Introduction to Hadoop

5 Hours
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30 Lessons (5h)

  • Introduction
    You, this course and Us1:17
  • Why is Big Data a Big Deal
    The Big Data Paradigm14:20
    Serial vs Distributed Computing8:37
    What is Hadoop?7:25
    HDFS or the Hadoop Distributed File System11:01
    MapReduce Introduced11:39
    YARN or Yet Another Resource Negotiator4:00
  • Installing Hadoop in a Local Environment
    Hadoop Install Modes8:32
    Setup a Virtual Linux Instance (For Windows users)15:31
    Hadoop Standalone mode Install9:33
    Hadoop Pseudo-Distributed mode Install14:25
  • The MapReduce "Hello World"
    The basic philosophy underlying MapReduce8:49
    MapReduce - Visualized And Explained9:03
    MapReduce - Digging a little deeper at every step10:21
    "Hello World" in MapReduce10:29
    The Mapper9:48
    The Reducer7:46
    The Job12:28
  • Run a MapReduce Job
    Get comfortable with HDFS10:59
    Run your first MapReduce Job14:30
  • HDFS and Yarn
    HDFS - Protecting against data loss using replication15:32
    HDFS - Name nodes and why they're critical6:48
    HDFS - Checkpointing to backup name node information11:10
    Yarn - Basic components8:33
    Yarn - Submitting a job to Yarn13:10
    Yarn - Plug in scheduling policies14:21
    Yarn - Configure the scheduler12:26
  • Setting up a Hadoop Cluster
    Manually configuring a Hadoop cluster (Linux VMs)13:50
    Getting started with Amazon Web Servicies6:25
    Start a Hadoop Cluster with Cloudera Manager on AWS13:04

Get Familiar with One of the Top Big Data Frameworks In the World

Loony Corn

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Hadoop is one of the most commonly used Big Data frameworks, supporting the processing of large data sets in a distributed computing environment. This tool is becoming more and more essential to big business as the world becomes more data-driven. In this introduction, you'll cover the individual components of Hadoop in detail and get a higher level picture of how they interact with one another. It's an excellent first step towards mastering Big Data processes.

  • Access 30 lectures & 5 hours of content 24/7
  • Install Hadoop in Standalone, Pseudo-Distributed, & Fully Distributed mode
  • Set up a Hadoop cluster using Linux VMs
  • Build a cloud Hadoop cluster on AWS w/ Cloudera Manager
  • Understand HDFS, MapReduce, & YARN & their interactions


Details & Requirements

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming
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  • Experience level required: beginner
  • IDE like IntelliJ or Eclipse required (free to download)


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