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  • Your First Program
  • Course Introduction
    What's in this course?
  • Lightroom Importing and Filtering Photos
    Importing Photos into Lightroom Classic CC9:53
    Organizing Photos with Collections13:43
    Finding Your Photos Rating, Flagging, Labeling and Filtering Photos10:35
    Tagging Faces6:02
  • Lightroom Editing Your Photos
    Crop _ Rotate8:08
    White Balance Adjustment13:51
    Exposure Adjustments10:36
    Color, Saturation _ HSL Adjustments11:37
    Sharpening _ Noise Reduction8:41
    Vignettes, Grain _ Dehaze10:36
    Exporting Photos17:02
    Lens Corrections Chromatic Aberration _ Profile Corrections8:12
    Split Toning5:12
    Removing Blemishes with the Healing Brush8:43
    Graduated, Radial _ Brush Filter Adjustments13:41
    Range Masks for Pin Pointing Your Adjustments9:09
  • Lightroom Advance Tips To Edit Photos
    Installing, Using and Creating Presets to Speed Up Workflow7:22
    Camera Color Profiles4:42
    Batch Editing Speed Up Your Workflow7:26
    Stitching Together a Panorama4:14
    Automatically Fix Exposure _ White Balance2:37
  • Lightroom Portrait Editing Techniques
    Enhancing Eye Color _ Changing Eye Color11:44
    Whitening Teeth4:53
    Smoothing Skin3:23
    Removing _ Smoothing Wrinkles7:02
    Enhancing Lips _ Changing Lipstick Color4:16
    Enhancing Cheeks _ Face Contouring13:26
    Full Portrait Edit13:31
  • Lightroom Photo Editing Sessions
    Editing a Portrait of a Woman35:17
    Editing a Night Photo12:34
    Editing a Long Exposure Photo13:58
    Editing a Nature Photo8:34
    Editing a Landscape Photo13:15
    Editing an Architecture Photo18:26
    Editing a Macro Photo10:51
  • Lightroom Map, Book, Slideshow, Print & Web Modules
    The Map Module6:33
    The Book Module10:36
    The Slideshow Module8:17
    The Print Module8:19
    The Web Module8:02
  • Adobe XD Complete Course
    What is Splash Screen?21:01
    Start Designs with Free UI Kits in XD3:44
    How to Design an Onboarding Screen21:39
    Adobe XD - Netflix Onboarding Screens Prototype20:40
    Plugins in Adobe XD16:17
    Login/Sign up Screen UI Designs29:33
    Netflix Home Page Design20:34
    Preview XD Prototypes on Smartphone3:30
    Share Prototypes for Review8:05
    Export Design Assets in Adobe XD6:03
    New Features in Adobe XD5:08
    Add Sound Effects in Prototype7:18
    How to make Neu Morphism16:19
    Full Page Advance Parallax Animation17:11
    Drag Animation in Adobe XD9:58
    Floating Action Button13:01
    Tricks about Drag Feature18:58
    Card Hover Effect10:00
    Bottom Bar Navigation24:39
    App Navigating Tricks7:15
    Explain your Design!9:43
    Cool 3D Carousel Animation13:24
    Create Sidebar Menu & Overlay Prototypes10:15
    Creative Website Design32:34
    App Carousal New Tricks with drag feature13:38
    Creative Pull to Refresh Interaction9:17
    How To Make Creative Animated Website19:35
    How to Add Video in Website8:57
    QR Scanner & Countdown Design & Animation5:33
    3D Transforms in Adobe XD5:03
    Creative Way to fill form (Natural Language Form)12:11
    Design for Adobe UX case study9:41
    Creative Parallax style Form UI in Adobe XD 202156:09
    Mobile App Design & Prototype in Adobe XD 202160:19
    Let's make emailer design in Adobe XD 202123:50
  • Premiere Pro Complete Course
    INTRO OF PR0:48
    Project Organization0:40
    Premiere Pro Interface2:41
    Import and Preview1:45
    Creating a Sequence2:48
    Basics of Editing6:33
    Advanced Editing Techniques8:35
    Change Clip's Properties3:13
    Masking and Creative Effects14:13
    Text and Graphics12:19
    Custom Animations12:56
    Cinematic Color Correction19:30
    Audio Basics11:11
    Editing to the Beat4:19
    Audio Effects and Voice Adjustments10:28
    Cinematic Look for Your Videos15:22
    Export Settings and Conclusion2:02
  • Photoshop Introduction
    System and software requirements1:52
    Elements of design15:56
