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  • Introduction
    Instructor Introductions: Why Learn From Us?
    Read This First!
    Industry Overview: Why There is so Much Opportunity
    Content Overview: This is What You Will Learn
  • Understanding Credit
    Introduction and Content Overview
    Introduction to Sustainable Credit Managment
    Understanding your Credit Score & Credit Report
    The Real Impact of Opening and Closing Accounts
    Improving your Credit Score
    Credit Management Resources
  • Cards & Points
    Introduction & Content Overview
    Types of Points
    Ways to Earn Points
    Credit Card Signup Offers
    Credit Card Products
  • Application Principles
    Introduction & Content Overview
    Pre-Application Review
    Getting the Right Mix of Banks and Points
    Intro to Business Card Applications
    Executing Applications
    Requesting Reconsideration
    Reconsideration Call 1: Delta Gold Business
    Reconsideration Call 2: AMEX Business Gold
    Tracking your Application Data
  • Credit Card Account Management
    Introduction and Content Overview
    Payment Automation and Account Monitoring
    Managing Credit Card Spend (Part I)
    Managing Credit Card Spend (Part II)
    Annual Fee Negotiations
    Executing Annual Fee Negotiations
    Annual Fee Negotiating Call 1: 10K Extra Points
    Annual Fee Negotiating Call 2: Annual Fee Waived + Extra Points
    Annual Fee Negotiating Call 3: Card Downgraded to No-Fee Card
  • Credit Card Benefits
    Introduction & Content Overview
    Cardmember Bill of Rights
    Price Protection, Purchase Protection and Extended Warranty
    Travel Insurance
    Airline and Hotel Benefits
    Miscellaneous Benefits
  • Loyalty Account Management
    Introduction & Content Overview
    Setting up Award Wallet
    Preventing Your Points From Expiring
    Portfolio Management Principles
    Maximizing Program Benefits
  • Airlines
    Introduction & Content Overview
    Alliances and Non-Alliance Partnerships
    Routes & Hubs
    Understanding Lounge Access
    Avoiding Fuel Surcharges
  • Loyalty Programs
    Introduction & Content Overview
    General Program Rules
    Award Availability
    Partner Awards
    Award Pricing
    Routing Rules
    Booking Rules
    Transferable Currency Rules
    Key Takeaways: Loyalty Programs (Coming soon)
  • Booking Award Tickets
    Introduction & Content Overview
    Where to find Award Availability
    Basic Research Strategies
    Advanced Research Strategies
    Seat Research
    Post Confirmation Checklist
  • Bonuses
    Bonus 1: Get any of my other courses for $10!

How to See the World Smarter, Safer & Without Putting Off Your Student Loans


Jasper Ribbers and Erik Paquet both have a wealth of knowledge and experience on the topic of travel hacking. Jasper has been traveling full-time for over five years and has flown around the world one year without paying for a single flight, using frequent flyer points. Erik runs an online business that manages clients award point portfolios. He has helped thousands of people earn free flights and free upgrades to business and first class flights.


No longer will you wistfully daydream about jet-setting to your dream locale, whether it be Asia, Latin America or beyond. From signing up for the best travel rewards credit cards to circumventing annual card fee payments, you'll learn the secrets to flying anywhere on the cheap from instructors who are themselves experienced travel hackers.

  • Book free flights using airline loyalty points w/ 6 hours of content
  • Sign up for the best travel rewards credit cards
  • Get your credit card apps approved
  • Have banks waive your annual credit card fees
  • Maintain a stellar credit score
  • Pay less while traveling more


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