MondoHub: 28 USB Ports & One Hub To Rule Them All

The Sleek & Compact Master Hub To Harness Your USB Needs

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The 28-Port MondoHub features 24 USB 2.0 ports and 4 USB 3.0 ports to give you ample space to charge your devices. With a high-capacity 4 amp power adapter, you can manage a growing collection of USB-enabled devices like never before.

MondoHub features 4 SuperSpeed 3.0 USB ports and can recharge devices or transfer data at lightning fast speeds.

There’s also automatic overcurrent protection and hot-swapping Plug and Play technology for each port so you can disconnect your devices without having to worry about data loss.

Each port also has a power switch so you have complete control over which devices are charging or using valuable system resources.


Your computer likely has 3 or 4 USB ports, which we all know isn’t even close to enough. As your collection of USB-powered devices grows, so does your need for USB ports, and a solution to all that cable clutter. Squash that tangled mess with the mother of all USB hubs.

Whether you’re an IT professional, programmer, DJ, gamer or business professional (or just a tech geek like us!) you need access to more than just a paltry 4 ports.

Slim, lightweight and compact, MondoHub stays out of the way while still giving you all the USB power and control your devices are thirsting for.


  • 28 Hi-Speed USB ports for additional peripherals
  • 24 USB 2.0 ports
  • 4 USB 3.0 ports
  • Replaces less-capable hubs with compact multi-port design and high-capacity 4-amp power adapter
  • Conveniently recharges mobile devices and connects flash drives, receivers, card readers and more
  • Switch each port on and off individually
  • Overcurrent protection; hot-swappable
  • Compatible with all USB-equipped computers
  • Plug and Play – Windows and Mac compatible


Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 + or Mac OS X+


“Love it…Low profile for the back of my desk. I usually don’t reviews stuff so take it from me, this is nice to have.” – David K

“Ports on three sides! I mounted it on the side of my hutch, and I can stick plugs in from every angle. Glorious!” – Anna M

“Great hub, unlike a lot of other hubs this one does not backfeed to the connection source.” – Michael P


  • Dimensions: .9 (h) x 9 (w) x 4.4 (d) in
  • Transfer speeds: 1.5 / 12 / 480 Mbps / 5 Gbps
  • 24 downstream ports, USB 2.0 Standard-A
  • 4 downstream ports, USB 3.0 Standard-A


  • One (1) MondoHub
  • One (1) Power adapter
  • Quick install guide
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