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What's Included

iOS 10 & Swift 3: From Beginner to Paid Professional
  • Certification included
  • Experience level required: All levels
  • Access 70 lectures & 250 hours of content 24/7
  • Length of time users can access this course: Lifetime

Course Curriculum

70 Lessons (250h)

  • Getting Started With iOS 10 & Swift 3
    Intro to Course
    Get $5000 worth of AMAZING graphics for FREE2:50
    Download Your FREE Graphics here
    Student Success Story3:01
    Register as an Apple Developer4:24
    Downloading Xcode 83:11
    Installing Xcode 82:06
    Building your first Swift 3 iOS 10 App16:38
    Where to get free live help3:04
    Setting Learning Expectations19:39
    Student Success Story #2 App in the World!!3:34
  • Learn to code with Swift 3
    Variables, Operators & how Computers Work16:48
    Source Code
    Swift 3 Strings15:22
    Swift 3 Numbers19:53
    Exercise: Variables
    Swift 3 Functions22:39
    Swift 3 Booleans & Conditional Logic20:57
    Swift 3 Constants & Logical Operators10:27
    Exercise: Functions
    Swift 3 Arrays13:06
    Swift 3 Loops18:59
    Swift 3 Dictionaries18:44
    Swift 2 Optionals28:01
    Object Oriented Programming12:01
    Xcode 8 - Tips & Tricks12:00
    Exercise: Loops & Arrays
  • Version Control with Git & Github
    Coding Warmup: Loops
    About Version Control12:39
    Git Basics16:20
    Setting Up Github5:34
    Github vs Bitbucket3:06
    Local & Remote Git Repositories17:32
    Working Through Git Merge Conflicts11:17
    Github Desktop7:44
    Exercise: Pushing your Code to Github
  • Foundational iOS
    Miracle Pills 01 - Autolayout & project creation14:48
    Exercise: Extending Miracle Pills
    Miracle Pills 02 - Width, height, leading, trailing constraints21:19
    Miracle Pills 03 - UIPickerView28:49
    Working with UIScrollView28:45
    Working with UIStackView39:36
    Changing Screens with Segues26:30
    Retro Calculator Intro1:04
    Retro Calculator - UIStackView & auto layout34:53
    Retro Calculator - Custom fonts on iOS 102:41
    Playing audio files on iOS 108:00
    Retro Calculator - Math & logic19:42
    Exercise- Enhancing Calculator1:52
    Size classes on iOS 10 & Xcode 818:03
    Exercise: Auto layout
    Party Rock Mansion Intro Preview1:43
    Party Rock - Designing the UI17:24
    Party Rock - Custom table cells, and data modeling22:39
    Party Rock - Downloading images & async9:21
    Party Rock - Showing Youtube videos in a web view9:28
    Model View Controller (MVC)26:46
    Creating a Progress Bar with PaintCode25:21
  • Data Persistence & Core Data
    Intro to Core Data App1:22
    Why use Core Data3:54
    Core Data Architecture Overview3:59
    DreamLister Part 1 - Creating a Data Model20:30
    DreamLister Part 2 - Designing the Views20:59
    DreamLister Part 3 - Connecting the Views6:09
    DreamLister Part 4 - NSFetchedResultsController22:22
    DreamLister Part 5 - Fetching and Displaying Data16:59
    DreamLister Part 6 - Laying Out the Details Screen14:53
    DreamLister Part 7 - Implementing UIPickerView13:39
    DreamLister Part 8 - Saving Data and Adding Images13:34
    DreamLister Part 9 - Editing Existing Data16:28
    DreamLister Part 10 - Deleting Data and Adding Images18:47
    DreamLister Part 11 - Sorting Data6:56
    DreamLister Part 12 - ItemType Challenge2:27
    Converting Swift 2 to Swift 3 Core Data Project13:38
  • Working With REST & Web Requests on iOS 10 & Swift 3
    How web requests work on iOS 10 Preview17:51
    Understanding JSON on iOS 1010:33
    Rainy Shine - App intro & project creation Preview3:28
    Rainy Shine - Intro to Cocoapods6:13
    Rainy Shine - Installing Cocoapods & Alamofire5:56
    Rainy Shine - Creating the interface with IBOutlets32:25
    Rainy Shine - Table view, delegate, & datasource11:37
    Rainy Shine - OpenWeather API Registration10:09
    Rainy Shine - Data model and constants20:09
    Downloading data from the API with Alamofire13:06
    Rainy Shine - Parse JSON data16:12
    Rainy Shine - Updating UI with data from API8:11
    Rainy Shine - Data modeling & initializing weather Dictionary40:00
    Rainy Shine - IBoutlets & custom weather cell15:36
    Rainy Shine - User location with CLLocationManager27:13
    Pokedex - Intro to App1:15
    Pokedex - Project setup, images, data, github8:16
    Pokedex - Creating a Pokemon class4:36
    Pokedex - Collection view, storyboard layout8:52
    Pokedex - Custom collection view cell7:38
    Pokedex - Collection view delegate, data source, flow layout13:02
    Pokedex - Parsing CSV files12:52
    Pokedex - Audio & custom fonts12:23
    Pokedex - Search bar & search filtering15:27
    Pokedex - Detail Controller & Segue10:04
    Pokedex - Stack view & detail view controller23:13
    Pokedex - IBOutlets & Model changes6:02
    Pokedex - The API, Github, Cocoapods & Alamofire7:22
    Pokedex - Downloading & Parsing Data Part 129:19
    Pokedex - Downloading & Parsing Data Part 216:04
    Pokedex - Finishing the Pokedex28:31
  • Protocol Oriented Programming and Advanced Swift 3
    Intro to Protocol Oriented Programming11:08
    Writing your first protocols20:25
    Creating Protocol Extensions14:53
    Generics & Protocols13:37
    Practical examples using Protocol Oriented Programming83:20
    Recursive Functions13:48
  • iOS 10 Hot New Features
    iOS 10 iMessage Sticker App Extension6:20
    iOS 10 Speech Recognition API45:33
    iOS 10 User Notifications45:33
