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Product Details

The Bogdan Rosu Collection

Over 1400 Crisp, Simple & Ultra Communicative Icons

By Bogdan Rosu | in Design


This collection includes icons covering a huge variety of concepts.

“Blockies” contains 140 vector icons with an awesome retro blocky look in 4 different color schemes.

“Sympletts” has 500+ elegant and minimalistic stroke vector icons. They include real stroke files, so you can adjust the line width yourself with just a few clicks. This collection also includes 500+ raster only icons covering a wide variety of categories including eCommerce, UI, multimeida, devices, gaming, banking, office, telecom and more.

The “Flaterrifics” bundle comes complete with over 300 unique vector icons, illustrations and glphys in 3 different color schemes. Packs included in the bundle are: “Base Pack,” “Wedding and Travel,” and “Babies and Kids.”


This collection sets you up with a huge variety of icons which can be used for both digital and print projects. From minimalistic banking icons to adorable babies, Bogdan Rosu has you covered.


  • Thousands of high quality icons, illustrations and glphys
  • A variety of color schemes
  • Multiple file formats
  • 3 distinctly different styles
  • All images are vectors and are thus easy to resize, edit and re-color


  • Adobe Creative Suite, or any other vector or raster editing program capable of importing the file types above


“These are awesome!” – Codesion UK

“Great job. There are a lot of these out there, but [these] have a personal touch!” – Epic Coders

“Very very nice set, looking forward to use them!” – Ptrc Blk


  • Please see the complete license information here

The Huge Flat + Line Icon Pack

You Get 1,500 Colorful Flat Icons and 1,000 Vector Line Icons

By RoundIcons | in Design


This is an enormous pack of 2,500 awesome, high quality icons – talk about bang for your buck.

Add some serious flair to your site with 1,500 bright and detailed flat icons covering topics ranging from travel and fashion to technology and food. All of the icons are vectors and come in 5 different sizes as well as multiple formats (Ai, PSD, SVG, EPS 10 and PNG). All are layered, and therefore highly customizable, so you’re free to tweak the colors, sizes, etc to fit your needs.

As if that isn’t enough, you also get 1,000 vector line icons. These too cover a wide array of topics, and come in SVG format as well as in 3 different PNG sizes. Because they are designed in line style, it’s simple to adjust and customize the thickness of the lines at any time.


Aside from the absolutely massive selection offered by this icon pack, the best feature has to be the ease with which these icons can be customized. Both packs contain all vector images as well as multiple file formats and allow you to re-color, morph and resize them in any way you want.

This deal also includes free updates as they are released, and as a bonus, the folks at RoundIcons have included a code for an extra 30% off of other icon packs on their site.


  • 2500 high quality vector icons
  • Free updates
  • Fully customizable
  • Multiple file types
  • Several size options


  • Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator


“This is stunning! Love every single one of them!” – Chris Edwards

“These icons are awesome! I bought them for the variety of categories and their beautiful design. I love that they come in different formats and sizes, makes them great time savers.” – Isaac Quezada

“There’s plenty of variety and detail here while still remaining simple enough to be an ‘icon.’” – Hyun Kim


  • You may:
    • Use these files for your own personal & commercial projects
    • Get unlimited updates & unlimited project use
  • You may not:
    • Resell, sublicense, rent or transfer the icons. This includes detaching these icons from a product, software application or web page
    • Modify or alter any of the icons for the purpose of resale or sublicense.
    • Provide the icons in any type of downloadable format
    • Incorporate the icons into any other existing copyrighted image
    • Incorporate the icons in the use of any libelous, defamatory, or otherwise illegal content
  • All icons are provided as-is without any warranty, express or implied

The Classic & Simple Icon + Button Collection

Over 500 Colorful, Royalty-Free Icons For Apps, Software, Web Sites & More

By IconDrawer | in Design


This detailed and varied asset kit includes over 500 colorful buttons, simple black and white icons and highly detailed ‘classic’ icons.

The assets come in PNG or EPS format as well as a number of diverse size options.


These royalty-free, high quality stock icons will give your website, UI or presentation a professional sheen to help you impress your audience and attain great success.


