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  • Free Your Inside Genius Today!
    Discover Your Memory Power9:22
    How to Learn 10 Times Faster and Permanent?8:42
    How Strong is Your Visual Memory5:55
  • Basic Memory Techniques
    Memory Association Method9:09
    Visual Chain Method3:56
    Memory Palace Method8:57
    Numbers and shapes association3:28
    How you can remember the numbers?6:31
    Major System7:12
    Memory Pegs : 0~99
  • How You Can Use Memory Techniques In Daily Life?
    How you can remember important dates?2:47
    How you can memorize foreign language vocabulary?3:28
    How you can remember names and faces?5:42
    How you can give speeches without notes?5:08

Learn Faster with an Hour of Content on Memory Tricks & Techniques to Boost Your Learning Speed

Eralp Sendan

Eralp Sendan | Memory Coach

4.3/5 Instructor Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★
A product & project management professional with 10 years of experience in digital media, telecommunications, manufacturing, and automotive industries. An adaptable professional who specializes in product management, continuous improvement, and managing complex projects. An in-house instructor for continuous improvement and memory training.

Eralp Sendan is passionate about teaching and memory training. Mr. Sendan is an expert in memory training for over 10 years and has developed an understanding of creative thinking through his work.


You read the same thing over and over again but it takes you a long time. Sometimes you study from midnight until the daylight and it stresses you a lot. And what is the result? They all fly away from your mind as if you never studied that hard. If you had the even one of those troubles then you are at the right place because no one ever taught you how to learn. With this course, you will learn advanced memory techniques to learn faster and permanent. Using the resource documents, you will be able to study the memory techniques and add them to your daily routines. As you keep on studying, you will see and understand the potential of your memory that will change your life for good!

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  • Learn advanced memory techniques to learn faster & permanent
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  • Understand the potential of your memory


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