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ANKR is a thin, lightweight tag that easily attaches to your commonly misplaced items--i.e. your bag, keys, wallet, glasses, etc. It then communicates with your smartphone so you'll always know when something's left behind. Unlike other low energy Bluetooth trackers, ANKR has a replaceable battery, so it's no one-find wonder. Filled with other unique features, ANKR is truly the smartest way to get smart about your belongings.
  • Attaches & tracks any belonging: purse, wallet, keys, etc.
  • Designed to fit slimly on your key ring
  • Alerts you when you're about to lose something
  • Respects safe zones (defined through the app)
  • Allows you to manually set off an ear-tickling tone w/ the app
  • Periodically drops GPS locations, so you can check the most recent locations

Details & Requirements

  • ANKR Smart Tracker


  • iOS
  • Android


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