Complete Bubble Developer Course: Build Apps Without Coding

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103 Lessons (9h)

  • Introduction
    Introduction to Bubble2:13
    Quick note0:47
    Create a new app3:54
    Bubble interface run through8:22
  • Visual Design Elements
    Visual elements11:15
    Input forms16:29
    Reusable elements5:25
  • Workflows and Data Types
    Workflows part 13:08
    Workflows part 28:28
    Workflows part 37:33
  • Styles and Plugins
  • Settings and Logs
    Settings Part 18:13
    Settings Part 27:11
  • Interactive Learning Assignments
    Introduction to interactive tutorials0:34
    Saving data
    Building a sign up system
    Saving and modifying data
    Building a slideshow
    Sending data to pages
    Using conditions
    Using APIs and sending data to groups
    Defining a field as a list of things
    Using external APIs
    Using the chart element
    Login with Facebook
  • Tinder Clone Part 1: Building the Profile Page
    Tinder intro1:53
    Getting the most from this course
    What you're going to build5:24
    How to start a new app7:42
    Create landing page of app5:54
    Embed Youtube video into your app2:37
    Add sign up popup8:58
    Set up sign in with Facebook6:04
    Create app header7:22
    Change between pages6:16
    Create user data fields6:37
    Front end profile5:49
    Using input fields for profile info part 19:28
    Using input fields for profile info part 26:53
    Responsive settings of input elements3:51
    Saving user inputs to database11:31
    Calculating a users age8:33
    Alert message and setting initial content5:16
    Set up autobinding on current user10:55
    Custom states with reuasble elements10:45
    Constraint settings8:46
    Log out button5:40
    Custom States Assignment9:13
  • Tinder Clone Part 2: Building the Home Page
    Tinder pile plugin6:25
    Create your own Tinder pile10:14
    Add data to database6:43
    Matching two users who like each other9:43
    How to use popups11:02
    Workflows on popups6:44
    Troubleshooting workflow actions4:23
    Displaying data in a repeating group6:39
  • Tinder Clone Part 3: Building the Messenger Page
    Repeating group options6:24
    Adding conditionals5:03
    Linking data types7:10
    Create an new chat9:25
    Sending parameters to page7:56
    Using icons12:25
    Repeating group scroll to entry7:53
    Testing communication between users6:37
    Front end design of messenger4:53
    Input vs multi-line input3:54
    Detecting read messages4:05
    Message notifications4:29
    User testing3:01
    Notification in header5:34
    Send message button after match4:16
    Testing the send message button2:53
    Navigate to previous page7:53
    Allow location with browser8:00
  • What are APIs?
    Introduction to APIs0:50
    Introduction to the API Connector5:57
    API Connector overview7:11
  • API Example 1: Degrees to Radians Converter
    Understanding API documentation5:47
    API Methods2:45
    Using JSON objects6:50
    Degrees to radians converter11:14
    Using API calls in workflows11:43
    Monetize your app with ads4:39
  • API Example 2: Spy on peoples details using only their email address
    Introduction to Full Contact API3:08
    What we are going to build0:54
    Get your Full Contact API1:57
    Get data from API in workflow5:51
    Displaying data and debugging11:29
    Testing results6:15
    Final touches14:13
    [API Project] Instructions3:47
    [API Project] Solution2:38
  • Conclusion
    WeMatch (Tinder Clone) App Template
    E-spy App Template
    Degrees to Radians Converter App Template
    Stock Data Lookup App Template
    Conclusion final0:46

Learn How to Build Fully Functional Web & Mobile Applications Without Complex Coding

Leon Petrou


Leon Petrou graduated with a Bachelor's of Engineering degree with distinction from the University of Pretoria. He specialized in Industrial and Systems Engineering. He's an engineer by degree and a teacher by choice. His goal is to empower others to learn how to build fully functional web applications, and enable them to bring their ideas to life without spending tens of thousands of dollars and months (potentially years) of their lives trying to start a technology company without a technical background. Leon is the founder of an app company, which is a deal-finding app to find restaurant specials closest to you. He has also recently founded where they design, develop and deploy apps at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional developers.


Bubble is a revolutionary visual programming platform that enables people with absolutely no technical background to build a complete web or mobile application without code using drag and drop and workflows. This course will show you how to build fully functional apps without coding. In this course, you'll be learning to build several applications from scratch including a clone of the Tinder dating app. At the end of this course, not only will you be able to build your own fully functional apps but you will be able to start that online business you've always wanted.

  • Access 103 lectures & 9 hours of content 24/7
  • Build fully functional web & mobile apps without coding completely on your own
  • Deploy your app to the world & launch your startup
  • Create beautiful user interfaces w/ an amazing user experience
  • Design elegant workflows, databases, APIs & more


Important Details

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming
  • Certification of completion included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: beginner


  • Registered free hobby account with Bubble


  • Unredeemed licenses can be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase. Once your license is redeemed, all sales are final.
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