  • Building Full Stack Apps With Firebase
    Intro to Firebase6:35
    Firebase Push Notifications - Creating the project5:33
    Firebase Push Notifications - Creating a push certificate7:00
    Firebase Push Notifications - Connecting via code to Firebase messaging17:47
    Sorting Data in Firebase28:41
  • Maps, GPS, Geolocation, Pokemon & Firebase
    PokeFinder - Intro to App2:45
    PokeFinder - Custom image for user location16:34
    PokeFinder - Installing Firebase & GeoFire13:02
    PokeFinder - Saving Pokemon to a GPS location19:05
    PokeFinder - Showing Pokemon annotations on the map18:10
    PokeFinder - Location Permissions & Final App8:11
    PokeFinder Exercise
  • Creating A Social Network With Firebase
    Social Network Intro3:40
    Social Network - Firebase Setup37:22
    Social Network - Login UI33:39
    Social Network - Custom Views28:45
    Social Network - Facebook Authentication45:05
    Social Network - Email Authentication with Firebase19:45
    Social Network - Auto sign in with keychain39:18
    Social Network - UI for Social Feed49:16
    Social Network - Table with Custom Cells for Feed22:08
    Social Network - Firebase Data Modeling & Architecture29:49
    Social Network - Creating Database Users for Firebase41:17
    Social Network - Firebase Database18:29
    Social Network - Parsing Firebase Data26:28
    Social Network - Firebase Data in UI13:05
    Social Network - UIPickerView Post to Firebase20:54
    Social Network - Intro to Firebase Storage11:44
    Social Network - Downloading files from Firebase Storage30:56
    Social Network - Uploading files to Firebase29:23
    Social Network - Making a Social Media Post19:27
    Social Network - Firebase Database Relationshiops48:26
    Social Network Exercise11:24
  • Intermediate: Creating a Snapchat Clone With Firebase
    DevChat - Project creating & using Apple's example code16:43
    DevChat - Refactor Apple's code & move IBoutlets13:03
    DevChat - Moving code from Parent Class to Child5:19
    DevChat - How to Create your own Protocol & Delegate25:51
    DevChat - Setting up & installing Firebase5:28
    DevChat - Firebase Data Modeling & App Architecture22:44
    DevChat - Custom Views with IBDesignable & IBInspectable27:35
    DevChat - Login UI & Firebase Authentication9:16
    DevChat - Creating Email Account Users with Firebase19:24
    DevChat - Firebase Authentication Error Handling18:36
    DevChat - How to save Authenticated Users to Firebase12:46
    DevChat - Downloading & Parsing Firebase Users39:10
    DevChat - Firebase Storage - Uploading Videos to Firebase39:32
    DevChat - Sending your first Snap11:33
  • Designing Mobile Apps With Sketch 3
    Sketch UI Overview2:06
    Designing your first App in Sketch12:15
    Basic of Layers11:11
    Understanding Shapes16:16
    Masking & Proportional Scaling7:46
    Styling in Sketch Part 118:08
    Styling in Sketch Part 212:29
    Working with Images7:12
    Typography & Text5:29
    Designing an Instagram Profile Page13:30
    How to Export Graphics4:41
    Rapid Prototyping Apps with Invision14:36
  • Designing A Chat App in Sketch 3
    Intro to App0:33
    Creating the Signup & Login Scree19:24
    Creating the Inbox37:44
    New Messages UI23:06
    Creating the Chat UI19:42
    Creating the Settings Screen15:57
  • Designing An Social Media App in Sketch 3
    Intro to App0:32
    Creating the Login Screen12:48
    Creating the Email Signup UI7:43
    Designing the Home Scree24:19
    Creating the Post Screen19:13
  • Objective-C & Swift 3: Getting Started
    Build an iOS App in Objective-C5:48
    Anatomy of an Objective-C file9:26
    Objective-C Properties & Instance Variables11:07
    Objective-C Getters & Setters12:09
    Objective-C Pointers5:53
    Objective-C Strings with NSString20:53
    Objective-C Numbers17:21
  • A Deeper Look Into Objective-C
    Objective-C Conditionals & Bools7:05
    Objective-C Methods34:43
    Objective-C NSArray & NSMutableArray12:07
    Objective-C NSDictionary & NSMutableDictionary12:17
    Objective-C Loops & fast Enumeration4:39
    Objective-C Object Oriented Programming9:47
    Exercise: RTFD
  • Advanced Objective-C
    Objective-C Weak vs Strong & Retain Cycles15:40
    Objective-C Initializers11:44
    Objective-C Nullability11:33
    Objective-C Categories9:04
    Objective-C Interoperability11:28
  • Objective-C Building A Tutorial & Youtube App
    Objective-C Project Creation & Singleton10:05
    Objective-C Creating our Node Server & Designing the API20:12
    Objective-C NSUrlSession, Blocks & talking to the Server22:54
    Objective-C Storyboards, IBOutlets & Custom Table View Cells16:09
    Objective-C Table Views & Implementing a Protocol16:33
    Objective-C IBOutlets & showing Data in Cells10:29
    Objective-C UIWebView, Loading HTML, CSS & Javascript & Playing Youtube Videos25:58
    Source Code
    Creating a Post Request from Objective-C17:57
    Exercise: Extending the App
  • Design, Provisioning, Testing, and iOS 10 App Submission
    Designing an iOS App in Photoshop25:18
    3 Reasons its Important to Design your first App4:29
    How to design an iOS app with Sketch for Beginners23:39
    Exporting 1x, 2x, & 3x images in Photoshop14:30
    Creating Screenshots for App Store Submission8:01
    Rapid Prototyping iOS Apps with Invision14:36
    All about iOS 10 Provisioning10:20
    Installing Development Certificates & Profiles13:30
    Installing Production Certificates & Profiles9:56
    Adding External Beta Testers5:15