  • Opening Photoshop for first Time
    opening photoshop for first time7:10
    Opening and saving the project4:10
    Basics of Photoshop4:04
    Shortcut keys in PS2:27
    Align and Place Objects3:06
  • Photoshop Everything About Layers
    Understanding concept of layers in Photoshop3:46
    Playing with Layers Panel3:08
    Duplicate rename delete and merge layers2:58
    Adjustment Layers5:30
    Clipping a layer2:19
    Blending Options3:56
    Layer Mask1:38
  • Photoshop Clone Healing and Adjustment Layers
    More on adjustment layers1:51
    Smart filters3:03
    Content aware fill3:59
    Spot healing tool1:53
    Homework Solution1:56
  • Photoshop Selection Tools
    Object Selection tool1:24
    Refine Edges3:13
    Homework Solution4:10
  • Photoshop Shape Tools
    Basic Shapes in Photoshop4:05
    More properties of shape tool1:40
    Images Inside shape1:12
    Pen Tool7:32
    Homework Solution4:01
  • Photoshop Text Tools
    Text tool basics8:40
    Paragraph text2:33
    Text inside Shapes3:41
    Homework Solution9:05
  • Photoshop Layer Styles
    Layer Styles5:45
    Golden Text6:48
    Silver Effect0:55
    Uses of Layer Styles3:59
    Homework Solution6:58
  • Photoshop Camera Raw Filter
    Camera Raw Filters6:09
    Advance Camera Raw Filter22:30
  • 3D In Photoshop
    Complete Project14:54
    Intro to 3D2:44
  • Advance Photo Manipulation in Photoshop
    Preparing Environment4:20
    Light Emission3:03
    Cropping Subject from BG3:11
    Placing Subject in Environment1:38
    Subject Lighting2:45
    Details and Explanation3:04
  • Photoshop Advance Photo Manipulation Part 2
    Masking Layers4:24
    Color Balance2:42
    Blur, Lights _ Color Lookup4:47
    Subject Lookup5:37
  • Photoshop Mobile UI Design
    Setting Up Document6:22
    Chat Window Design25:06
    Contacts Window Design9:48
    Finalizing & Exporting3:40
  • Photoshop Website UI
    Orders Table6:12
  • Photoshop Baugasm
    Cropping the Subject3:27
    Glasses Overlay3:52
    Complete Design6:45
  • Photoshop Double Exposure
    Double Exposure Effect6:18
    Crying World Effect7:06
  • Photoshop Contrast
    Creating Environment2:07
    Cropping The Subject1:40
    Complete Design6:00
  • Photoshop Photo Retouching
    Blemish removal6:40
    Color and texture separation3:26
    Dodge and burn4:18
    Eye retouching4:01
    face reconstruction7:16
  • Glowing Objects In Photoshop
    Basic Glowing Effect3:57
    Creating Environment3:28
    Making butterfly glow3:37
    Finalizing changes5:27
  • Photoshop Project Poster
    Placing Poster Components6:20
    Additional props and effects5:09
    Background and glow4:10
  • Photoshop Mockup
    Using Mockup4:10
    Box mockup design9:25
    Creating First Mockup4:29
    Exporting the psdt template4:12
    Bag Mockup7:53
    Cup Mockup9:41
  • Photoshop Selling Templates Online
    Layer Styles2:33
    Pattern Templates2:42
    Exporting Templates5:35
  • Photoshop Outro
  • Illustrator Concept, Layout & Setup
    Vector & Bitmap7:16
    Set-up document and make artboards4:59
    Interface & Navigation - Pt 17:01
    Interface & Navigation - Pt 23:28
  • Illustrator Creating Simple Shapes
    Basic shapes / Fill & Stroke / Selection tool / Outline Mode6:46
    Ellipse / Polygon / Lines / Stars4:49
    Direct Selection tool / points / corner widgets2:55
    Introducing Handles on Points2:51
    Shapebuilder tool2:46
    Project 1: Make an apple logo4:02
    Project 2: Make a whale logo6:13
  • Illustrator Create Complex Shapes
    Pen tool introduction and basic lines and curves6:43
    Click and drag to make curves2:29
    Click last point to create custom shape4:39
    Breaking the handles for full control of curves5:04
    Use alt techniques to create a simple drawing8:22
    Add another point and outline mode2:21
    Delete anchor point0:41
    Pencil tool and redrawing shapes4:41
    Smoothing tool and Erase tool3:28
    Curvature Tool3:12
    Eraser tool, Scissor tool and Knife tool0:37
    Join Points, Average Point, Join tool4:35
