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Product Details

Mini Design Bundle Logos & Icons

Jazz Up Your Designs with Hundreds of Logos, Templates & More

By macappware | in Design

This design bundle will augment and expedite your creative process, whether you’re tinkering with a webpage mockup or drafting an event poster. From ready-to-use mobile app icons to background textures, you’ll have no shortage of resources with which to create stunning work and knock your creative projects out of the park.

  • Use ready-made logos, logo graphics, website buttons, icons & more
  • Choose from 4 icon sets: mobile, application, Web & general
  • Take advantage of royalty-free commercial use privileges
  • Access both original source files & high-res image formats
  • Easily enhance your personal or professional projects

Details & Requirements

  • Icon sets:
    • Contain the original AI & EPS source files to edit as needed
    • Include transparent PNG versions of each icon in these pixel dimensions: 16×16, 32×32, 64×64, 128×128, 256×256, 512×512 &1024×1024
    • Mobile, Application & Web icon sets include both Active & Regular states
  • Logo templates, website buttons & price boxes: come in PSD format
  • Talk bubbles: come in PSD & high-res transparent PNG format
  • Background textures: come in high-res JPEG & PSD formats


  • 100+ high-resolution logo objects (transparent PNGs)
  • 50+ fully layered logo templates (PSDs)
  • 1 Apple-centric e-commerce button set in layered PSD format
  • 20+ backgrounds in high-res JPEG format w/ original layered PSDs
  • 20+ talk bubbles in high-res PNG format w/ original layered PSDs
  • 1 price box set in layered PSD format
  • 4 icon sets w/ 700+ total icons (original AI files, as well as EPS & transparent PNG formats)


  • Operating system requirement:
    • Mac OS X
    • Windows XP or newer
  • Adobe Photoshop required (for PSD & EPS files)
  • Adobe Illustrator required (for AI files) Icons, Vectors, Glyphs & More

Build Your Apps & Websites with Thousands of Pro-Quality Graphics

By | in Design

Gain access to the full portfolio available on, the project of Germany-based designer Jack H. Lande. With flat design, glyphs, icons, illustrations, UI kits, vectors, and more—the sleek and minimal designs will complement any and all of your future projects.

  • Utilize the classic aesthetics & timeless look of flat vectors
  • Receive assets in PSD, AI, EPS & PNG file formats
  • Customize graphics or use as is
  • Adjust the sizes to fit any device or platform
  • Receive fully developed UI kits to seamlessly create websites

Details & Requirements

View all included assets here.


  • Internet required

Tom Anders Graphics & Templates

Access Unique Graphics from This Top-Selling Designer's Collection

By Tomanders | in Design

Tom Anders Watkins is a passionate creative who’s work has been among the top three-selling products on Creative Market’s immense marketplace As a designer, illustrator, and photographer, Tom is able to turn out fresh design assets that are sure to add a rare, unique touch to your work. This purchase includes his entire collection featured on Creative Market, so you can utilize everything from logos to photos to templates.

  • Speed up your workflow w/ high-quality logo templates
  • Edit assets in Photoshop & Illustrator
  • Utilize film & photo effects to transform images in a click
  • Spruce up Facebook pages w/ epic Timeline Covers
  • Convert images to gorgeous black & white pieces of art w/ premium handmade actions

Details & Requirements

Offer includes all assets found here.


  • Internet required

Retro & Vintage Illustrations

Turn Back the Clock with These Classic Graphics

By Pier Francesco Martini | in Design

These professionally crafted graphics do more than just look great, they conjure up a sense of nostalgia. From images of Coat of Arms to retro figure illustrations to vintage accessories, this set of graphics will provide the old-time splash you need for your next project.

  • Choose from 3 volumes of Coat of Arms
  • Embellish your projects w/ elegant laurels
  • Add a pocket watch or vintage trunk—or use a variety of other throwback accessories
  • Utilize retro frames & banners
  • Add decorations w/ flower & ornament graphics

Details & Requirements

View the below graphics here.


  • 100 Retro Figures Vol. 2
  • 100 Retro Figures Vol. 3
  • 26 Old Laurels
  • 10 Old Laurels Vol. 2
  • 150 Coat of Arms Bundle
  • 25 Coat of Arms Vol. 1
  • 25 Coat of Arms Vol. 2
  • 25 Coat of Arms Vol. 3
  • 50 Vintage Objects
  • 50 Old Food Elements
  • 40 Frames & Banners
  • 50 Vintage Ornaments
  • 60 Retro Figures
  • 50 Flower Decorations


  • Internet required

View license details here.

