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Get $1 credit for every $25 spent!
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Sidekick auto-adjusts various laptop system preferences and application settings as you move it to new locations. Customize what you want adjusted and where, from changing your volume to configuring your default printer, and much more.
  • Save battery by only keeping Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled when needed
  • Launch and close applications
  • Automatically connect to a specific server
  • Start an iTunes playlist as you arrive home
  • Run a command (i.e. run shell scripts automatically when you start your work day)
  • Switch your iChat status when you're at home
  • Change your time zone


  • Mac, running 10.7.3 or later


  • Restrictions: license can be used on multiple Macs, by 1 user only
  • Updates included: minor updates


  • Instant digital download