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Soji Smart Bath Towel (Black/3-Pack)
Soji Smart Bath Towel (Black/3-Pack)
Soji Smart Bath Towel (Black/3-Pack)
Soji Smart Bath Towel (Black/3-Pack)
Soji Smart Bath Towel (Black/3-Pack)
Soji Smart Bath Towel (Black/3-Pack)
Soji Smart Bath Towel (Black/3-Pack)
Soji Smart Bath Towel (Black/3-Pack)
Soji Smart Bath Towel (Black/3-Pack)
Soji Smart Bath Towel (Black/3-Pack)
Soji Smart Bath Towel (Black/3-Pack)

Soji Smart Bath Towel (Black/3-Pack)

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Crafted with All-Natural Bamboo Fiber, This Oversized, Machine Washable Bath Towel Bundle Has Antibacterial & Anti-Odor Properties


Soji is a one-of-a-kind bamboo towel, soft to your every touch. With silver infusion, Soji has the ability to self-clean and make sure that it stays fresh after multiple uses. Musty towels will not be part of your worries anymore! It's hard to get out of a steamy hot shower. Soji silver-infused towels make it a little easier. Soft, fluffy, and oversized, Soji towels will leave you with the cleanest, freshest feeling. Made from proprietary bamboo fibers, Soji towels are naturally antibacterial and moisture-wicking. The naturally antibacterial silver-infused threads also help to eliminate any unwanted odors, keeping your towels fresh for longer. Constructed into a twisted weave that is hyper absorbent and quick-drying, Soji towels will have you feeling like you're staying in a five-star hotel.

  • Antibacterial. Pure silver eliminates 99.9% of bacterial growth
  • Anti-odor. Kills odor-causing microbes so your towel stays fresher for longer
  • 5-star hotel quality. Pure silver fused with bamboo fibers for the softest, cleanest, most huggable towel ever made
  • Luxuriously soft. 600-thread count ultra-fine and luxuriously smooth bamboo threads
  • Quick-drying. Dries 3x faster than regular towels
  • Hyper-absorbent. Absorbs 5x its weight in water
  • Made sustainably. Twisted yarn weave and signature stitching ensure Soji gets fluffier over time without piling or fraying
  • 3-pack bundle. Get 3 Soji Smart Bath Towels



  • Color: black
  • Material: natural bamboo fiber
  • Dimension: 30" x 58"
  • Weight: 1lb
  • Antibacterial and odor eliminating silver infused
  • Hyper-absorbent moisture-wicking ultra-fine bamboo threading
  • Ultra bamboo that gets softer after every wash
  • Oversized
  • Machine washable
  • Quick-drying
  • Ultra-dense


  • 3x Soji Smart Bath Towels (Black)


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  • Expected Delivery: Jul 1 - Jul 10


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