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With the many cords in our connected lives, it’s pretty easy to trip over one—and damage a laptop as a result. That’s not so with the BreakSafe Magnetic Cable, which safely disconnects from your computer when it’s under stress or strain. This cable works with any device that charges via USB-C, like a new MacBook, so that you can rest easy knowing you can charge and sync safely.
  • Safely disconnects from your computer when under stress or strain
  • Compatible w/ devices that charge via USB-C
  • Plugs into your laptop’s USB-C port
  • Stays in your laptop’s USB-C port when it’s not in use since it’s 12.8mm deep
  • Made for use w/ the USB-C charger that came w/ your laptop
  • Charges only, does not support video or data

Details & Requirements

  • Up to 60 watts
  • Data & video are not supported
  • Length: 6 ft
  • USB-C magnetic connector
  • USB-C cable


  • Devices that charge via USB-C
  • MacBook 2015