  • Over 500 icons and buttons
  • Various sizes and file formats
  • Highly detailed and unique
  • A selection of both colorful as well as black and white icons


“Very usable and nicely drawn icon set.” – Petr Bastan

“Nice collection :)” – Vinay Mittal


  • All icons remain the property of
  • You can use the icons royalty-free for any personal or commercial project
  • The license does not permit the following uses:
    • Sub-licensing, reselling, renting, transferring, or otherwise making the icons available for use
    • Placement of the icons on any electronic bulletin boards
    • Making available in any downloadable format
    • Use of the icons in any web template including those that are web based but not limited to website designs and presentation templates
    • Use of the icons to create pornographic, libelous, obscene or defamatory material
  • All icons are provided “As is.” You agree not to hold liable for any damages that may occur during the use, or inability to use, icons or image data from

Selections From The Pix3lize Shop

Get Over 1,100 Icons, PSDs, Avatars and Characters - Designed By Benjamin Tortorelli

By Pix3lize | in Design


Benjamin Tortorelli creates designs with passionate attention to detail and love in every pixel. This vibrant selection of assets from his store includes flat/line icon sets, characters, avatars and more.

You can easily use these graphics on your website, app or newsletter as icons, illustrations, team member representations, mascots, testimonials and pretty much anything else you can dream up.


These icons are colorful, high quality and honestly, pretty fun. Implement them anywhere to add some creative flair to your digital projects.


  • 146 Flat Icons
  • 170 Flat Square Icons
  • 35 Flat User Icons
  • 27 Fresh Fantasy Characters
  • 36 Modern Samurai Characters
  • 500 Outstanding Line Icons
  • 170 Trendy Flat Icons
  • 30 Fresh & Modern Avatars
  • Launcher | Flat Mobile UI Kit


  • You can use these assets with Illustrator, Photoshop (CS3+) or “as is” (no software)
  • Regarding “Launcher” (the Mobile UI Kit), you need to have Photoshop in order to customize files


“Absolutely stunning work…” – Vinay Mittal

“Wow! So nice!” – Trinh Mai

“Great! So cool :)” – Vitek Prchal


  • You can:
    • Use the assets in your personal, professional, internal, editorial & client projects
    • Use the Assets for viewing purposes only. Not designed or intended for re-use in any online distribution system (including websites) at a resolution greater than 640×480 pixels (72dpi)
    • Make one copy of the Assets solely for backup or archival purposes or transfer the assets to a single hard drive, provided that you keep the original and accompanying documentation in your possession
    • Enter projects into contests, film festivals, publications and or exhibitions that use the assets in the permitted listed methods
    • Make modifications or alterations to the Assets (changing the color, size, orientation and shape)
  • Any limitations on use?
    • You can use the assets in commercial projects. However, you can’t resell / give away the assets as is

Icons For Web: 720 Shapes By ICONDEVS

Premium Vector Photoshop Icons Crafted With Usability In Mind

By ICONDEVS | in Design


These icons are perfect for apps or projects of any kind. They were meticulously shaped with usability and consistency in mind and cover a wide range of topics.

This pack includes 720 vector PSDs as well as all future updates of the icon set.


If you are looking for a simple, well made and comprehensive icon set then look no further. The expert designers at ICONDEVS put this set together with great care and obsessive attention to making them as usable and flexible as possible.


  • 720 vector icons
  • Tons of categories covered
  • Includes all future updates


  • Adobe Photoshop


  • All icons remain property of IconDevs after purchase of a royalty-free license. This license grants you permission to use these files within your own personal and commercial projects.
  • You may not:
    1. Resell, sublicense, rent, transfer, or otherwise make available for use without express written permission from IconDevs. This also includes detaching these icons from a product, software application or web page.
    2. Modify or alter any of our icons or other material for the purpose of resale or sublicense.
    3. Provide the icons in any type of downloadable format.
    4. Incorporate the icons into any other existing copyrighted image.
    5. Incorporate the icons in the use of any libelous, defamatory, or otherwise illegal content.
  • All icons are provided as-is without any warranty, express or implied.


  • All sales are final
  • Instant digital download
  • The listed deal price is in US Dollars (USD)