Meet the Bath Mat of the Future

This all-natural stone mat dries in four seconds and kills bacteria instantly. 

Jun 17

When you think of innovation, you probably don't think of bath mats. For a product that's been around for hundreds of years, it hasn't seen many exciting iterations. And when you do think about bath mats, it's probably when you're stepping onto a soggy one and feeling a little grossed out. Banish the nasties and bring on the upgrade with a bath stone from Dorai Home.

What's so special about this everyday item meant to sit on your floor? Dorai's natural stone mat, along with all their products, is made from Diomat®, their instant-drying technology. It combines compressed diatomaceous earth (which is kind of similar to ceramic) and recycled paper.

It may not sound like much, but this practically magic material is naturally antibacterial, sustainable, incredibly absorbent, and obviously teeming with contemporary cool (unlike your cloth bath mat, which is teeming with…well, other things). The all-natural bath stone holds up to 150% of its weight in water, drying the surface in just four seconds. Plus, its porous build allows evaporation to happen sooner, banishing bacteria and keeping mold at bay.

If you're looking at it and thinking, "Oh, that seems easy to stain, scratch, or otherwise ruin," do not fret. The material can actually withstand more wear and tear than a traditional bath mat. And in the case of stains or scratches, you can treat it like you would some countertops: clean with small amounts of bleach and/or lightly sand it.

We must admit that we’ve fallen hard for Dorai Home’s bath stone with its big spa vibes. Now we want you to give your bathroom a boost! Musty bath mats, puddles, and lingering post-shower moisture all add up to make things a bit stinky. Stop stepping in yesterday’s bathwater! Choose from two eco-chic neutrals—sandstone and slate—save 10% while it’s on sale, and thank our friends at The Fascination for letting us know about this awesome eco-friendly brand.

Want to see what other ethically made products Dorai has to offer? Right this way...

Dorai Home Sink Caddy

How annoying is it that the area around your soap dispenser is always soaking wet? We’d wager to say extremely incredibly excessively annoying. Please don’t tell Mother Earth how many paper towels we’ve used wiping that up. Instead, do what we did and set yourself up with one of these stunning sink caddies made from the same basically magic material as the bath stone. Also available in sandstone and slate.

Dorai Home Dog Bowls + Stone Base

Dogs! We love 'em, but goodness gracious are they messy. The feeding station is a whole situation, especially if your pup gulps water with gusto. Since Fido won’t clean up for you, put an end to spills with a set of dog bowls that is so good-looking, you may want to use them for yourself. Accompanied by a matching stone base, you’ll reap the benefits of the bath stone in a much smaller package, made with your precious pet and your modern aesthetic in mind.

Dorai Home Stone Coaster Set

Whether you've got a ton of cardboard promotional coasters, glass coasters as souvenirs from your last big trip, or a personalized set from someone else's wedding/baby shower, these stone coasters are leaps and bounds above what's sitting in your bar cabinet right now. Yet another perfect meeting of form and function, the set of four minimalist coasters from Dorai Home is full of personality and ensures you don't have to clean up the condensation usually left over on other types of coasters. Coming in at a generous 4" x 4", these sandstone and slate options are both sustainable and designed to rapidly remove moisture.

Dorai Home Dish Pad

If you've been thinking that a great use for Diomat material would be for drying dishes, you'd be right—and in luck. Of course Dorai makes a very cool and very functional dish pad to help make little work of what's usually a big wet mess. Measuring around 20" x 15", it's got plenty of room for when you need it and collapses when you don't. Just like the others, it dries instantly, preventing mildew, bacteria, and mold. Unlike the others, the dish pad is encased in woven mesh silicone, which protects dishes and keeps countertops looking fresh.

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