iOS 10 & Swift 3: From Beginner to Paid Professional


Mark Price is a veteran mobile developer, having built over 57 mobile apps for iOS and Android. He owned two tech consulting companies that were highly successful. He has worked on Call of Duty and other top titles and companies, such as Logitech, Yellow Pages, the LDS Church, Cookie Dough Bites, and many more.

He spends most of his days now as a professional engineering instructor - changing the lives of students throughout the world - going from being broke to making up to 85k+ a year within 6 months.

His passion is helping people reveal hidden talents and guide them into the world of startups and programming.


250 hours. That's what you're getting with this course. 250 hours of comprehensive, hands-on coding bootcamp to get you up to speed with Apple's newest releases, iOS 10 and Swift 3. Regardless of your iOS programming skill level, this massive course will give you the instruction and practice you need to start taking advantage of the new features in iOS 10 and Swift 3. Before you know it, you'll be coding in your sleep, and rolling in the dough.

  • Access 70 lectures & 250 hours of content 24/7
  • Build iOS 10 & Swift 3 apps from scratch
  • Understand & work fluently w/ Swift 3 & iOS 10 programming & basic algorithms
  • Learn how to apply to Jr. iOS development jobs & work as an iOS contractor
  • Submit apps to the App Store


Details & Requirements

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion not included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: all levels


  • Mac


  • Instant digital redemption
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