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You already power your phones and tablets with USB, now you can power guitar pedals, amps, synths, and whatever else you need on the fly. No more lost inspiration, replacing batteries or looking for a plug socket. Ripcord gives you get the freedom to play wherever you are. It has a USB A Male power input and a barrel tip output end that connects to any DC power port. With Ripcord, you can power from your laptop, phone charger, USB power bank – or even from your Android phone.

  • Power your gear from a USB port
  • Get rid of the buzzes & hums caused by poorly-earthed mains electricity
  • Power more than 1 device at once from Ripcord w/ a daisy chain
  • Safely connect gears & devices thanks to Ripcord's CE & RoHS certified


  • Ripcord 5V USB to 12V DC Center Positive Power Cable
    • Voltage output: 12V
    • Max amperage output: 750mA
  • Ripcord 5V USB to 9V DC Center Negative Power Cable
    • Voltage output: 9V
    • Max amperage output: 1,000mA
  • Cable length: 4.9 ft (1.5 m)
  • Power input: 5V USB 1.0, 2.0, 3.0
  • Power output: 9W max
  • Barrel size: 5mm inner diameter/ 2.1mm inner diameter, right-angled tip
  • Safety & certification
    • Over-voltage protection
    • Over-current protection
    • Over-temperature protection
    • Short-circuit protection
    • CE-certified
    • RoHS-certified
    • FCC-certified


  • Each cable is compatible with devices that of:
    1. Same DC voltage
    2. Same polarity
    3. Equal than or less than current requirement
    4. Same tip size


  • myVolts Ripcord 5V USB to 9V center negative DC power cable
  • myVolts Ripcord 5V USB to 12V DC center positive power cable


  • Ships Internationally
  • Expected Delivery: Aug 8 - Aug 15
  • Expected International Delivery: Aug 12 - Aug 15


  • Standard 30-day return policy