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Notoriously an anti-morning person? Not to worry, an alarm clock that won't take snooze for an answer has arrived. Clocky not only pollutes the air with obnoxious snooze-resistant noise, but runs and jumps away from you in the process. Finally make that morning workout, be the first in the office or start the line at your local coffee cart--Clocky will make sure you rise and shine as planned.
  • Runs away beeping on carpet or wood
  • Jumps up to 3-feet high
  • Projects a loud R2D2-like robotic sound
  • Includes options to snooze once or disable snooze
  • Allows you to turn off wheels & use like a conventional alarm clock
  • Contains a flashing backlight indicator as it runs
  • Packs an impressive battery life for up to a year of use without replacing batteries

Details & Requirements

  • Dimensions: 5.25"L x 3.5"W x 3.5"H
  • 4 AAA batteries required (not included)
  • Clocky Alarm Clock (aqua)


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