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This 4-Piece Steak & Chef Knife Set is a striking addition to your kitchen. Made from Damascus steel, each knife features a unique wavy light and dark pattern. These knives' equal parts form and functions make it a piece of art with a purpose, with their remarkable blades showing how true that is. Equipped with a razor-honed edge, this set is a simple and elegant piece that is up to any of your cutting needs.

  • 4-piece set finely-crafted from Damascus steel
  • Watery or wavy light & dark pattern common for Damascus steel
  • Equal parts & functions made this knife a piece of art with a purpose
  • Razor-honed edge for a simple, elegant & edgy look
  • Suitable for kitchen use


  1. Customers must be 18 years old+ to purchase
  2. Because of the high carbon, Damascus has a tendency to rust if it’s not oiled regularly. Keep a light oil (any kind of oil will work) to ensure that it doesn’t rust
  3. Never store your knife in a sheath because it will leach the tannins out of the sheath and rust the blade


  • Materials
    • Handle: blue wood with SS front & back bolsters
    • Blade: damascus steel forged with 3 folds of (1084, 420C) and 4 layers of 15N20 folded 4 times for 300+ layers with 19c27 core
  • Size
    • Handle: 4"
    • Blade: 4"
  • Hardness: 55 to 58 HRC
  • Wavy pattern
  • Razor-honed edge


  • 4x Steak & Chef Knife Set
  • Case


  • Ships to US
  • Expected Delivery: Mar 18 - Mar 26


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