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Paw 2 has redefined the way you test HTTP requests on your Mac. Easily craft HTTP requests, try them, archive them. Setup HTTP Headers, URL parameters, form-encoded POST key-values or text. Get easy-to-read responses with well formatted headers and body. The best part? It learns from your entries for URLs, headers, URL parameters and Form-Encoded or Multipart body. It also suggests Dynamic Values such as OAuth, HTTP Basic Auth, Cookies and more.


Working in the Terminal is not everyone’s favorite option, and that’s why the very powerful VIM and Emacs found TextMate, Sublime and now Atom as competitors. Today, cURL is the main option for testing HTTP requests, and it’s still used as a command-line interface by many. Paw 2 gives a new native Mac interface to HTTP testing. TOP FEATURES
  • Smart Autocompletion - Paw has a rich database of HTTP headers, and it learns from your entries for URLs, headers, URL parameters and Form-Encoded or Multipart body
  • Code generation - The copy/paste to cURL feature of Paw 1 has been extended and now can generate native Objective-C (using either NSURLConnection or AFNetworking), Python, Ruby, jQuery with Ajax or PHP
  • Order & Sort Requests - Create groups to make requests together, or trust Paw and automatically group requests by Host, Response Status Code or HTTP Verb/Method
  • Response Formatting - Responses are automatically formatted and colored (JSON, XML, HTML, RSS...)
  • Dynamic Values - Make your requests smarter, you can ask Paw to compute OAuth 1 or Amazon S3 signatures, generate a nonce for you, parse the JSON/XML response from another request to reuse a value from it, and many more dynamic possibilities
  • Smart Warnings - If you make something obviously wrong or strange, it will warn you and often suggest some way to fix the issue (for example, if you send a body in a GET request, it will suggest to change it to POST)
  • Keyboard Shortcuts - Don't waste time anymore with a mouse, Paw is built with a few easy-to-learn shortcuts to save you time


Average Mac App Store Rating: 4.7 stars "I have tried, I think, every HTTP client for REST API testing on the App Store, and several more that are not -- I do a lot of work with RESTful APIs. After using Paw for 15 minutes, my reaction was "WOW". It's not that Paw does things that others don't do, it's just that it gets everything just right." - (5/5) App Store User Review "I've used Paw back in the 1.0 version days... [it] was featured, but Paw 2 is something else. I'd say at least four time as many features with just as much attention to detail as the previous version... The app can even extract a value out of the JSON response of one request and use it in the parameters of another request. If that's not cool, I don't know what is." - (5/5) App Store User Review


  • OS X 10.7 Lion or newer
  • 64-bits Intel processor
  • English only


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