Creativenauts Layers, Patterns & Add-Ons

Take Your Projects to the Next Level with Thousands of Design Files

By Creativenauts | in Design

Why design every single aspect of your creative work from scratch, when you can bolster your projects with this collection of thousands of top-notch design assets? Whether you’re applying special text effects or lacing your work with intricate patterns, you’ll find yourself turning out professional-quality work more effortlessly than you ever thought possible.

  • Embellish your projects w/ ready-made add-ons, graphics, templates & themes
  • Choose from a variety of collections: vintage text effects, gold patterns, etc.
  • Easily customize templates to your preference
  • Save time & money on your design work without compromising quality
  • Troubleshoot issues w/ top-notch customer support


  • Adobe Photoshop required (for EPS files)
  • Adobe Illustrator required (for AI files)
  • You can use the design assets however you want, but you can’t resell, repackage, and/or redistribute them
  • Buyer protection guarantee: contact Creativenauts if you’re unhappy w/ any product & you’ll receive, at no cost, any product you choose of equal or lesser value from the Creative shop

Frisk Mockups, Frames & Vectors

Effortlessly Craft Beautiful Designs Using Over 120 Sets of Add-Ons, Graphics, Templates & Fonts

By Frisk Web | in Design

This is the design asset collection to end all collections: hundreds of sets of add-ons, graphics, and more, comprised of thousands of individual files ready for immediate implementation. Whether utilizing custom Photoshop brushes or ready-made vector images, you’ll find yourself ready to crush through your design projects with this repository of premium design assets.

  • Access over 120 sets of add-ons, graphics, templates & fonts
  • Choose from a variety of assets: wood type Photoshop brushes, craft designs, etc.
  • Give your creative projects that extra kick
  • Spend less time toiling over small details & focus more on big picture design decisions

Details & Requirements

View the below assets here.


  • ‘Wallderful’ Frames Mockups
  • ‘Wallderful’ Horizontal Frames Mockups
  • Print Mockups
  • 45 Frame Mockups
  • 40+ Vector Caption Tables Set
  • 54 Connecting Words Vectors


  • Adobe Photoshop required (for EPS files)
  • Adobe Illustrator required (for AI files)

Themes Awesome: 4 WordPress Themes

Stand Out from the Crowd with Hand-Crafted WordPress Themes

By Themes Awesome | in Design

Creating a WordPress theme from scratch is a long and tedious process—but free themes can be unattractive or too basic. With Themes Awesome, you can seamlessly avoid both options and turn to handmade themes that will give your site the look you want with minimal effort. Choose from four sophisticated themes, or use them all, and start impressing users with your gorgeous sites today.

  • Weh: a clean, light & simple theme w/ an emphasis on mixed media and typography
  • Matraman: a carefully crafted, tasteful theme w/ bright color & a grid layout for easy reading
  • Kerinci: a minimalist blogging theme perfect for all kinds of magazines, news websites, personal blogs, journals, etc.
  • Munding: an extremely flexible, responsive theme that scales images, videos & text for all devices

Details & Requirements

  • View Weh in action here
  • View Matraman in action here.
  • View Kerinci in action here.
  • View Munding in action here.


  • Internet required
  • WordPress site required

Lil Squid Icons & Graphics

Power Your Projects with 13 Sets of Premium Icons, Images & More

By Lil Squid | in Design

Take your designs from solid to spectacular by utilizing this collection spanning 13 sets of premium icons, images, and more. Whether refining a webpage UI, drafting mobile wireframes, or creating a flyer, you’ll be empowered to craft polished projects guaranteed to dazzle your audience beyond your wildest dreams.

  • Embellish your designs w/ 13 sets of icons, images, UI layouts & more
  • Create polished, easily navigable pages for Web & mobile
  • Craft dynamic graphics certain to engage viewers
  • Spend less time on designs without diminishing quality


  • Adobe Photoshop required (for EPS files)
  • Adobe Illustrator required (for AI files)
  • Sketch required (for Sketch files)

Set of 1,075 Icons from Icons Solid

Never Lose a Pixel with These Customizable Icons

By Vectorain | in Design

Designing for multiple mobile platforms? Icons Solid’s assets are created with a variety of pixel sizes, so vectors will look nothing short of perfect no matter the phone on hand. With nine different file types offered, you’re sure to have what you need to conquer any project.

  • Search icons based on category: places, people, objects, security, social, SEO, etc.
  • Choose from file types: PNG, AI, SVG, PNG, PSD
  • Utilize vectors that are iOS & Android ready
  • Enjoy royalty-free licenses on all vectors
  • Select from multiple size choices to guarantee pixel perfection

Details & Requirements

View all icons included here.


  • Internet required
  • iOS, Android & WP ready


  • All sales final
  • Instant digital redemption
  • Not for commercial use. No reselling allowed