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Learn How to Create Game-Changing Demo Videos

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“These might be my favorite instructional videos ever.” – Ashton Kutcher

Take it from pretty boy and newly-minted Silicon Valley startup investor Ashton Kutcher…today’s offer is a zinger!

If your company doesn’t have a demo video, it’s missing out on THE MOST EFFECTIVE way to convert those visitors into lifetime-long customers – by up to 400%.

To create a professionally made, HIGH-QUALITY video like this would typically run you at least $5,000…but with StackSocial, you don’t need $5,000 to compete with the big boys.

Instead of spending SEVERAL THOUSAND dollars to get a demo made for your startup or small business, all it will cost you is $79 to learn the SECRETS of how to do it yourself.

The instructor, Miguel Hernandez is renowned in the startup community for his ability to create PHENOMENAL demo vids and has over a decade’s worth of experience.

Not enough proof?

He’s created videos for Hipmunk, inDinero, Ashton Kutcher, and many more.

With this offer you’re going to get more than 10 hours of pure genius distilled into 98 online lectures. If you still have any doubts, we’ll give you 30 days to try it out and if it’s not for you, we’ll REFUND your every cent.

This alone should speak for itself.

Why should you make a great demo video?:

• Promote your startup and explain your services quickly and concisely
• Increase your conversion rates by up to 400%
• Keep your information pages clutter-free
• Use your demo video as an elevator pitch to raise capital

What you’ll learn:

• Scriptwriting – Learn to create simple, compelling, effective scripts in less than 2 hours
• Animating – Learn to create awesome animations quickly and cheaply
• Voice over – Learn how to record great voice over audio with no budget
• Editing – Learn how to put animation, audio, sound, all together with Final Cut or iMovie
• Promoting – Learn great social media marketing techniques to promote your video
• And much more…


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