Music Composition with the Piano: Ultimate Keyboard Theory Course

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109 Lessons (7h)

  • Your First Program
  • 1. Introduction
    Overview of the Course5:10
  • 2. Up & Running with Chords & Melodies
    The Grid3:38
    The Chromatic Scale4:14
    Creating a Major Key5:37
    Creating Chords Inside of a Key8:22
    Naming Notes on the Piano5:46
    Ambient Track Assignment1:44
    Ambient Track Example5:18
  • 3. Gravity: Harmonic Centers
    Establishing 'Gravity' With Keys3:59
    The Circle of fifths | Major Key Gravity7:15
    Creating a Minor Scale5:01
    Circle of fifths | Minor Key Gravity5:25
    Learning all Keys4:17
    Transposing Chords & Melodies4:09
    Get Composing!10:16
  • 4. Piano Technique: The Key to Fluency
    Technique & Fluency at the Piano5:57
    Hand positions & fingerings7:20
    Wandering hands backing tracks0:26
    Wandering Hands Example Track12:42
  • 5. Diatonic Harmony: Chords & Progressions Inside Keys
    Introduction to Chords in a Key8:43
    Analysing 1000+ Tunes4:12
    Common Chord Progressions10:15
    30% Different2:31
    Chord 5 in Minor4:19
    Harmony Cheat Sheet!1:55
  • 6. Melody Over Harmony
    Tension & Resolution3:23
    Chord tones3:08
    Non-chord Tones3:22
    The Feelings of Different Intervals8:31
    Layering & Overlapping6:20
    Non-diatonic Tones3:07
    The Pentatonic Scale3:58
  • 7. Structuring Harmony: Extending & Creating New Harmonic Sections
    Roman Numerals3:29
    Harmonic Structure3:12
    Repeating Harmony5:20
    Repeating Harmony Example Track5:00
    Small Changes in Harmony3:33
    Varying Your Bass Lines3:47
    Modulation | New Centres of Gravity7:30
    3 Different Sections Example Track1:55
  • 8. Chord Voicings & Arrangement
    Introduction to Voicing2:34
    Examples of Arpeggiation in Context8:00
    Closed & Open Position Chords2:29
    Chord Inversions4:20
    Doubling Notes8:33
    Dropping Notes2:20
    Voice Leading7:50
    Grace Notes2:27
    Accompaniment Assignment4:49
    Accompaniment for Singers Example2:22
    Orchestral String Writing Assignment2:35
    Orchestral String Writing Example1:46
    Another Example of Voice Leading3:18
    Harmony Cheat Sheet 20:49
  • 9. Bass Lines
    Bass Lines Introduction - Supporting the Harmony4:23
    Voice Leading & Passing Notes4:32
    Bass Line Riffs2:40
  • 10. Chromatic Harmony: Chords From Scratch
    Introduction to Chords from Scratch1:30
    In Depth Chords from Scratch1:54
    How to Create Triads from Scratch6:05
    Suspension chords2:42
    Working out the Key of a Song3:38
    Modulation & Secondary Dominants5:25
    Pushing Out of the Key | Example Track1:24
  • 11. Upper Structures
    Introduction to Upper Structures2:58
    Creating 7th Chords from Scratch7:43
    Diminished & Augmented 7th Chords2:58
    Creating 9th Chords from Scratch3:36
    Creating 11ths 13th Chords from Scratch4:11
    Upper Structure Assignments1:55
    Upper Structure Composing Example1:42
    Upper Structure Re-harmonizing Example1:51
  • 12. Reading Chord Symbols
    How to Read Chords & Chord Symbols7:40
    Harmony Cheat Sheet Level 30:43
  • 13. Problem Solving
    Where do I Start? Generating Material with Rules9:06
    Patterns, Patterns, Patterns9:03
    Problem Solving9:46
  • 14. Harmonic Rhythm
    Introduction to Harmonic Rhythm4:55
    Passing chords & reharmonisation6:50
    Reharmonization Assignment0:24
  • 15. Melodic Rhythm
    Melodic Rhythm3:48
    Phrasing & Space2:47
    Phrasing & Melodic Rhythm Assignment1:32
  • 16. Accompaniment & Arrangement Rhythms
    Standard Accompaniment Patterns (with commentary)5:49
    Standard Accompaniment Patterns (no commentary)5:49
    Musical Layers & Alignment3:54
    Musical Alignment Example5:45
    The Chord Progression Bible3:32
  • 17. Advanced Melodic Colors
    What scales go with what chords?3:43
    The Blues Scale2:09
    Harmonic & Melodic Minor Scale2:41
    The Scale Omnibus3:44
    Paired Pentatonics7:03
  • 18. Chord Relationships & Thematic Writing
    Chord Relationships5:59
    Chord Relationship & Arpeggiation Assignment1:32
    Chord Relationship & Arpeggiation Example3:51
    Creating Themes3:15
  • Conclusion
    Conclusion and What's Next?2:59

The Ultimate 7-Hour Guide to Chords & Music Theory for Producers, Film Composers, and Songwriters

Jack Vaughan


Jack Vaughan is a composer, conductor and founder of His courses have been taken by thousands of students in nearly 100 countries and he's been teaching and directing music for over 10 years. Jack's work focuses on helping musicians be more effective and passionately engaged with their work - in performance, composition and inner game. Jack also works in tech as an educator, training non-technical developers to create software with no code.


Many composers, producers, and young musicians feel restricted by their lack of ability and knowledge of music theory at the piano. This course will give anyone a powerful and extensive musical vocabulary, from the ground up — right up to advanced music theory, chords & harmony. And it does it all through practical, hands-on experience of theory at the piano, and it’s all accessible without having to read any music.

  • Access 109 lectures & 7 hours of content 24/7
  • Get an extensive introduction to piano technique, theory & arrangement
  • Learn the fundamental & advanced harmony and music theory in a practical way
  • Look at powerful compositional techniques & strategies to help you generate material and problem solve when you get stuck
  • Analyze & grow your knowledge of building songs and tracks by knowing the conventions and structures of piano chords, progressions, and songwriting
"There was a ton of information in this course that scared me and placed me at ease at the same time. Get for a beginner like me. I will be coming back and revisiting quite a few lessons" – Gloria Robinson

"Great course! I already knew some music theory, but I wasn't entirely sure how to apply it to create my own compositions. This course made everything so much easier to understand and far less intimidating" – Dominic Fenn


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