bundle

Image Composition E-Learning

Explore the Tips & Tricks for Taking Top-Notch Photos

By Think 11 | in Online Courses

Expand your photography toolkit with this wide variety of online courses on everything from newborn photography to wedding photography to lighting.
  • Bobbi Lane: learn portrait posing techniques & improve communication skills w/ this 2-hour posing and directing video
  • Nik Pekridis: study wedding photography w/ the best in the business in this real-life wedding video from Athens, Greece
  • Rick Sammon: master bird photography w/ this online, self-paced video
  • Andrew Gibson: learn the art of photography w/ 2 detailed e-books
  • Tony Sweet: watch 13 short videos from his personal collection covering Macro Photography, Texturing, Infrared Mirroring & much more
  • David Ziser: begin MP4 training w/ 10 hours of course content
  • Stephanie Cotta: become a talented newborn photographer
  • Lindsay Adler: study lighting w/ this Designing an Image & Studio Lighting Guide
  • Dane Sanders: listen to the Fast Track Photographer AudioBook & his Photographer DNA Assessment Tool

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Printing & Editing Pack

Give Your Photos the Top Treatment with Vital Software & Credit

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Your photography masterpieces deserve to be printed, framed, and observed by the masses. Use this credit to print your work, and visit the Perfectly Clear site to purchase some of the greatest plug-ins on the market!
  • Simply Color: use $25 in Simply Cash towards your next print at Simply Color Lab
  • Perfectly Clear: cash in on this $149 gift card & purchase the Photoshop or Lightroom plug-in, or the bundle of both


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