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Get $1 credit for every $25 spent!
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Looking for a simple solution to keep your Mac safe, secure, and up to date? Look no further, MacKeeper contains *16 essential tools* for your Mac that makes managing your *cleaning, data optimization and security* tasks easy so your Mac stays protected, organized and running fast!


Rather than having tons of different apps from different developers to maintain your computer, MacKeeper bundles all the most important system utilities together - saving you from jumping around from program to program and troubleshooting with dozens of customer support centers. MacKeeper Gets Mixed Reviews - But if you want to hear the full story from Cult Of Mac, click HERE. TOP FEATURES Security:
  • Internet Security - Protect your Mac from all threats coming from online: phishing, identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, malware etc.
  • Anti-Theft - Use the most advanced technologies to locate a stolen computer and get it back.
Data Control:
  • Data Encryptor - Prevent unwanted access to your files by using double password protection and AES encryption standards.
  • Files Recovery - Restore deleted and trashed files from your Mac’s hard drive. Supports a wide range of file formats both for HFS+ and NTFS systems. Is able to recover files from external storage devices.
  • Backup - Create and schedules backups of important files on your Mac’s hard drive as well as external devices and online storages.
  • Shredder - delete files or folders without any chance to recover them.
  • Fast Cleanup – A set of cleaning utilities that completely removes all kinds of junk - binaries, unused languages, logs, and cache files - from your Mac.
  • Smart Uninstaller – Completely removes unneeded applications leaving no junk behind.
  • Disk Usage – Scans data on your Mac and shows the largest files on the hard drive.
  • Duplicates Finder – Look for file copies that take up space on your Mac’s hard drive and delete them with the click of a button.
  • Files Finder – Scan your Mac to find any file you're looking for.
  • Update Tracker - Keep the latest versions of all apps in one place and makes the updating process much more convenient.
  • Login Items - Optimize and speeds up your Mac by setting up the applications to open upon login.
  • Default Apps - Define which application will open each file type.
Geek on Demand:
  • Unlimited expert assistance - Available worldwide, that can provide an answer to any technical question you have.
  • 24/7 Online Support - Via phone or chat built right into the application.


"My overall opinion is that not only does MacKeeper perform well, and has some amazing features; it’s also a program that will do many different jobs, eliminating the need for several different programs filling up your hard drive, so I would buy it." - (5/5) The High Tech Society "...MacKeeper covers a wide range of these services in an effort to be the only (or at least main) tool a typical user would need to keep their Mac maintained..." - The Macintosh News Network "Having seen and evaluated hundreds of Mac apps over the years, I have yet to see one with so much functionality and utility as MacKeeper. There are applications that have a few of the features in MacKeeper...But in all of my searches, I have not found a more reliable and user friendly, better supported or more cost effective way of doing them all." - UNC Charlotte School of Architecture


  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • Support is available in English only


  • 30 day refund policy
  • This offer is good for 1 Premium MacKeeper license
  • Software includes all minor upgrades
  • App is compatible with all browsers