    Blob brush, Paint brush4:39
    Simplify paths and smoothing1:53
    Project: Poster, Part 1 - Poster for Festival10:13
    Project Poster Part 29:52
    Project Poster Part 33:01
  • Illustrator Repetition
    Transform again – inc rotate copies, scale copies6:24
    Transform again - move registration point2:37
    Transform again and clipping mask4:30
    Align Objects6:36
    Scale, Rotate, Shear and Mirror7:02
    Project 1: T-shirt Logo, Part 1 – Create Logo5:38
    Project 1: T-shirt Logo, Part 2 – Create Logo9:07
    Project: T-shirt Logo, Part 3 - Create Logo and Add Logos3:47
    Project 2: Infographic, Part 1 – Create basic shape4:45
    Project 2: Infographic, Part 3 - Add Text Detail4:22
    Project 2: Infographic, Part 2 – Add color and detail4:30
    Project 2: Infographic, Part 43:23
  • Illustrator New Features 2021
    Radial Repeat3:24
    Grid Repeat1:58
    Mirror Repeat3:33
    Project: Create a Mask Using Repeat4:50
  • Illustrator Arranging Artwork
    Arranging artwork bring to front3:13
    Cut and paste in front of or behind and in place.2:01
    Group / Ungroup and double click to get isolation mode4:28
    Nested groups and isolation mode2:42
    Layer introduction – Lock, make new layers and move5:35
    Layers in use to select objects2:35
    Artboards – make artwork variations by copying artboards4:10
    Artboards – using the Artboards panel2:46
    Project: Map, Part 1 – Create doc and place image2:01
    Project: Map, Part 2 - Draw roads with Pen or Pencil tools2:20
    Project: Map, Part 3 – draw rivers with Pencil tool2:58
    Project: Map, Part 4 – draw parks with pencil. Use Arrange to restack objects3:48
    Project: Map, Part 5 - Create background, add layers and text3:42
    Project: Map, Part 6 – Clean up objects, and Save2:04
    Project: Map, Part 7 – Add colors by importing swatch and clipping mask2:45
    Project: Map, Part 8 – Make trees4:03
    Project: Map, Part 9 – Make 3D building4:33
    Project: Map, Part 10 – Export3:42
  • Illustrator Masking
    Clipping Masks - Make & Release2:41
    Clipping Masks - Adjust Contents1:47
    Clipping Masks - with a Photo and Edit1:17
    Opacity Mask - Basics3:27
    Opacity Mask - with Varying Shades of Grey and Effects3:04
    Blend Photos with Opacity Mask Gradient3:59
    Variation of Last Project3:10
    Export as JPG / PNG1:34
  • Illustrator working with color
    RGB & CMYK - What are They?9:19
    Color Swatch 1 - Create Your Own Color Sets4:16
    Color Swatch 2 - Make Your Own Colors2:06
    Global Colors - How and Why You Need Them3:15
    Saving Swatches - Use Them in Other Docs1:55
    Color Guide - Helping You Choose Color Sets and Harmonies1:59
    Recolor Artwork - Copy Trimmed Artwork and Make Color Variations1:11
    Recolor Artwork - Use a Photograph to Recolor Your Artwork2:15
  • Illustrator Gradient, blends and meshes
    Using Gradients - Apply , Edit, Apply to Many Shapes inc Library2:42
    Create Your Own Gradients - Add & Remove Color and Change Type2:02
    Radial Gradient Options - Use the Aspect Ratio Option1:26
    Gradient Opacity - Add Transparency to Gradients1:20
    The Freeform Gradient - Add Points to Edit Gradient2:25
    Save Gradients - Save for Individual Documents or for Swatch Library1:53
    Blend Tool - Basics4:30
    Go Wild with Blends - Change the Blend Path and Use Multiple Shapes5:38
    Use Blends for Repetition - Create a Film Strip2:15
    Using the Gradient Mesh Tool - How to Color with Meshes2:31
    Gradient Mesh from the Menu - More Mesh Options1:45
    Project 1: Cyberwave Blend - Create 4 Sci-Fi Web Banners with the Blend Tool6:07
    Project 2: Infographic Arrows Part 1 - Import Gradients1:36
    Project 2: Infographic Arrows Part 2 - Create Arrows1:20
    Project 2: Infographic Arrows Part 3 - Add Color Gradients and Perspective3:00
    Project 2: Infographic Arrows Part 4 - Adjust Arrows Using Isolation Mode5:34
    Project 2: Infographic Arrows Part 5 - Add Background, Arrow Depth & Shadow1:16
