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Get $1 credit for every $25 spent!
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It's Monday morning and you open up your email inbox. If your first reaction is to scream and run for the hills, you need SaneBox. This revolutionary app analyzes your past email interactions to figure out what’s important and then moves all the unimportant emails into a separate folder to be summarized later. SaneBox works everywhere you check your email – on any provider, client or device, so you don’t have to change anything. And best of all, it's got tons of other features to help you bring your inbox to ZERO... at least until tomorrow. If it wasn't good enough, it also lets you snooze non-urgent emails, unsubscribe with 1 click, notifies you when people ignore your emails and moves incoming attachments to Dropbox. Its got everything you need to be the boss of your inbox.


SaneBox is like a super-smart secretary who’s been with you for years and knows exactly what’s important to you. Now it's up to you to sit back relax and slowly filter through your IMPORTANT emails. With glowing reviews in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Forbes, you can rest assured that your inbox will leave you stress-free and more productive. TOP FEATURES
  • Filters unimportant emails out of your inbox based on your past interactions with your email (we only look at headers, never the content)
  • 1-click unsubscribe
  • Snooze non-urgent emails until later
  • Notifications when people ignore your emails
  • Move attachments to Dropbox/Box and replace them with a link
  • Monitors your Spam folder for false positives
  • Filters out annoying auto-responses


“SaneBox is the best solution to email overload! Simple, flexible, I could never go back to the old technology” - Tony Robbins “Love SaneBox. Thanks for building an awesome email product! I tried everything, SaneBox is the only one that actually works” - Hiten Shah "SaneBox is the single best product for reducing email noise that I have ever used. Incredible. Seriously, try it” - Dave Morin, CEO of Path “@sanebox changed my life. Now, email works for and not against me. Try it, you’ll feel the same way” - Brian Norgard, CEO of


  • Works with any Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and any other provider, client or device


  • Get $25 Off 1 Year of SaneBox Lunch Plan - Buy a 1 Year SaneBox Lunch Plan Subscription and get $25 off your purchase after your 14-day FREE trial.
  • Email Accounts - Works for 2 Email accounts
  • SaneBox Features - You will receive 250 SaneAttachments and 250 SaneReminders per month
  • Lunch Plan Support - You will be provided with email service support
  • Optional Features - You can select 5 EXTRA optional features to use with your SaneBox subscription


  • No refunds, all sales are final
  • This software is downloaded through the SaneBox Website and gives you $25 off your purchase of a 1 year Lunch Plan subscription after your 14-day trial is up.
  • SaneBox will take your credit card information after your year trial is up.
  • Software includes all minor upgrades
  • Upon purchase you need to follow the redemption instructions located in your account to activate your software
  • The listed deal price is in US Dollars (USD)