Take on a Tech-Enabled, Truly Positionless Charging Experience

Juice up your gadgets like a true nomad.

Jun 10

Just like tech gear, we all lose our mojo from time to time, but with our devices it always seems to happen at the worst possible moments. You can kick low-battery stress to the curb whether you're on the go or at home, with a little help from Nomad's Base Station Pro.

It usually goes for $200, but you can enhance any workspace with it and save 10% for a limited time with code STACK10, thanks to our friends at The Fascination.

This padded leather surface is freakin gorgeous and offers truly positionless charging, meaning you don't have to nudge your phone back and forth into the perfect spot before the connection kicks in. Featuring an ultra-thin 18-coil matrix, you and up to three devices are able to move seamlessly between your home, office, and anywhere else your heart desires without losing power. Compact and slim, this full-surface wireless charger provides ample space for your gadgets and can easily fit into any bag for convenient carrying. 

The Nomad Brand

In case you can't tell from the photo, the brand makes more than just charging pads. All of Nomad's tech accessories are ethically crafted with the same design aesthetic and focus on durability using precision engineering and materials like premium leather, titanium, and kevlar. The co-founder's motivation stemmed from being constantly let down by his various gadgets and gizmos, and now you get to reap the benefits of his efforts (and Nomad's two-year warranty). So let's explore some more, shall we?

Nomad's Other Tech Accessories

44/45mm band for Apple Watch

This high-quality band for Apple Watch is made from minimally treated, vegetable-tanned horween leather that will patina over time for a one-of-a-kind look. Get it in classic black or go for a more rustic vibe with brown.

Modern leather case for iPhone

You can seriously level up your phone case game with one of Nomad's leather cases for iPhone. Get it in black for the 13 Pro and in black or brown for the 13 Pro Max.

Key-chain holder for AirTag

If you're already a fan of Apple's AirTag then you know how beneficial it is to keep one nearby, but you may not love the aesthetic. Popping it into one of the Nomad holders with an attached key ring will both help it blend in with your look and protect it a bit from the everyday hustle. Available in black or brown.

Horween leather wallet

Not everything Nomad makes is specifically designed for Apple users. This stunner of a wallet is something anyone can love. With the bi-fold design, you get a ton of storage, and there's an external card slot for quick access to your preferred payment method. The thermoforming process used during manufacturing helps the Horween leather patina with use, creating something uniquely yours.

Prices subject to change.

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