    Project 2: Infographic Arrows Part 6 - Add Glow Behind Arrows2:28
    Project 2: Infographic Arrows Part 7 - Create Icons for Infographic3:04
    Project 2: Infographic Arrows Part 8 - Export for Screens1:39
  • Illustrator Complex Appearances
    The Appearance Panel - Make and Edit for Complex Fill & Strokes4:54
    Saving the Appearance as a Graphic Style - Saving & Reusing Appearances5:05
  • Illustrator Typography
    Area Type and Point Type - Main Differences and Converting Between Them4:07
    Type in a Custom Shape - Creating and Controlling Type in a Custom Shape3:07
    Type in a Custom Shape Part 22:20
    Type on a Path - Controlling Type on a Custom Path2:49
    Type on a Circle - Using Type Around the Top and Under the Circle2:28
    Touch Type Tool - Manipulating Individual Characters3:03
    Text Flow - Text Flow Between Frames and Multi-Column Frames2:33
    Character Panel Options - Understanding all the Options in Character Panel6:10
    Spellchecker - Auto Spellchecking, Manual Checking and Language3:01
    Paragraph Panel - Understanding all the Options in Paragraph Panel2:54
    Type as Outlines - Converting Type into Shapes for Printing or Effect3:15
    Project: Aperture Blade Logo, Part 1 - Create the Blades2:18
    Project: Aperture Blade Logo, Part 2 - Type Around Shapes3:30
    Project: Aperture Blade Logo, Part 3 - Add Circles and Change Background Color3:45
  • Illustrator Patterns
    Create a Simple Pattern3:21
    Adjust Pattern Options - Adjust Distances, Overlap & Tiling of Patterns3:53
    Make a Pattern from the Object Menu - Draw Pattern Directly and Save Patterns3:15
    Make a More Complex Pattern - Adjust Your Pattern & Work Directly with the Pencil3:28
    Scale & Rotate Patterns - Use Scale & Rotate Tools to Affect Pattern or Object2:56
  • Illustrator Live Tools
    Live Paint Tool3:46
    Move Live Paint Options4:41
    Live Trace - Make Bitmap Images into Vectors4:09
    Project 1: Business Card, Part 12:28
    Project 1: Business Card, Part 23:18
    Project 2: Adventure Infographic, Part 12:57
    Project 2: Adventure Infographic, Part 22:35
    Project 2: Adventure Infographic, Part 32:52
    Project 2: Adventure Infographic, Part 43:37
    Project 2: Adventure Infographic, Part 51:00
  • Illustrator Symbols and Spray Tools
    Using the Symbols Panel3:40
    Using the Spray Can with Symbols1:32
    Project: Money Tree6:44
  • Illustrator Brushes
    Introducing Brushes - Brush Types & Brush Libraries3:39
    Create a Scatter Brush - Get Objects to Follow a Path7:37
    Create a Pattern Brush - Distort Objects to Make a Smooth Path3:02
    Pattern Brush Options - Add a Corner2:18
    Art Brush and Brush Color Settings3:44
    Art Brush Options - Scale Options2:05
    Calligraphic Brushes - Create Customised Calligraphic Brushes2:24
    Bristle Brushes - Create Customised Bristle Brushes1:08
    Project: Cars Logo 1 - Create a Simple Car Logo for Child's Game5:09
  • Illustrator Effects
    Effects 1 - Illustrator & Photoshop Effects and What is Rasterization?1:31
    Effects 2 - Effects vs Non-Effects3:11
  • Illustrator 3D Effects
    3D Effects - Introducing the 3D Effect4:10
    Add Text, Graphics & Photos to Shapes4:48
    Revolve a Shape in 3D4:52
    Using Multiple Shapes in 3D - Group or Ungroup1:43
    Rotate in 3D - Using Perspective in 3D2:51
    Project: 3D Sphere, Part 12:57
    Project: 3D Sphere, Part 23:27
    Project: 3D Sphere, Part 33:35
    Project: 3D Sphere, Part 43:00
    Project: 3D Sphere, Part 51:29
  • Illustrator Guides
    Add & Make Guides, Smart Guides and Grids5:51
    Perspective Grid - 1, 2 and 3 Point Differences3:37
    Moving the Vanishing Points1:37
    Drawing in Perspective on the Grid1:35
    Moving Non-perspective into Perspective - the Select Tool1:13
    Copy in Perspective1:58
  • Illustrator Saving Out
    Saving for Print, PDF & EPS3:36
    What You Get in a Printers File0:48
  • Thank you!
    Thank you!1:31

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