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There’s no better feeling than bringing home a brand new MacBook or Mac desktop computer. From the sleek, meticulously-designed exterior to the minimalist operating system, it’s everything Tim Cook hyped it up to be and more. But even the G.O.A.T of the computer world can be made better, and that’s where all the talented Mac app developers around the world come into play. That’s right, we’re talking the best Mac apps out there — apps that with a simple download can turn your email inbox into a personal assistant and your toolbar into a filing machine. And if you haven’t had the luxury of upgrading to a new Mac computer? Even better. Turn your old Mac into a faster, more efficient machine. And more importantly take yourself from a boring, slow, inefficient Mac user to a certified productive-as-heck power user. With all the highly-rated and well-reviewed products in the StackSocial Mac App Store, you can upgrade every corner of your Mac experience. Not only do we source Mac apps that are guaranteed to make your life easier, we make sure we get the best deals on the web.

In the StackSocial Mac App Store, you can buy Mac apps that perform a wide range of tasks: from managing your downloads folder to revamping your Finder for better organization to creating hotkeys to navigate your computer faster. You can find apps that will prioritize your schedule with a planning app, search and convert PDFs for fast file editing, protect and encrypt your passwords, clear duplicate photos, and so much more.

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