E-Commerce WordPress Website: The Complete Course

9 Hours
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127 Lessons (9h)

  • Introduction
    Preview E-Commerce website you're gonna build14:01
  • How to get Free Domain and Hosting
    Where to buy free domain + hosting?6:27
    Recommended free domain registrars and hosting providers
  • Where to get Paid Domain and Premium Hosting
    Where to buy paid domain?1:18
    Recommended paid domain registrars
    Where to get Brand name suggestions for eCommerce site?7:35
    Where to buy paid hosting?5:05
    Recommended paid hosting providers
  • How to Install Wordpress in Laptop and Server
    How to install a server environment in localhost?4:32
    Links to download XAMPP & WordPress
    How to install WordPress after creating server environment in PC?4:18
    How to start WordPress installed in a local PC?1:35
    How to install WordPress from cPanel?4:06
  • Introduction to WordPress
    WordPress Dashboard5:28
    Categories, Tags & Post Revision4:44
    Permalinks settings5:35
    Posts Dashboard6:55
  • Uncovering WordPress Settings and Terminologies
    Media Library1:35
    User Profile
  • eCommerce Plugin setup - WooCommerce
    Woo Commerce setup7:59
  • Types of Products supported in this WordPress eCommerce website
    Products Introduction & Types2:45
    Simple Product6:12
    Grouped Product (+ Virtual)3:57
    Affiliate / External Product2:24
    Variable Product9:17
    Product Categories, Tags and Attributes4:26
  • Install and Upload Themes
    Download Socute theme here
    How to Upload a new Theme2:52
    Design & upload a header logo with background image4:38
    Download Storefront Theme here
    Install and Customize StoreFront Theme5:52
  • Add Products to your eCommerce Site
    Add a variable and a simple product10:43
    Duplicate a Product3:43
    Regenerate Thumbnails in bulk3:22
    Quick Edit: Product {Categories, Tags and Attributes}10:13
  • Customize your WordPress eCommerce website
    Add and Customize Menus | Display % off icons on Product thumbnails5:46
    Create Blog page and Image Gallery Page3:02
    Create Promotional Post in your eCommerce site8:55
    Install and Customize Mystile Theme Part 113:25
    Customize Mystile Theme Part 29:49
  • How to configure your WordPress eCommerce website
    Woo Commerce - General settings8:57
    Woo Commerce - Tax settings 16:35
    Woo Commerce - Tax settings 24:57
    Woo Commerce - Payment Gateway 15:29
    Woo Commerce - Payment Gateway 27:20
    Shipping Intro1:27
    Flat rate Shipping2:56
    Shipping Classes and Free Shipping3:21
    Coupons and International Shipping2:47
    Local {Delivery + Pickup}1:49
  • Speed up your E-Commerce Website
    How to choose a Plugin5:03
    Setup Cache plugin to speed up your eCommerce website8:19
  • Create Amazon Affiliate Store
    Preview Affiliate Store3:11
    System requirements3:37
    Plugins we're gonna use2:54
    Import products from Amazon3:18
    How users buy our amazon affiliate products2:13
    Install prosociate3:04
    Import products from Amazon3:24
    How users can buy products2:33
    Prosociate pro plugin intro and installation3:05
    Import products using pro plugin5:29
  • Multi-Currency
    Add another currency to our E-Commerce website4:18
    Lets Deal with front end4:55
    Front End of WooCommerce currency switcher plugin6:25
    Configure the plugin to pay with secondary currency2:00
    How to add multiple currencies instead of just 25:13
    How to add a custom currency4:18
  • PayPal Payment Gateway
    Create PayPal Developer account5:24
    Create PayPal Developer app1:43
    Test purchase using Paypal Standard Gateway7:47
    Test Purchase through PayPal Balance5:03
    Test Purchase through PayPal - Bank Funds9:06
    Test purchase without an Account|PayPal - Credit card3:59
  • Stripe Payment Gateway
    Stripe intro4:13
    Install Stripe2:38
    Create Stripe account4:19
    Test Transaction 16:28
    Test Transaction 26:21
    Stripe refund4:06
  • Managing Orders in your WordPress eCommerce site
    Orders introduction1:31
    Woo Commerce Coupons5:31
    Add an order manually1:55
    Viewing orders1:52
    Order Status3:09
    Order Totals1:22
    Automatic and Manual refunds4:42
  • WooCommerce - Reports
    Reports - tax2:17
    Reports - stock2:10
    Reports - Customers4:41
    Reports - orders > sale by date3:12
    Reports - orders > sale by product2:25
    Reports - orders > sale by category and coupons2:06
  • WooCommerce - Reviews
    WooCommerce reviews2:06
    Advanced Reviews - Install, general settings2:42
    Advanced Review - Layout1:32
    Advanced Review from user end1:51
  • Secure your E-Commerce WordPress Website
    Introduction to WordPress Security + Install Security Plugin4:23
    Login Lockdown1:46
    Admin Username0:30
    File System Security1:45
    Basic + Advanced Firewall Protection5:12
    Database Security1:52
    Manage Blacklist1:02
    BruteForce Protection3:11
    Spam Prevention1:35
    {Copy + iFrame Protection} and Maintenance Mode1:59
  • Pricing Tables
    Pricing Tables - Intro4:31
    Configure and setup a Responsive Pricing Table19:26
    Install & Setup Kento Pricing Table13:39
    Install and Setup Pricing Table Plugin11:00
    Recommended WooCommerce Plugins for your eCommerce site4:41

Set Up Your Own Online Store Without Coding Using WordPress

Arun Nagarathanum

Arun Nagarathanam is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer, Computer expert, Blogger and a budding Chartered Accountant from India. His teaching style breaks down complex concepts through simple examples and animations.


The internet is a massive marketplace just waiting for you to jump in with your own ecommerce store. Well, wait no longer, for this course will teach you everything you need to build an ecommerce store using WordPress. You'll use powerful tools like Woocommerce, WordPress Themes, and WordPress Plugins to set yourself up to make a real passive income.

  • Access 127 lectures & 9 hours of content 24/7
  • Set up & configure WordPress tools & settings
  • Get a free domain & hosting for this course
  • Customize & configure your Woocommerce settings
  • Create an Amazon Affiliate store, configure PayPal, Stripe, & other payment options
  • Analyze & interpret sales reports
  • Secure your store against any threat


Details & Requirements

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion not included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: intermediate


  • Unredeemed licenses can be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase. Once your license is redeemed, all sales are final.
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