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What's Included

Ethical Hacking From Scratch to Advanced Techniques
  • Experience level required: All levels
  • Access 85 lectures & 15 hours of content 24/7
  • Length of time users can access this course: Lifetime

Course Curriculum

85 Lessons (15h)

  • Your First Program
  • Introduction
    Introduction to Ethical Hacking29:50
  • Setup your lab
    Install VMWARE Player9:33
    Install and configure the lab12:17
  • Start to use Linux
  • Reconnaissance
    What is Reconnaissance?24:41
    What information you should look for?8:06
    Tools and Technique4:36
    Advanced Resonance technique7:29
  • Scanning
    What is Scanning?2:17
    Advanced technique of scanning13:45
    Different types of scanning13:27
  • Start Hacking
    Define your Objective3:15
    Password guessing and cracking15:09
    Hydra and Xhydra12:10
    Rambo table technique19:20
    Advanced Password cracking technique10:49
  • Network Hacking
    How to Hack a network?5:40
    Man in the Middle attack11:59
    Cain and Able6:33
    DNS Poising15:58
    SSL Stip10:47
  • Social Engineering
    What is Social Engineering?5:24
    Social Engineering Toolkit4:41
    Phising - Credential Harvest13:11
    Advanced Social engineering technique18:58
    Fake Email (Spoofing)6:13
  • Vulnerability and Exploit
    What is a Vulnerability and Exploit?4:15
    Search for Vulnerability and its Exploit7:58
    Exploit the Vulnerability10:28
    Fast Track9:41
  • Wireless Hacking
    Wireless explanation4:23
    Wireless network infrastructure17:26
    Warless attacks2:33
    WEP cracking20:48
    WPA, WPA2 Cracking27:51
    Advanced WPA2 Cracking technique using Reaver6:40
  • Buffer Overflow
    What is Buffer Overflow?5:28
    How to search for Buffer Overflow?14:04
    How to Compromise a System through Buffer Overflow ?8:59
    Buffer Overflow 148:26
    Buffer Overflow 216:33
    Buffer Overflow 326:05
    Changing the Payload5:47
    Another Demonstration6:28
    Your Mission if you choose to accept it1:47
  • Web Application Hacking
    What is Web Application Hacking?4:16
    What is SQL Injection Attack?14:05
    SQL Injection Attack 17:53
    SQL Injection Attack 2
    XSS Introduction2:58
    Reflected XSS12:38
    Stored XSS5:14
    Affected website for testing3:27
    Advanced web application Attack10:50
    Major Web Application vulnerabilities3:01
    Your Mission if you choose to accept it1:42
  • Cryptography
    Cryptography (Part1)12:16
    Cryptography (Part2)14:40
  • Malicious Code
    Malicious Code Analysis11:10
    Types of Malicious Code14:51
    Discovering Malicious Code8:32
    Hiding your Malicious code6:51
    File hash5:08
  • Denial of service
    What is Denial of Service?3:38
    Denial Service Attacks7:56
    DOS Attack 19:09
    DOS Attack 26:44
    Ping of Death6:39
  • Bypassing Security
    Bypassing different Security Technique10:43
  • Real Life Scenario
    Real Life Scenario 118:19
    Real Life Scenario 214:00
    Real Life Scenario 37:27
    How to manage penetration testing project6:32

Ethical Hacking From Scratch to Advanced Techniques

Mohamed Atef


Mohamed Atef is an ICT Consultant, Senior Penetration tester and certified instructor with more than 20 years of experience in professional and academic courses and 2 books published.

  • Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) ID #517943
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) ID #3022752
  • EC Council Certified Instructor (CEI) ID #ECC51750391761
  • CEH: Certified Ethical Hacking ID #ECC64515022319
  • Certified Cisco System Instructor (CCSI)
  • Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE)
  • Microsoft Certified IT Professional (Windows Server Administration 2008)
  • CompTIA Certified (Network +) ID #
  • CompTIA Certified (Server +)
  • CompTIA Certified (Linux +)
  • CompTIA Certified (Security +)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)ID #CSCO11273248
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) )ID #1772374


You hear about it all the time: companies getting hacked, having their websites shut down or their customers' data compromised. When that happens, it's time to call in ethical hackers to break into network systems, evaluate their security, and propose solutions. After this course you'll be well on your way to being one of these hackers, paid generously to hack networks, apps, emails, social media accounts, and more!

  • Access 85 lectures & 15 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand how to bypass different security layers after getting proper approval
  • Learn how to compromise computers, crack passwords, crash systems & compromise applications
  • Run a buffer overflow from scratch
  • Stride towards a career in this fast-growing IT profession


Important Details

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: all levels


  • Internet required


  • Unredeemed licenses can be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase. Once your license is redeemed, all sales are final.
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