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80 Lessons (9h)

  • Welcome to 10 Apps in 10 Weeks
    Welcome to 10 Apps in 10 Weeks Introduction
    How to Use This Program
  • Create an MP3 Player App
    The Sound of Muzik App Introduction
    The Sound of Muzik App Tutorial
  • Create a Joke Generator App
    Create a Chuck Norris Joke Generator App Introduction
    Create a Chuck Norris Joke Generator Tutorial
  • Create a Transit System Schedule App
    Philly Trains App Introduction
    Philly Trains App Tutorial
  • Create a Current Weather App
    Current Weather Conditions App Introduction
    Current Weather Conditions Tutorial
  • Create a Weather Forecast App
    Weather Forecast App Introduction
    Weather Forecase App Tutorial
  • Create a Geolocation App
    Where Am I? App Introduction
    Where Am I? App tutorial
  • Create a Restaurant Finder App
    I'm Hungry App Introduction
    I'm Hungry App Tutorial -Create a Compass App
    Scout Compass App Introduction
    Scout Compass App Tutorial
  • Create a Whack-A-Mole App
    Whack-A-Mole App Introduction
    Whack-A-Mole App Tutorial
  • Create a Bat Hunt Game App
    Bat Hunt App Introduction
    Bat Hunt App Tutorial
  • Development Environments
    How to Use This Course
    How to Complete Lab Exercises
    Become an Amazon Appstore Developer
    Course Intro
    Tools of the Trade
    Hello World -- First App
    Testing on a Device
    The "Apps" World-- App Stores and Developers Opportunities
  • HTML5 for Mobile
    Intro to HTML5 for Mobile
    Document Structure
    Multi Screen Applications
    Obtaining Data from the User
    Displaying Images
  • CSS3 for Mobile
    Intro to CSS3 For Mobile
    Styling Text Elements
    Basic Page Layout
    Building Supporting Multiple Mobile Screen Sizes
    Television Based Android: The 10 Foot Experience
  • Service Oriented Architecture for Mobile
    Intro to Service Oriented Architecture for Mobile
    Receiving Text from the Server
    Sending Queries and Parameterized Queries to the Server
    Parsing XML Data from the Server
    Parsing JSON Data from the Server
  • Storing Data
    Intro to Storing Data
    Storing Data "Permanently" with Store.js
    Storing on the Server
    "Offline'" Apps
  • Audio and Video
    Intro to Audio and Video
    Playing Audio and Video
    Controlling Audio and Video Output with Javascript
    Building a complete MP3 Player
    Using the on-board Camera
  • Geolocation
    Intro to Geolocation
    Where Am I?
    Displaying a Map
    Working with a Compass
  • Working with Accelerometer
    Intro to Accelerometer
    Obtaining Accelerometer Readings
    Using the Accelerometer for Input
  • Interfaces with jQuery Mobile
    Intro to Interfaces with jQuery Mobile
    jQuery Mobile Basics
    Tool Bars
  • Interfaces with jQuery Mobile Part II
    Intro to Interfaces with jQuery Mobile Part II
    jQuery Events
  • Other Important PhoneGap API's
    PhoneGap API's Intro
    File API
    Device API
    Contacts API
    Notifications API
  • Preparing for Distribution
    The Config.xml
    App Market Strategies

Build 10 Unique Apps in 10 Weeks--Hop on the Fast Track to a Career in Coding!

Adobe Systems

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Take your career into your own hands, and learn to code with this immersive training. This curated 10 app-building program will introduce you to a wide array of programming concepts. Building top-shelf apps isn't just about the code, it requires knowledge on deployment, monetization, testing, and much, much more--and you can learn it all here!
  • Dive into 9 hours of top-notch instruction
  • Utilize the full source code included w/ each app
  • Test your apps on virtual & actual mobile devices
  • Write optimized HTML5 for mobile
  • Use CSS3 to create stunning mobile user interfaces
  • Incorporate geolocation services & Google Maps
  • Create apps that work offline
  • Integrate audio & video and control media playback
  • Use jQuery Mobile controls & styling
  • Understand in-app purchasing & place your finished app in the app store


Details & Requirements

  • Length of time users can access this course: 10 weeks
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion not included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: all level
Build the following apps:
  • The Sound of Muzik: A fully-featured MP3 Player
  • Chuck Norris Joke Generator: Chuck Norris jokes at the click of a button
  • Philly Trains: When are the next trains coming? (Philly Transit System)
  • Current Weather: What's the weather like where you are?
  • Weather Forecaster: What's the Weather Forecast?
  • Where Am I: Show me a map of where I am standing right now!
  • I'm Hungry! I'm Hungry: What restaurants are Close to me?
  • Scout Compass: Scouts Never leaves Home without their trusty compass!
  • Whack-a-Mole Game: Whack the mole. Hilarity ensues.
  • Bat Hunt: Kill the Bats before you run out of time.


  • Internet required


  • Instant digital redemption
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