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  • Introduction on Creating Success with this Course
    Getting Started with this Course2:24
    Your Ecommerce Platform Doesn't Matter -- And Why this Matters2:31
    Why I'm Sharing The Secrets to My Success in Ecommerce3:38
  • Driving Traffic to your Ecommerce Store - Attract Buyers, Not Just Visitors.
    Why Your Blog Is Being Under Utilized and How to Change That Instantly8:55
    Strategies for Using Facebook To Boost Your E-commerce Store7:00
    Facebook & The E-Commerce Marketing Funnel that Makes Facebook Worth It12:09
    Using Facebook Ads To Get Targeted Customers -- And the One Thing You Should Do.3:42
    Creating a Facebook Ad Funnel - Action Steps to a Formula that always Works!9:37
    How to Set Up a Profitable Google AdWords Campaign10:38
    Spy On Your Competitors To Get A Competitive Edge10:23
    The Top Metrics to Track So Nothing Goes Unnoticed Again8:07
  • Create the Ultimate User Experience On Your Ecommerce Store to Increase Sales
    Your Homepage Value Proposition that is Simple but Rarely Implemented2:17
    Do Your Visitors Trust You? How To Increase Confidence with Trust Elements8:31
    Navigation Layout (Under and Over 50 Products)9:29
    Navigation Quiz
    Optimize Your Store For Mobile & Tablet Browsing3:57
    Test Your Website Non-Stop to get Non-Stop Results12:05
    Focus on Your Bestsellers FIRST3:36
    Pricing Your Products (Plus apps that do it all for you)12:43
    Shopping Cart: 11 Checkout Page Strategies to Increase Your Conversion Rates12:22
  • Get Your Customers to Keep Buying and Tell All Their Friends About Your Store
    Retargeting to Convert the People Who Didn't Buy11:32
    Use Email Remarketing to Convert Interested Potential Customers Into Buyers13:46
    Create the Best Customer Service Plan12:49
    Ship Products Quick & Gain Customers Attention6:16
    Shipping Quiz
    Let Your Customers Sell For You With Product Reviews4:15
    Conclusion & Thanks1:26

Harness the Commercial Power of the Internet with This Comprehensive Course

John Price Online

John Price has been involved in the web marketing space for the past eight years from running start-ups to managing marketing for global brands. For the past two years John has grown an e-commerce company from zero to seven figures in revenue for two years consecutively as a marketing team of one.


E-commerce is a booming industry. Although there are more consumers and more money in the market than ever, it's still incredibly hard for businesses to stand apart from the competition. This course will teach you how to develop an awesome online store and how to build a dedicated clientele, all from the comfort of your home or office. The internet is an invaluable resource--use it!
  • Access 25 lectures 24/7
  • Understand methods to improve customer experience
  • Discover how tweaking a few on-site elements can increase profitability
  • Learn how to attract actual converters to your site instead of just page views
  • Maintain a first-rate customer service plan
  • Develop an airtight post-purchase plan


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  • Access options: web streaming
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