Learn The Basics of Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing

17 Hours
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55 Lessons (17h)

  • Solid Introduction to Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing
    Introduction to Penetration Testing
  • Real World Information Intelligence Techniques
    Introduction to Information Intelligence Techniques
    organizing information during a penetration test
    locally copying company websites
    generate a targeted wordlist for password cracking
    Footprinting External Networks
    IP Address Geolocation
    WAF and Load Balancers Detection
    Google Search Techniques for penetration testers
    Other search engines for penetration testers
    Enumerating Internal Network From Outside
    ShodanHQ for fun and profit
    WhatWeb,HttpRecon and SSL SCAN
    Whois and other websites
    newsgroups and list-servers
    finding subdomains, exif data and robots
    information intelligence with Maltego
    the power of social media websites
    harvesting a company emails
    online job listing
    DNS Enumerating
    Enumerating Mail Server
    Intel Gathering Methodology
  • Scanning and vulnerability Assessment
    Packet Crafting and Manipulating with Scapy
    port scanning with scapy
    Network Enumeration and Mapping
    Network scanning techniques
    Vulnerability Identification and Assessment techniques
    Evasion and avoidance Techniques
  • Network Attacking Techniques
    Password cracking, MITM, Sniffing SSL and RDP Attacks
  • Windows and Linux Attacking Techniques
    Windows Security Overview for Penetration Testers
    Unix Security Overview for Penetration Testers
    Attacking Windows
    Attacking Unix
  • Windows and Linux Post-Exploitation Techniques
    Tactical Post-Exploitation Techniques (Windows)
    Tactical Post-Exploitation Techniques (Unix)
    data mining
  • Web Exploitation Techniques
    Web Application Primer
    Web Application Scanning and Mapping
    Exploiting SQL Injection (MYSQL) to Full System Access
    Exploiting SQL Injection (MSSQL) to Full System Access
    Exploiting Blind SQL Injection (MYSQL) to Full System Access
    Exploiting Blind SQL Injection (MSSQL) to Full System Access
    Exploiting RFI, Local File include, File Uploads and RCE
    Exploiting XSS ( Reflected and Stored ) and CSRF to Full System Access
  • Windows Exploit Development
    Using Immunity Debugger and Metasploit to develop a windows exploit

Stride Towards a Career in the Exhilarating Field of Network Security

Mohamed Ramadan

Mohamed Ramadan is a Security Ninja with over 7 Years experience in Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, Malware Reverse Engineering, Forensics, Securing Websites and Servers. He is a featured guest in many popular TV Shows and in many popular news websites. He Found and Reported Many Security Vulnerabilities in Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Nokia, Adobe, Apple, AT&T, RedHat, SoundCloud, GitHub, Etsy, Nokia Siemens, Zynga and Constant Contact. Honors & Awards: Listed in Facebook WhiteHats ( 2014 ) Listed in Facebook WhiteHats ( 2013 ) Listed in Facebook WhiteHats ( 2012 ) Listed in Twitter Top Hackers Listed in Microsoft WhiteHats Listed in Google Wall of Fame ( Reward Recipients ) Listed in Google Hall of Fame ( Honorable Mention ) Listed in Adobe Security Acknowledgments Listed in Apple Responsible Disclosure Listed in Etsy Responsible Disclosure Listed in RedHat Vulnerability Acknowledgements Listed in Nokia Siemens Networks Hall of fame as a Prime Reporter! Listed in AT&T Hall of Fame Listed in GitHub White Hat Listed in Zynga WHITEHATS Listed in SoundCloud Responsible Disclosure Listed in Constant Contact Responsible Disclosure Listed in Soldierx Hacker Database For more details on this course and instructor, click here.


Computer and network security is one of the fastest growing and most essential industries in technology, meaning companies will pay big bucks for ethical hackers. This is the perfect course to leap into this lucrative career, learning how to use ethical hacking to reveal potential vulnerabilities in information systems. By the end of this course you'll be well versed in the IT skills you need to be a network security pro.
  • Access 55 lectures & 17 hours of content
  • Learn how to gather information intelligence & find web application & system security vulnerabilities
  • Scan using Nmap to bypass IDS protected targets & understand how to hack clients using modern web browsers
  • Understand how to exploit Windows & Linux systems
  • Develop Windows Exploits to test information systems
  • Find & exploit web application vulnerabilities
  • Learn how to find open ports in your target & gather information about them


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  • Experience level required: Beginner


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